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Versión actual
Última actualización
17 May 2021
Español (Spanish) + 22 otros

Configuración requerida

Tamaño de la instalación
330.00 MB
Base de datos
código abierto
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Qué hay de nuevo


(versión principal)
17 Mayo - 330MBSecurity
  • Provide admin setting type for secure data (passwords/tokens)
  • Add logging when auth config is automatically changed due to config/filesystem mismatch
  • Reduce ability to fingerprint a server with a htaccess-dist / nginx file / docs
  • Allow antivirus scanners to specify the message to the user
  • Log changes to the message notifications settings
  • Allow plugins to augment the cURL security helper via callback
  • Reduce information disclosure from TCPDF version
  • Log changes to auth plugin settings in config log
  • Display user email address visibility settings on their own profile

Improve student activity completion
  • Define sort ordering for completion conditions
  • Update the course homepage to display the activity information
  • Implement the activity dates functionality for each activity and output them in view.php
  • Create a base class for fetching a user's activity completion details
  • Create a base class for fetching an activity's dates that are relevant for a given user
  • Implement the completion details functionality for each activity plugins output them in view.php - Part 1
  • Implement the completion details functionality for each activity plugins output them in view.php - Part 2
  • Review and update existing web services to return the new fields and exported information from activities
  • Activity completion fallback for third party plugins
  • Remove duplicate activity dates
  • Deprecate the *_get_completion_state() callbacks
  • Create user tours for the activity information output component

Brickfield accessibility toolkit
  • Brickfield Education Labs accessibility toolkit core integration

  • Make Moodle OBv2.1 implementation compliant
  • Add new "IMS OBv2.1" OAuth 2 service
  • Remove "Backpack settings" site administration page and improve UI
  • Improve resolution of badge image sent to external backpacks and used when duplicating badges

Content bank and H5P
  • Add ability to disable specified H5P content types
  • Create a task to clean up unused H5P content
  • Allow admins to set the default returntype in repository_contentbank
  • Update content bank upload button to open file picker in a popup instead of new page
  • Option to make a content bank item unlisted
  • Open H5P file from H5P activity when it was added as a reference
  • Content bank should provide info on the number of places where content is used and warn you when deleting

  • Assignment comments should be also saved when clicking 'save changes' in the assignment grader page
  • Allow mod_assign download all assignments to be streamed
  • Assignment name filter preference should only affect current assignment's view
  • Implement Poppler pdftoppm compatibility for faster assignment submission PDF to PNG conversion
  • Add 'Draft' filter to assignment grading table

Quiz and questions
  • Add Plagiarism support to essay questions
  • Questions: Default options when creating a question
  • Add default options for essay question type
  • Add default options for ddimageortext, ddmarker and match question types
  • Display pass grade on quiz front page
  • Add optional min/max word count limits to Essay question type
  • Read-only view of quiz settings overrides
  • Improve manual grading of quiz essay answers - web page format
  • Manual grading of automatically graded questions: show computer grading
  • Add default options for numerical question type using user-preferences
  • In a newly created quiz, prevent "Edit quiz" and "Back to the course" buttons sticking together
  • Quiz override screens should show user identity fields
  • Quiz review: name the person who made each change in the question response history (if not the student)

Accessibility improvements
  • Improve accessibility of profile images
  • Make it possible to style toast notifications

Usability improvements
  • Create an output component that displays an activity's information for a user
  • More filtering options on Activity Completion Report
  • UX Review of session expired timeout modal
  • Add year to messaging conversation date headings, if not the current year
  • Show confirmation when profile changes are saved
  • Add ability to search country field on Participants page
  • Default the participants page filtering to "ALL"
  • Improve notification preferences on/off buttons so they fit better with non-English strings
  • OAuth2: Display login errors on the login page
  • LTI: Support Course dates substitution parameters
  • Create landing page for the reports link in the secondary navigation
  • Update message preferences of a user as admin to use consistent toggle icons
  • Add support for keyboard hotkeys in VideoJS
  • Always show the close button on the message drawer

Other highlights
Functional changes
  • Convert user profile fields for messaging/networking into custom profile fields
  • Enable playbackrates for videojs
  • Allow user profile fields to be specified as user identity fields - New code is backwards-compatible, but report code should be updated.
  • Remove "Enable activity chooser" user preference
  • Update Google Drive repository to allow Shared drive files
  • Option to not include permissions overrides when importing or restoring a backup
  • Backup and Restore lastaccess to course
  • Remove option to hide a group picture
  • Differentiate between grade as a noun and grade as a verb in the UI texts
  • Add custom user field support to group management screens
  • Add an option to display section names in Section link block

For administrators
  • Move Microsoft, Facebook and NextCloud OAuth2 services to new, reorganised architecture
  • Add a "Replace filter" option on the admin browse users page
  • Ability to force cron scheduled task definitions in config.php (schedule and disabled)
  • Create a CLI script to reset user dashboards
  • Improve the web services tokens management to allow searching and filtering
  • Check for removed files before CLI upgrade
  • Add ability to switch off session lock debugging
  • Implement a renderer for progress_bar in cli output
  • Allow disabled tasks to be run from the GUI
  • Add the ability to configure OAuth2 services for login only; add login display name
  • Update the ClamAV default behaviour when an error occurs
  • Use Dynamic Registration to allow Tools to update to LTI Advantage
  • Payment service consumers should be able to specify url after payment
  • Make it easier to find a specific component in template library
  • Allow searching of available language packs
  • Add showdebugging and showsql options to admin/cli/uninstall_plugins.php
  • Config change event should link to config change report
  • Sort capabilities in capability overview tool

  • Add a new option in Moodle app "Disabled features" for preventing the new LTI launch in the app
  • Include option for testing Push notifications in a site

  • mod/folder/download_folder.php should be a streaming zip download
  • Make my_reset_page_for_all_users for dashboards more robust
  • Implement cleanup of analytics_indicator_calc stores table
  • Extend the 'backup_cleanup_task' scheduled task to remove old files
  • Cache course image in the course_summary_exporter
  • Allow redis session store to use zip or zStd for compression like redis MUC
  • Running a scheduled task in the GUI should unlock the session
  • Eliminate DB queries in mod/glossary/settings.php
  • Update language pack installs / updates to run asynchronously to avoid timeouts when multiple are used

For developers
  • New sql_group_concat db method
  • Add module for displaying moodleform in a modal window
  • Upgrade PHPUnit to 9.5.x
  • Improve the readonly session debugging message
  • HTTP 503 Service Not Available is returned by exceptions and should be 500 instead
  • Upgrade boost to use Bootstrap latest version
  • Restore backup: add getter method for oldmoduleid
  • Support large number of SQL-IN parameters in Postgres
  • Preserve form data when purging individual caches
  • Move user_fields from core to core_user

Web service additions and updates
  • Add ability for "get enrolled users" web service to be filtered by suspended users
  • Create a new endpoint (script) to retrieve draft files from web services
  • Create web service to trigger report_viewed event for H5P activities
  • Create H5P activity web service to get the list of students that attempted an activity
  • New web service core_files_get_unused_draft_itemid
  • Return quiz pass grade via web services
  • Update mod_forum_get_discussion_posts web service to return the last_modified attribute
  • Batch create API for grade categories
  • All new external functions implementation classes should use execute as the method name, in which case the methodname property should not be specified in db/services.php file

  • Deprecate unused backpack js functions
  • Deprecate get_forum_discussions_paginated webservice
  • Phase 2 of deprecation of functions in lib/deprecatedlib.php initially deprecated in 3.7
  • Final deprecation for analytics methods deprecated in MDL-64783
  • Final deprecation of i_dock_block()
  • Final deprecation of \core_analytics\manager::add_builtin_models()
  • get_enabled_time_splitting_methods final deprecation
  • Final deprecation of behat_base::TIMEOUT and related constants
  • Remove message/defaultoutputs.php and final deprecation of admin_page_manageqbehaviours class
  • Final deprecation of booktool_print_get_toc()
  • Final deprecation of enrol/database/cli/sync.php

Component API updates
  • admin/upgrade.txt
  • analytics/upgrade.txt
  • auth/shibboleth/upgrade.txt
  • backup/upgrade.txt
  • badges/upgrade.txt
  • blocks/section_links/upgrade.txt
  • blocks/tag_youtube/upgrade.txt
  • completion/upgrade.txt
  • contentbank/upgrade.txt
  • course/upgrade.txt
  • customfield/upgrade.txt
  • enrol/database/upgrade.txt
  • enrol/upgrade.txt
  • group/upgrade.txt
  • h5p/upgrade.txt
  • lib/upgrade.txt
  • mod/book/upgrade.txt
  • mod/feedback/upgrade.txt
  • mod/forum/upgrade.txt
  • mod/h5pactivity/upgrade.txt
  • mod/quiz/upgrade.txt
  • payment/upgrade.txt
  • plagiarism/upgrade.txt
  • question/type/upgrade.txt
  • report/upgrade.txt
  • repository/upgrade.txt
  • theme/upgrade.txt
  • user/upgrade.txt
  • webservice/upgrade.txt

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(versión de seguridad)
10 Mayo - 330MBSecurity
  • Details of any security issues will be released after a period of approximately one week to allow system administrators to safely update to the latest version.

  • Upgrade step from MDL-67494 corrupts calendar events
  • Atto does not generate UL tags when pasting LI tags
  • H5P has namespace overlap with mod_hvp, causing unexpected behavior
  • When an assignment is frozen students cannot see their submission
  • Rubric and Marking Guide gray boxes and unclear error if configured incorrectly
  • File upload navigation warning not protecting all uploads and interacts with double-submit protection
  • "Students who have not accessed the course recently" insights should not be generated for hidden courses
  • Error with forum_discussionlistsortorder during privacy process
  • H5P `mod/h5pactivity:submit` capability incorrectly used
  • Import succeeds unintentionally if csv file contains id which has number and string mixed
  • Change site registration notifications and newsletter subscriptions to opt-in checkbox
  • Link to mod_label redirects to the course, not to the label
  • Safe Exam Browser - deeper integration - The information you're about to submit is not secure
  • Cannot send message to all users in participation report
  • The notification after uploading a grading worksheet is inaccurate
  • Wrong content type when exporting user tours
  • Filters not applied to rubric name
  • When copying a course, mod_folder settings are copied incorrectly
  • Course report log for user displays course name instead of users name in header
  • Course custom field data remains as default values
  • Incorrect error message on course custom field 'text' page
  • Flickr public repository not displaying file information
  • MoodleNet profile not being validated properly when linking through the activity chooser
  • Assignment submission status info should not be displayed for teachers
  • Autocomplete elements in course participant filters obscure text inputs
  • Fix review mode in the H5P activity
  • Set the default returntype in repository_contentbank (Backport of MDL-70429)
  • Backpack API and URL should support more than 50 characters
  • Content bank content's author is not restored when copying a course
  • Q&A forums incorrectly display a "post cannot be viewed by you" error in some circumstances
  • Some course report pages are displaying only the users's first name

  • File picker: Focus lost after 'Create folder'

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(versión de seguridad)
31 Marzo - 330MBSecurity improvements
  • Usernames or emails can be enumerated under certain conditions with $CFG->protectusernames on

Regression fix
  • Revert latest calendar/data request changes (revert MDL-67494)

Other fixes
  • It's possible to send an empty message to course participants

Accessibility improvements
  • Folder: Unnecessary tab stops to the left of files

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(versión de seguridad)
8 Marzo - 330MBSecurity fixes
  • Details of any security issues will be released after a period of approximately one week to allow system administrators to safely update to the latest version

  • The default group icon should not be displayed when there is no group picture
  • Uninstalled plugin breaks the custom lang tool if it had some strings customised
  • Switch all the Behat testing to the new W3C drivers
  • VideoJS language doesn't fallback to en
  • Pages during a quiz attempt should not be cached, so forwards/back do not lead to errors
  • Unable to delete scales which are no longer used
  • Dropbox repository requires log on to work - which fails
  • count_words returns too few words when dealing with html tags
  • Dropbox Search API: /files/search is being retired in favor of /files/search_v2
  • Marking workflow display wrong current grade if using scales
  • Unable to load Marking Guide Templates
  • Moodle word count does not match other software
  • Essay question: "Accepted file types" and other new fields are not supported in Moodle XML file
  • When reviewing an attempt as a teacher $string['saved'] {$a} not replaced
  • Archived badges are restored during course restore
  • Workshop assessment aspect with no grade is unusable
  • Poor performance of zip_packer::extract_to_pathname()
  • Editing a calendar event of type category and removing the category results in an error
  • Undefined variable: href when creating IMSCP
  • Activity chooser does not honour external tool icons
  • File picker:Right align table column headers, in RTL mode (theme:boost)
  • Quiz manual grading page should warn if you try to leave with unsaved data
  • Multilang Filters not applied to Recent blog entries block Blog entry titles
  • Notification of submissions are not sent for anonymous feedback
  • Cloze multianswer question leaks percentage if with decimal
  • Grade percentage display in Gradebook should be LTR, in RTL mode
  • Downloaded course content unbrowseable for some activity names
  • Cannot access H5P content bank popup in Atto editor within mod_data textarea
  • badges/oauth2callback.php should be removed and replaced by admin/oauth2callback.php
  • Badge expiry error and missing expired stamp
  • Course/activity calendar events are deleted when the teacher who created them requests their data to be deleted
  • Group names not formatted in course participants filter
  • Unable to scroll beyond 50 conversations in Messages tool
  • Language filters aren't correctly applied in "Whole forum grading"

  • Login page accessibility issues
  • Checkbox and advanced checkbox elements can have duplicate labels
  • Dashboard accessibility issues
  • Accessibility #11 Content appears above “show more” button
  • Question bank highlight of last added question is wrong in boost
  • Site home page accessibility issues

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ver más versiones


(versión de seguridad)
18 Enero - 330MBGeneral fixes and improvements
  • Automatically submitted quiz attempts: finish time is set to when cron ran, not when the attempt ended
  • The "Select all X users" button doesn't activate the drop-down menu in Participants Page
  • SCORM error in Chrome because of "XHR in page dismissal" policy change
  • Course overview (my courses block) pagination is broken beyond the second page
  • Rubric display layout issue, after students feedback is released
  • Lesson module error on save - Cannot find grade item for 'lesson'
  • Redis server issues break cache configuration page
  • The MDL-69687 upgrade step kills large databases
  • Custom field values in course overview block follow incorrect order
  • Non-editing teacher should be able to download course participants list
  • Reduce the number of phpunit runs in core's .travis.yml
  • Illegible css coloring of correct/incorrect div
  • Duplication items in drag-onto-image question
  • Add support for github actions to moodle.git
  • Multilang Filters not applied to Calendar block
  • [Youtube Plugin] Selecting a category results in error
  • View conversation link does not work when grading in full screen mode
  • Available language packs unsorted, difficult to locate
  • H5P corrupts USER object, causing forum error
  • Drag-drop markers questions: infinite markers keep duplicating
  • Quiz add questions from question bank: problem with paging & show all
  • codingerror in Global Search when "search within enrolled courses only" is set
  • OAuth2 system account's refresh token does not get updated due to a typo
  • Write new keyboard steps for Behat
  • Question type Drag and Drop: drop zone disappear in special case
  • Incorrect HTML escaping on the override permissions screen
  • Upload Courses tool breaks on locked custom fields
  • Qtype_essay file-size limit: it says "0 bytes" for students when "Site upload limit" is set
  • On mobile, the Quiz confirmation modal has it's close button cut off
  • Atto HTML editor lacks border outside Moodle forms (e.g. Essay questions)
  • Layout of multiple choice questions not well aligned
  • Moodle upgrade resets scheduled tasks lastruntime
  • PDF dataformat export: content can overflow when page headers are involved
  • Date in message system (always in Gregorian)
  • Payment modal breaks if there is html in a gateway description
  • Drag and Drop onto images: Drop zones have UI issue in Editing form
  • Locking grade category exposes hidden item grades on user report
  • Modal forms stay on the screen if you have multiple modals on one page
  • Privacy export tree navigation non-functional since MDL-69559
  • Task logs page doesn't respect result filter when moving through the pagination
  • Course with H5P element in content bank can not be deleted by Manager/Teacher role (with appropriate rights)

Accessibility improvements
  • Edit Quiz, click on help icon under review options group will check / uncheck the checkbox
  • HTML validation and accessibility problems on database export page
  • Focus order in tabs
  • Question preview: Technical info section expands if you click the help icon there

Security improvements
  • Set up a security.txt file in Moodle LMS

Security fixes
  • Details of any security issues will be released after a period of approximately one week to allow system administrators to safely update to the latest version.

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(versión principal)
9 Noviembre 2020 - 330MBSecurity
  • Add admin options for how to handle detected viruses
  • Add a Referrer-Policy header setting to the security admin settings

Download Course Content
  • Add ZipStream library to core
  • Create course content export API
  • Course content download - add site admin and course level settings, implement in course user interface

Payment Subsystem
  • Add payment as subsystem supporting payment gateways

H5P Updates & Improvements
  • Add the option to personalize H5P styles
  • Add library file caching to h5p
  • Method of saving embedded H5P content grades in the gradebook
  • Add Example and Tutorial links to the H5P editor
  • Clean up temporary H5P editor files

Content Bank
  • Download content from the content bank
  • Replace content file from content bank
  • Add a notification when the content bank is empty
  • Add the author to the content bank "file details" view

Quiz & Questions
  • New quiz completion option: At least one (or N) attempt completed
  • Scrolling quiz timer
  • Qtype_essay: Adding file-size limit to the attachment files

Accessibility Improvements
  • WCAG 4.1.2: aria-hidden elements contain focusable elements
  • Add Behat step to verify WCAG A and WCAG AA compliance

External Tool (IMS-LTI)
  • LTI Advantage: Content Item flow to support creating multiple links
  • Implement LTI 1.3 Dynamic Registration
  • LTI: support substitution parameter for course history

Usability Improvements
  • For folder resource, allow files to be opened in the browser rather than being downloaded
  • Let users define their preferred backpack
  • Cleanup custom 404 page and more easily support custom 50x error pages
  • Assignment grading page: "Changes saved" should not be modal dialog
  • Add ability to copy to Equella repository
  • Improvement of modal UI when modal exceeds the height of the browser
  • Lesson: Allow maximum number of attempts to be unlimited
  • Grade report single view - confirm message if Override None is selected
  • Use a consistent search input field across all Moodle searches
  • Use autocomplete widget for course category selector
  • Boost: Make images in topic descriptions scale with the browser window
  • Option to not include legacy course files in backup and restore process
  • Social activity course format should allow for using the activity chooser
  • Show original role name of renamed roles when enrolling users

Functional Changes
  • Keep OAuth 2 connections alive across users' sessions
  • Timeline block shows incorrect date of due items
  • tool_uploadcourse should check if enrolment method can be disabled/deleted
  • User tours: Add tour-level CSS selector
  • Option to allow HTML in the page headings (skip applying format_string)
  • Set language in user profile during account auto-creation based on browser language instead of admin setting
  • Control the display of available spaces in limited choices

For Administrators
  • Tasks: Show information about running tasks, allow tasks to be disabled
  • New capability to self enrol in course
  • User upload via CLI
  • Add CLI script to restore a course from backup file
  • Add import to tool_customlang
  • Add export to tool_customlang
  • Add option to show only contributed plugins in uninstall script
  • Add ability to add dkim signatures using phpmailer
  • Have a way to append fixed arbitrary headers to all emails
  • Expose divertallemailsto and divertallemailsexcept in the admin settings GUI
  • Add support for terabytes and petabytes in the display_size function

  • Add a new message provider for course completed
  • Add option for "sign-out" only for the Moodle app
  • Config setting for mobile file type exclusion list
  • Update mobile app connected message so it is not misleading when the user has not used the app for a time
  • WebService: Users should be able to contact the site's support via the Moodle App

  • Performance improvement on Moodle Event table
  • external_tokens table will benefit from index on token field
  • Improve cacheability of assignfeedback_editpdf/stamps
  • Improve efficiency of blocks_for_region()
  • tool_replace: additional skip tables
  • Search: Allow query on one Solr server and indexing on another
  • Search: Stop Solr 'optimize' behaviour
  • Search: Allow Solr to add documents in batches

For Developers
  • AWS Aurora MySQL support for Moodle
  • Allow alternate MUC cache config class (eg allow setup in pure $CFG / config.php)
  • PHP Warning when purging all caches: race condition?
  • New optional SQL debug mode which instruments SQL with the calling PHP code
  • Improve theme designer mode - part 2
  • Upgrade phpunit to 8.5.x
  • Update before_footer hook to allow for output to be added to the page
  • Rename terms to use inclusive language
  • Upgrade XMPPHP to latest version
  • Allow plugins to attach data to grade items during backup and restore
  • Add a way to decide what plugin will show in the activity chooser footer

Web Services
  • Create API for grade category (gradebook)
  • Dataformat - Store to filearea support
  • Add user idnumber and gradeitem idnumber to gradereport_user_get_grade_items webservice
  • New Web Service mod_glossary_update_entry
  • New Web Service core_files_delete_draft_files
  • Allow specifying a timezone when calling WebServices
  • New Web Service mod_glossary_delete_entry
  • Create new Web Service for retrieving the user calendar via iCal
  • Add courseId and forumId info to mod_forum_get_discussion_posts web service

  • Deprecate supports_recursion() & extend_lock() in the Lock API
  • Remove Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 4 alpha compatibility files
  • Final removal of lib/coursecatlib.php
  • Final deprecation of web services in message/externallib.php
  • Remove the lib/form/htmleditor.php element
  • Final deprecation of the events message_contact_blocked and message_contact_unblocked
  • Final deprecation: I navigate to "ITEM" node in "MAINNODE > PATH" behat step
  • Final deprecation of add_to_log()
  • Final deprecation of the gradingform_provider interface

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