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Feng Office es una relaci贸n con el cliente de c贸digo abierto y aplicaciones de gesti贸n de proyectos. Inicialmente lanzado en 2007, las operaciones de Feng Office poderes por m谩s de 350.000 empresas y organizaciones de todo el mundo.

Instalaci贸n en 1 clic Feng Office

Instalaci贸n en 1 clic

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Actualizaci贸n f谩cil

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Copia de seguridad y restauraci贸n


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6 November 2020
Espa帽ol (Spanish) + 21 otros

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84.00 MB
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(versi贸n de seguridad)
6 Noviembre 2020 - 84MB3.8.4.4
  • feature: New bulk action: Mark as -> Mark as void
  • feature: use horizontal scroll in invoice list, batch invoicing list and time tab
  • bugfix: Don't generate invoice if there is no billed worked time or actual expenses in the project
  • bugfix: Budgeted expenses don't need invoicing status
  • bugfix: Show the name of every generated invoice in the success message after generation
  • bugfix: Show parent hierarchy in labor category select option in forms (#584)
  • feature: Batch invoicing
  • feature: Show labor categeries associated with rate schedules in the forms
  • feature: Add project info to 'Activity' and 'Late and upcoming tasks' widgets
  • feature: Rename 'project phase' to 'contract phase' in en_us translations
  • feature: Add a new dimension 'Job phases'
  • feature: Use 'Job phase' instead of 'Project phase' in 'Budget' and 'Invoicing history' reports
  • bugfix: fix completed filter when showing tasks in calendar, completed tasks were not showing when no filter was applied
  • bugfix: fix typo in function member_selector.remove_all_selections
  • bugfix: Fix custom report issue with totals when exporting to excel
  • bugfix: contact custom reports were not using the config option for the order of name and surname
  • bugfix: fix extra hour calculations in advanced services plugin, the day separator interval was not used with correct timezone
  • bugfix: fix expenses report group by status
  • bugfix: fix infobar hooks http query when trial is new
  • bugfix: cp date columns were not applying specific date format defined in reports
  • bugfix: fix paemfe plugin function to get receipt images
  • bugfix: fix js error that happens sometimes when logging in and leaves blank screen
  • bugfix: several obile improvements
  • bugfix: fix report header max-height
  • bugfix: modify text search inside modules min character restriction to 2 chars
  • bugfix: modify text search when using 'like' to use %query%
  • bugfix: fix template tasks instantiation order, so subtasks can always find their parent
  • feature: workflow permissions and bulk actions for actual expenses, analog to timesheet approval workflow
  • feature: make invoice bulk action work with invoice templates in expenses and time modules
  • feature: Project management reports improvements
  • feature: actual expense form improvements
  • feature: invoice template changes to support lump sum
  • feature: use invoice templates from tasks and time list when no bulk actions are present
  • bugfix: fix error when editing actual expense
  • bugfix: dont try to update a plugin if not present in db
  • bugfix: fix contact email and phone getArrayInfo function to not assume that the type exists
  • bugfix: fix timeslot billing recalculation when voiding an invoice
  • bugfix: fix timeslots approval status after voiding an invoice
  • bugfix: fix product type filtering query
  • bugfix: Remove high risk javascript vulnerability
  • bugfix: dont show deprecated status selector in budgeted expenses form
  • bugfix: fix unchecked workflow permissions for expenses and invoice generation when no product type is present
  • bugfix: fix errors in income and expenses update scripts
  • bugfix: fix custom reports execution when user does not have the permission to see other user's timeslots
  • bugfix: remove bug that prevented saving actual expense with assigned budgeted expense
  • bugfix: fix bug that recreated the repetitive task with the same dates using template
  • bugfix: fix percent complete calculation when reopening a task
  • bugfix: fix adv services break hours calculation and fidelis contble report
  • bugfix: minor feng1 - feng3 migration fixes
  • bugfix: installer fixes
  • feature: invoice templates feature
  • feature: include actual expenses in automatic invoice generation for a project
  • feature: Redesign Add/Edit view for actual expenses
  • feature: Enforce project phase permissions
  • feature: modify actual expenses model and form to support cost and price and auto calculation based in product types
  • feature: add the new fields to actual expenses view (new cost and price fields)
  • feature: add invoicing status to actual expenses and budgeted expenses
  • feature: link actual expenses to invoicing status dimension
  • feature: modify config section names and format for timesheet customizations
  • feature: new config option to show or not company info when printing report
  • feature: Show pending billable info for expenses in the PM report
  • feature: Add 'Estimated billable' column to expenses summary in the PM report
  • feature: Reorder and rename columns in the PM reports
  • bugfix: fix actual expenses listing totals row, format all amount columns with currency
  • bugfix: fix mail tracking feature to include the alt attr in the img tag so prevent spam negative score
  • bugfix: dont reload product type data in actual expenses if it didn't change after selecting a budgeted expense
  • bugfix: fix budgeted expense selector filters in actual expense form
  • bugfix: fix invoice template custom property selector when name has a ','
  • bugfix: commit css rules for invoicing status config options section
  • bugfix: fix documents filter by only current level and crpm installer/updater to ensure that the config option is present
  • bugfix: Fix javascript vulnerabilities; update some js modules
  • bugfix: Replace spaceship operator for php5 compatibility
  • bugfix: fix report container classes when printing report, so the same css as html report are applied
  • bugfix: fix actual expenses list and reports when date is not set
  • bugfix: add report conditions and applied filters to the report print header
  • bugfix: Use 'report_time_colums_display' config when exporting CSV for Timesheet report
  • bugfix: Use 'report_time_colums_display' config option to format time in the Timesheet report
  • bugfix: Remove bug that cause errors in the grouped custom reports
  • bugfix: Don't calculate estimated and pending when without labor category

Leer m谩s:

(versi贸n principal)
10 Septiembre 2020 - 84MB3.8.3.3
  • bugfix: when exporting timesheets report to csv it was not filling the worked time column
  • feature: Generate 'Invoicing history' report for whole system
  • feature: Add the hierarchy path to members in the custom report group name
  • bugfix: when imap server responds that mailbox doesn't exist then remove it from synchronization
  • bugfix: fix actual expenses add/edit, it was not saving date correctly
  • bugfix: fix custom report conditions for dates and Users list
  • feature: allow to use multi assignment feature to generate subtasks when editing a task
  • bugfix: fix multi assignment feature in tasks.
  • bugfix: fix timesheets report alignment and structure
  • bugfix: fix installer default datetime values in objects table
  • bugfix: format long numbers in the react charts in Y-Axis
  • bugfix: fix notification manager bug that sent 2 notification emails when the user is assigned
  • bugfix: fix notification manager bug that didn't send notifications when name, classification or description were changed in the document.
  • bugfix: keep the previous default behaviour when assigning country to einvoice
  • bugfix: fix multiple address component renderer, it was not working correctly in cps, country and type selectors wrong
  • feature: remember pdf options when exporting reports to pdf
  • feature: language improvements for expenses plugin
  • bugfix: fix payment receipts date filters
  • bugfix: Fix start date and due date in subtasks repetitions
  • feature: add client number in the destino field for facturalista class
  • feature: Unify PM reports
  • feature: allow to exclude internal projects in PM report
  • feature: allow to group default timesheets report by only the first level tasks
  • bugfix: fix PM report project information headers
  • bugfix: don't include disabled dimensions in default timesheets report group by options
  • bugfix: fix trash function, it was not setting trash date
  • bugfix: fix tasks list group totals, dont use total_worked_time column, it is not calculated correctly in some cases
  • bugfix: fix project management report totals
  • feature: add language files for facturalista plugin
  • feature: make references mandatory for debit notes
  • feature: new type of invoice: Debit note. Also supports e-invoice
  • bugfix: fix missing lang when trying to delete tickets
  • bugfix: add daily and weekly summary records to the notifications manager installer
  • bugfix: fix dependencies bug when completing a task and system asks to complete subtasks
  • bugfix: minor change to cps included in new projects widget
  • bugfix: realign and resize misaligned icons
  • bugfix: update the presentation of the notification triggers
  • bugfix: fix notification summaries generation queries to prevent fatal errors and error management inside the function
  • bugfix: fix fatal error when assuming that the result of findOne is always a Contact
  • bugfix: fix facturalista hardcoded country when generating e-invoice
  • bugfix: fix notifications manager summaries generator
  • bugfix: fix string formatting for reports and some special characters
  • bugfix: fix error 500 when emtying trash
  • feature: Add two new columns to the "Project management report"
  • feature: Add config options to the general configuration for the time in tasks
  • bugfix: fix date filters in pm report
  • bugfix: fix night hours calculation in advanced services plugin
  • bugfix: fix objective edition
  • bugfix: fix code warnings in add/edit objective form and fix description component localization
  • bugfix: Fix template task generator
  • bugfix: Fix saving cropped picture
  • bugfix: fix tasks table default datetime values to prevent query errors for too strict mysql configurations
  • bugfix: when completing a repetitive task the new repetition is not loaded in the list
  • bugfix: fix get next repetitions date function call
  • bugfix: Remove width limitation for the breadcrumb buttons
  • feature: Notification manager improvements
  • bugfix: fix invoice generation from tasks and timeslots
  • bugfix: fix payment receipt view error 500 when uploaded document is not in the repository
  • bugfix: Fix search selector and permission group selector to flip or fit the list position when it goes beyond the screen
  • bugfix: Fix permissions issue in payment's quota selector and fix custom lang of payment system permission
  • bugfix: improve search for numeric values
  • bugfix: add quota amounts to searchable objects
  • bugfix: non-admin users add custom reports without permissions and can't see them
  • feature: allow to configure format for currency amounts (decimal digits, decimal and thousand separators)
  • bugfix: fix payments search
  • bugfix: fix cloning or adding to a template a task with subtype
  • bugfix: minor language updates
  • bugfix: Fix widgets css in the dashboard
  • bugfix: cron event to generate repetitive task instances was not enabled by default
  • bugfix: role member was not applied to the repetitions after a template is instantiated
  • feature: Add move direction to the repetitive tasks with non-working days
  • feature: improvements to project management reports
  • bugfix: fix repetitions issue that duplicates last task
  • feature: Minor style updates for dashboard widgets
  • bugfix: never send tipoCambio=0 in facturalista plugin
  • bugfix: fix template instantiation for repertitve tasks when due date depends on a parameter
  • bugfix: modify quota selector text to show more detailed information
  • feature: remove date field from payments view, add/edit form and list in a separated plugin
  • feature: new report option to show only date value for datetime columns
  • bugfix: fix payments totals calculations in old expenses plugin
  • bugfix: Fix generated dates in repetitive tasks created by templates
  • bugfix: dont show financials and earned vs labor widgets if no context is selected, they may have performance issues with high volume of data
  • bugfix: dont autoselect related members after selecting a related member in members add/edit form
  • bugfix: assigned user's default role must be assigned when instantiating tasks from template
  • feature: UI improvements on widgets
  • feature: new project and evx widgets
  • feature: integration with react

  • feature: config option to use or not the time module's quick add row
  • feature: new plugin roles_dimension
  • bugfix: evx project widget installation query fixed
  • bugfix: minor fixes to project management report
  • bugfix: fix number format for expenses getArrayInfo function
  • bugfix: fix excel export rounding when number string is too long
  • bugfix: fix search query for non-administrators
  • bugfix: fix general search error 500
  • bugfix: Fix error message to show when user doesn't have perimssions to add an object in a context.
  • bugfix: modify property groups hooks to return data as an array if needed, add project information to project management report
  • feature: new expenses progress widget
  • feature: allow project management report to be exported to pdf, excel and csv
  • bugfix: fix plugin installer/updater helper query that adds the located_under property to the default group
  • feature: new project reports plugin
  • feature: Make minutes input field have bigger width depending on the font style it was cutting the number of minutes
  • feature: add alignment option to property groups, to use in widgets and reports
  • bugfix: When classifying an object in the related members of a project, check if it isn鈥檛 already classified in a member of the associated dimension, if it is classified in one then don鈥檛 reclassify.
  • bugfix: fix advanced services timeslots generation, they were not using the task鈥檚 start date and that leads to errors in further timeslots hour type calculations
  • bugfix: fix the user permissions popup caps when selecting the user from the searchbox
  • bugfix: dont generate the next repetition when editing the last repetitive task
  • bugfix: Tasks list print: When filtering by pending the print view was including completed subtasks
  • bugfix: Tasks list print: The print view was not including all tasks in the list
  • bugfix: Tasks list print: Print view css was not the same as the tasks list
  • bugfix: Tasks list print: In dimension member columns only one member per dimension was printed
  • bugfix: Minor fixes in function comments and verifications in array variables before iterating or counting
  • bugfix: fix contact edition: when removing all members it wasnt doing anything
  • bugfix: fix members add/edit form to include the parent selector when advanced core is installed and member cps plugin is not
  • bugfix: set expense item name as the description when name is empty in getArrayInfo function
  • bugfix: fix custom property sum operator when making the query for report group totals
  • bugfix: fix pdf generation command syntax when defining the command location in config.php
  • bugfix: fix isDate helper function to check the date value with the one defined in the user preferences
  • feature: add supplier custom properties to expenses custom reports
  • feature: Make 'close' button visible in template variables window
  • feature: Make list of templates sorted when user wants to add new task
  • bugfix: Fix the repetitive task date generator
  • bugfix: fix switch break command in advanced reports hook
  • bugfix: minor syntax fixes and function documentation fixes, also removed some unexistent classes usage (legacy from Feng 1.x)
  • bugfix: fix listing function when mail plugin is not installed
  • bugfix: Fix advanced search query
  • bugfix: fix notifications manager hook definition
  • bugfix: Alert the user if the date field is empty in the template instantiation
  • bugfix: fix templates task workflow section, the template tasks couldn't be added to the workflow
  • bugfix: Make repetitive tasks consider working days
  • bugfix: Fix filters functionality in tickets module
  • feature: Create new sortable columns in the Contacts, Notes and Tickets
  • bugfix: fix custom reports navigation when cp conditions has special characters
  • bugfix: Fix template repetitie tasks due date and start date generator
  • bugfix: Fix link to the google fonts
  • bugfix: fix evx_edition plugin installer
  • bugfix: fix user's default hour type selector, it was selecting every member of other dimension components in the form
  • bugfix: fix tasks list query, bug introduced in the last release
  • feature: Added new columns to notes module
  • feature: Added new columns to the Contact Module
  • feature: dont show the group totals for one specific report (identified by its code in the reports table)
  • feature: add 'observaciones' column to one specific custom report (identified by a code defined in the reports table)
  • feature: Create new columns 'Created By', 'Created on', 'Updated by', 'Updated on' in the Documents module
  • feature: added hook to autoclassify in project's related members after adding timeslot from mobile
  • feature: Modifications for compatibility and new features added to the mobile app
  • bugfix: fix newsletter contact selector to include all the contact dimensions
  • bugfix: remove 'worked time' text from intersection column headers in custom reports
  • language: New translations to ru_ru language
  • bugfix: filter quota selector by active context
  • bugfix: fix evx projects widget table header for description column
  • bugfix: remove old expense reports from new expenses plugin
  • bugfix: fix user history permissions to allow other users with higher or equal rank to view it
  • feature: add new bulk actions button to time module: put as pending
  • feature: new plugin for calculated billing rates
  • bugfix: fix timeslots permission validations when editing and deleting
  • bugfix: fix overtime report total
  • bugfix: fix error when executing overtime report without date, add user filter to overtime report
  • bugfix: fix client members depth when removing parent
  • bugfix: fix generic listing query when filtering by more than one member, was affecting listing totals
  • bugfix: hide permission radio buttons if the user role doesnt allow them to be set
  • bugfix: task custom reports are not filtering by status=completed
  • feature: new timesheet approval plugin
  • bugfix: recalculate task percent completed after adding or deleting timeslot
  • bugfix: recalculate task percent completed after deleting timeslot

  • bugfix: modify evx project widget alignments
  • bugfix: override member type name with subtype name in member forms
  • bugfix: fix worked time calculation after deleting timeslots and reload the worked time summary in tasks view
  • bugfix: Fix headers misalignment in custom reports pdf export
  • bugfix: Fix excel export in custom reports to include the project number in project's name
  • bugfix: fix duplicated project number in projects tree

  • bugfix: fix object prefixes in repetitve tasks, in the repetitions the prefix was being duplicated
  • bugfix: fix templates instantiation to avoid forcing today date when user does not enter a date parameter
  • bugfix: fix template params instantiation when dates are a non working day
  • bugfix: bugfix: dont let template tasks to fall in an invalid week day (according to the enabled weekdays defined in the original task)
  • bugfix: fix template objects prop comparison, fix timeslots status after generating invoice

  • feature: Added function add_custom_property, quick and simple method to add a single custom property
  • feature: custom properties for tasks can now be instantiated by templates
  • feature: new method to group timeslots in invoices (by person and hour type)
  • feature: The name of the template properties is now calculated on the getTemplateObjectProperties function
  • feature: Added a hook call to add custom properties as template properties
  • bugfix: fix userbox position in header when clicking it
  • bugfix: Return template properties sorted by the property name
  • language: langs for new income config options

  • bugfix: improve documents widget css for new theme
  • bugfix: Fix header and widget margins for new theme
  • bugfix: dont override current associated members when changing the parent member

  • feature: new overtime_reports plugin

  • feature: new theme and css modifications
  • feature: modifications to evx widgets

  • feature: Keep reference of the original timeslot when splitting it by overtime hours dimension
  • feature: Improved messages and translations for time input
  • bugfix: fix the timeslots form to prevent start date reset if you modify the start date before the worked hours
  • bugfix: modify the recalculate_next_days function to make the recalculations 4 weeks forward instead of 1 week
  • bugfix: fix custom reports when they are grouped and show some custom properties related to the contacts
  • bugfix: fix overtime calculations when paused time > 0
  • bugfix: fix quick add row to reload totals row after adding a new timeslot
  • bugfix: fix overtime calculations for timeslots starting at 00:00hs
  • bugfix: fix get_contact_worked_time function to use the original timeslot id in related timeslots
  • bugfix: Make the recalculations by merging the related timeslots and splitting only the original one
  • bugfix: Fix the week filters to start on sundays and end on saturdays
  • bugfix: After generating new timeslots add all of them to the list
  • bugfix: fix several errors in overtime calculations due to timezone usage
  • bugfix: Improved UX when entering and editing timeslots
  • bugfix: Simplified the code for automatic changes to the time, start dates, and end dates in the form.

Leer m谩s:

(versi贸n principal)
28 Julio 2019 - 84MB3.7.2.16

feature: allow to sort member trees by member type before alphabetically
bugfix: when uploading a new doc and already exists, by default select the option to upload as a new revision
bugfix: fix permissions tree in users form to include timeslots in permissions query
bugfix: fix error in contacts report grouped by folder and with or conditions in classification

feature: allow to view the sent emails in newsletter view
bugfix: verify that sharing table group_id key does not exists before executing the query to add it
bugfix: fix newsletter sent contacts popup list
bugfix: fix plugin folder name for additional member permissions plugin

bugfix: fix error in custom reports with advanced billing columns
bugfix: fix timeslots form start date calculations
bugfix: prevent trailing/starting white spaces in template object property variable values
bugfix: fix product types filtering
bugfix: fix hour_types installer
bugfix: autoselect project's client in quick-add row when filtering timeslots list by project
bugfix: fix ignoring labor categories when creating subtasks using multi assignment
bugfix: fix 7th day rule in overtime calculations after registering 10 overtime hours

bugfix: ignore some properties when checking if only classification has been changed
bugfix: ignore persons dimension in application log details

feature: config option to ignore some dimensions when applying classification to subtasks
feature: overtime calculations, classify as overtime the 7th consecutive day of work no matter the amount of hours
bugfix: fix group name coulumn text when exporting to excel/csv a grouped report without details

bugifx: fix week start/end calculation when adding a timeslot for next week or more in the future
bugfix: when exporting to excel the time columns were not using the custom format
bugfix: fix overtime calculations, ignore non-worked timeslots
bugfix: when splitting timeslots the task id was not copied to the new ones

feature: overtime calculations plugin
bugfix: fix getting controller by classname in member controller
bugfix: fix langs for billing category column in timeslot reports
bugfix: fix timeslots totals query, make it independent of currency if there is only 1 currency in the system

bugfix: fix notifications manager config options saving
bugdix: dont send email when only description is changed if not selected in config option

feature: when invoicing timeslots classify them in the invoiced status member
bugfix: dont inherit members from parent task if dimension is not multiple and subtask has already a member of that dimension

bugfix: fix task list filters when filtering by subscribed by user and completed tasks
bugfix: fix notifications manager config options and user new template for due date reminders
fearure: make overtime_hours dimension hierarchical

feature: new section in dimension options to define the default value for each dimension
feature: new user preference to define the dimension that dictates color to show for each object in the calendar
feature: new plugin that adds the dimension "Overtime hours"
feature: new plugin that adds the dimension "Billing rates"
bugfix: several fixes in timesheet status dimension plugin
bugfix: notification manager fixes in consolidation
bugfix: dont include unsubscribed contacts when sending newsletters

feature: config option to exclude add,open,close task from consolidation

feature: First version of the "status dimension for timesheets" plugin aka: status_dimension_timesheet
bugfix: modifications to evx widgets plugin
bugfix: fix error when adding project phase
bugfix: fixes in notifications manager
bugfix: prevent enqueue newsletter emails for persons that are not subscribed to newsletters (using cp subs_newsletter)

feature: default labor category for users in timestlots module
bugfix: fix timeslots list totals when filtering by more than one member
bugfix: autopopulate project's associated members when adding timeslots and selecting a project
bugfix: fix column of unclassified worked time when grouping results by a dimension and showing the group in columns
bugfix: fix sum of timeslot report custom properties when grouping by user
bugfix: fix timeslots start time lang
bugfix: fix email system setup config options saving

bugfix: fix notification manager when consolidating comments and open/close

feature: add contact cps to report group lines when grouping by contact
feature: allow to add project cp columns in timeslot reports/Reports
feature: when grouping timeslot reports by project, put the same name as in the trees (using configuration if present)

feature: add invoicing status filter to time tab
bugfix: fix report condition input for invoicing status


bugfix: notifications manager fixes


bugfix: notifications manager fixes


feature: add contact custom properties to timeslot custom reports
bugfix: fix expenses plugin pre requisites
bugfix: Fixed typo


bugfix: fix member add/edit when using templates and member subtypes
bugfix: fix evx projects widget list height


bugfix: fix copy task, was not copying members
bugfix: show all users in calendar filter when not filtering by any member
bugfix: fix auto heights in evx projects widget


feature: evx_widgets plugin version alpha
feature: associate member templates with member subtypes
bugfix: use plural title for projects and clients widgets
bugfix: fix old billing categories, they were not saving the currency


bugfix: fixes in notifications manager


feature: update notification manager


bugfix: fix time module date filters


feature: allow getArrayInfo function to return members data for tasks
bugfix: allow mobile to show project name with custom properties
bugfix: list of clients should work for single or divided dimension in mobile.
bugfix: show custom properties in timeslot lists
bugfix: group_by_sql wasn't initialized.


bugfix: fix listing query for trashed objects
bugfix: fix permissions for internal collaborators in time module
bugfix: fix abm of emails in client form
bugfix: fix text custom property edition when adding zeros before the text and the text can be casted to number
bugfix: fix height calculation in custom reports
bugfix: fix additional text in member trees feature when expanding member childs


bugfix: fix clients email edition, main email was not modified correctly


feature: notifications manager improvements


bugfix: dont show disabled dimensions in config option handlers
feature: notifications manager improvements


bugfix: dont check module permissions automatically when giving permissions in a member
bugfix: fix object billing calculations after instantiating task templates
bugfix: fix dimension panel filtering when expanding a project and filtering by any of the associated dimensions
bugfix: fix user selector for custom properties
bugfix: Function had a duplicate variable '$ignored' in its parameters.
bugfix: type was incorrectly set as dimension_object instead of dimension_group
bugfix: Missing lang for hint
bugfix: Improved wording for new feature.
bugfix: Fixed. Misspelled class. Constructor wasn't working.
bugfix: Fixed. Issues when upgrading a PHP 7 installation.


change: Removed the property "status" for Payment Receipt. Replacing with a dimension.
feature: Showing name of client for tasks in calendar view - in all views (weekly, monthly, daily).
fix: Warnings for declarations of functions not compatible with parent Class.
fix: Several small fixes on coding style


feature: update dimension association between projects and rate schedules to allow selection of related members
feature: when selecting a member autoselect the related members if the association is marked with 'allows_default_selection'


bugfix: error 500 when deleting payment receipts
bugfix: show billable column as yes/no instead of true/false


feature: new billable column for expenses and receipts
feature: system permission to enable adding hours in time tab


feature: new plugin notifications_manager
feature: modifications to object_templates plugin to work with notifications_manager


feature: allow to use "and" and "or" conditions in custom reports
bugfix: fix remembering the option to delete objects when deleting member
bugfix: when deleting member and not its objects they were deleted anyways
bugfix: default value of option to delete objects when deleting member should be 'no'


feature: when deleting member ask user to delete objects or not
feature: hide payment name in add/edit form only for macro facultad
bugfix: Mobile was not working after 3.7.0 (PHP 7.0 support). 'Escape' functions 'escape_string' were not valid.
bugfix: fix member selector hidden input format when adding and removing members from template tasks
bugfix: Prevents an error when the DB connection is not established.
bugfix: PHP 7.2 now reserves the word 'object', so it can be used as a class name.
bugfix: fix getColumnType function for most of the content objects added by plugins
bugfix: check if member can have parents before rendering the 'located under' component
bugfix: fix typo in pear/net/socket library
bugfix: Link to old download page was not working. Updated to new download page.


feature: add pdf support to payment receipt images in add/edit form and receipt view
feature: show in red the payment receipts that are greater than their expense's cost
feature: autocomplete payment receipt name using date and expense category
feature: disable submit button while uploading payment receipt image
bugfix: when editing expense using the 'add new item' button in the items grid, add a new empty item line
bugfix: add link to expense in payment receipt view
bugfix: fix feature that puts client name in calendar objects to also check member hierarchy


feature: Add "Description" field to payment receipts
feature: Allow to upload image of the payment receipt
feature: Allow to add payment receipt from expense view
feature: Allow to add new item from expense view's items grid
feature: Add view for payment receipts


feature: when adding/editing expenses improve the way that product types are filtered
feature: when adding/editing expenses allow product type selection to fill member selectors
bugfix: Fix view for expenses, including items grid
bugfix: Improvements in format of payment receipts list view
bugfix: Set default payment receipt date to today
bugfix: can't edit payment receipt
bugfix: payment receipt doesn't save custom properties, subscribers, linked objects and members
bugfix: In payment receipt add/edit put the expense selector first
bugfix: Several fixes in installer


bugfix: fix member template quick add urls


feature: new expenses module for evx.


bugfix: tasks list doesnt stop timeslots in view, when completing
bugfix: add not minified ext lang file for sv_se


bugfix: fix add/edit client form position when hiding contact inputs
bugfix: ensure that reporting contact config options are inserted in the upgrade script
bugfix: fix member selectors in quota form
bugfix: use a timeout when selecting columns to show in tasks list
feature: initialize associated dimension selectors with active context


bugfix: dont use expense column in payments if expenses are not used
bugfix: fix content object listing query group by


feature: allow to specify number of hours in invoice lines when generating invoices automatically from tasks/timeslots
bugfix: in time tab open ts report in reports tab, to use the css of that tab


bugfix: fix member form custom properties alignment
bugfix: fix missing langs
bugfix: disable workday cp by default


bugfix: cant set or change project parent
bugfix: cant complete tasks in php7


bugfix: can't save client custom properties if advanced_core plugin is not activated
bugfix: can't instantiate templates from tasks list


bugfix: override extjs datefield validation function to ensure that correct format is used when typing dates without zeros
feature: New clients and contacts section in configuration
feature: Allow to specify if all clients created will have contact information
feature: Include "Located under" in dimension members properties, to change its order in add/edit form


feature: PHP7 compatibility.


bugfix: fix in breadcrumbs with associated dimensions
bugfix: required dimension associations were not being checked

bugfix: dont reload tasks list if not needed
bugfix: improvements in payments list and view with quota

bugfix: improvements in tasks repetition form

bugfix: changes in tasks repetition variables

bugfix: fix member reports conditions by associated dimension

bugfix: fix custom reports totals for time columns when not using usual format

bugfix: fix reports detail lines when grouping by intersection of dimensions and showing groups as columns
bugfix: set newsletters contacts selector object type to contact
bugfix: fix timeslot add and current_time variable

bugfix: fix invoice logo width

feature: new quota dropdown selector
bugfix: disabling tasks notifications not always working
bugfix: improve tasks list load more groups, do it when less than 20% of the scrollbar is left
bugfix: fix persons filter in time module when no context is selected

bugfix: several changes in advanced expenses with quota and payments

bugfix: fix task dependency selector in templates
bugfix: fix member templates when removing member association
bugfix: dont remove enters in description when adding timeslot

bugfix: performance issue in imap sync when sending to trash in bulk

bugfix: fix grouped reports when grouping by date

bugfix: fix calendar sync configuration
bugfix: in grouped reports use date format to parse dates when grouping rows by a date property
bugfix: trim web plugin notiification config connection values to ensure they are parsed correctly
bugfix: fix time list filters
bugfix: dont use the attachment name when wrinting to tmp folder only for view

bugfix: improve timeslots add/edit
bugfix: show description cols with pre-wrap in timeslots lists

bugfix: fix scroll and resize of mail composing view
bugfix: fix no filter in time module period filter

bugfix: cant delete payments
bugfix: fix tickets installer
bugfix: add payment from inside quota does not select quota
bugfix: new payment menu from insied quota position is wrong
bugfix: error when executing dimension group reports
bugfix: fix js error in risks module
bugfix: fix risks installer

bugfix: fix customer widget
bugfix: minor adjustments in invoices module
bugfix: persist time module filters
bugfix: fix time module toolbar, panel height and totals row.
bugfix: allow to delete multiple members in member list

bugfix: escape line detail when editing invoice
bugfix: use default value as it is in config option for task groups pagination count
bugfix: several fixes in invoicing module
bugfix: dont show unknown status in clients widget, dont show status if cp is disabled
bugfix: filter disabled cps in get cp columns function
bugfix: fix scroll pagination when scrollbar does not appear

bugfix: cannot paste using right click menu in notes.


bugfix: error in tasks list when no tasks present


bugfix: fix tempalte task repetition when adding.


bugfix: improve performance of pop3 mail download
bugfix: generating next invoice doesn't copy company id
bugfix: cannot edit repetitive tasks in templates
bugfix: can't edit client organization
feature: improve objects_import plugin


bugfix: several fixes in tasks list performance


bugfix: dont redraw all tasks if already rendered after loading more groups


bugfix: small fixes to tasks list group pagination.
bugfix: in custom reports dont disable the toolbar in report parameters view.


bugfix: cant classify mails with attachments if attachment has / in the name
bugfix: error editing workspace if associated content data object does not exist
bugfix: dont load all tasks when only refreshing tasks list group totals
bugfix: not adding to sharing table unclassified objects to new users
bugfix: reorganize custom reports header (conditions block and buttons container)
bugfix: report and print from clients tab doesnt use the same order
feature: when custom report data is too narrow, expand it to use all the panel width
feature: tasks list groups pagination


bugfix: Fix error in application logs query when filtering
bugfix: Add margins to the direct-url container in object views
bugfix: cant add name in timeslots reports
bugfix: worked time column showing wrong data
bugfix: dont break report title in the middle of a word
bugfix: total estimated cost is not showing
bugfix: Remove unnecesary paddings in custom report views
bugfix: Fix custom report content height calculation
feature: Remove toolbar in custom reports
feature: Reorganize custom reports buttons


bugfix: profile picture crop and upload fixes
bugfix: cannot edit indicators
bugfix: stop running timeslots was only affecting timeslots without task
bugfix: cusotm reports associated dimension columns fixed to prevent duplicates


bugfix: fix worked time color in tasks list
bugfix: reminders dont tell wich date they have as reference
bugfix: templates with lots of tasks and variables cannot be saved and gets broken if input count is greater than 1000
bugfix: cannot modify timeslot billing if they are classified in a submember


bugfix: dim columns were added twice and this causes an error when saving them in custom reports
feature: return member id and billing data when requesting event ticket data


bugfix: when generating event invoice name put a generic name if the invoice is for more than one event
feature: disable events registration when using classes workflow
feature: add new object template parameter: summary_of_all_events


bugfix: fix searchable objects installer plugin
bugfix: fix config option values table in installer
bugfix: dont use null as def value of primary keys
bugfix: fix escape characters for users selector in custom report parameters
feature: allow login function to receive parameters and be called by api
feature: include billing emails in request event pricing function


bugfix: ensure that invoice is classified in the event of the ticket
bugfix: cant search members with ampersand
bugfix: Show archived objects in the trashed objects list
bugfix: dont show billing tab when editing ts if user doesnt have permissions
bugfix: undefined function was being used to set billing category id
bugfix: error redeclaring function when including twice cp table
bugfix: duplicated tasks are loaded sometimes
bugfix: check if member with the same member already exists before trying to create a new one
bugfix: invoice classification fixed in class registration
bugfix: several modifications to class registration and attendee list
feature: include list values and list value labels in list cps definition
feature: config option to ignore custom invoice layout when generating invoice


feature: change return value of save_event_tickets_bulk
feature: split contact address fields in reports
feature: config option to send emails in background
feature: email templates
bugfix: error 500 on events views when event doesnt have end date
bugfix: add a code for return the name of members when requesting price
bugfix: fixes in affinity report batch
bugfix: error in query to update invoice preview file id
bugfix: in web plugin take the installation name from the filesystem path, not from the url


feature: register attendees to multiple events
feature: online member registration form conditional improvements
bugfix: problems when sending invoice to billing contact
bugfix: exclude customer_folder and project_folder from member templates
bugfix: when sending outbox in cron send for all users with permissions in the account
bugfix: show comments option was only working for tasks reports
bugfix: exclude object types of disabled plugins in configuration


bugfix: adding clients from api doesnt save custom properties
bugfix: custom property filters are not translated in tickets module
bugfix: fixes in affinity members report
bugfix: cant save associated members by api
bugfix: in tasks workflow, copy the linked objects to the next task
bugfix: when showing comments in reports encode date comment part to to prevent errors in view


feature: Allow to send objects by email (for api use)
feature: Allow to create clients by api


bugfix: allow MemberChooserTreeLoader to send parameters in post, to avoid making the url too long
bugfix: fix custom properties add
feature: evx_edition plugin and login page modifications
feature: affinity reports plutin


bugfix: fixed report totals for calculated columns
bugfix: fix obj type hierarchy options query when saving expense
bugfix: improved drag and drop in mails tab
bugfix: fix table custom properties in forms and views
bugfix: missing langs in advanced expenses
bugfix: add zipcode to the toString function in contact addresses
bugfix: cant add cps for member types that are not dimension objects
feature: allow to define plural names in the dimension options section


bugfix: Show Custom Properties with scroll mode
bugfix: Show bill_billing_rate with currency format in reports
bugfix: add option to mark invoice as paid in view
bugfix: member type names fixed in task and report selectors
bugfix: execute function to ensure that all dim associations have their custom properties after every plugin update
bugfix: when creating user always set checked by default the option to send notfication
bugfix: init gantt genid and preferences before response comes
bugfix: fix verify_peer options when connecting to mail server using tls
bugfix: company picture form fixed
bugfix: ignore disabled dimensions in tasks list columns
bugfix: send and save invoice fixed
bugfix: when cp is special and is defined as id@text try to get the lang from the text part


feature: separate labor categories dimension (hour types) to other plugin
feature: allow to configure if the phone types are shown in reports
bugfix: fix misspelled langs in custom property admin


bugfix: Custom reports when ordering by due date and due date is the same the order is different when viewing report and when exporting to pdf
bugfix: Custom reports export to pdf, second page header overlaps with the data rows
bugfix: Fixed status column for projects in custom reports
bugfix: wrong langs in projects and missing langs in task reports with show comments
bugfix: dont draw ignored conditions info when executing custom reports
bugfix: remove duplicated models that were in the views directory


bugfix: reload current panel was not called after adding an invoice
bugfix: contable report must only include users with padron
bugfix: automatic timeslot generation must not classify in common hour type if already classified in holiday hour type.
feature: modify new event registration to allow free registrations


bugfix: filter member list by context
feature: fixed report -> hours by user and intersection of dimensions from advance services plugin


bugfix: member list order by cp
bugfix: report ignore condition pagination
bugfix: show more on member list group is not working


bugfix: mail parser encoding error


bugfix: fix searchable objects for invoices
bugfix: put sent status as invoice sent for confirmed invoices


feature: new project phases dimension
bugfix: cron error with empty dates on cron events
bugfix: task workflow not working


bugfix: reports are displayed collapsed
bugfix: include the mail that pays online when sending invoice


bugfix: invoice sent status filter
bugfix: report columns order
bugfix: When sending invoices if to is sent using GET, check if it is an array before adding to the mail paramters


bugfix: report columns order
feature: change sent status to a list of values and update the invoice preview


bugfix: search box on user list not working
bugfix: pdf reports are collapsed
bugfix: contact billing info on invoices


bugfix: do not check permissions when classifying contacts from member custom property
bugfix: check if is a valid datetime value before using the object


bugfix: mobile not working, missing api view
bugfix: Automatic timeslots must not check permissions when being classified
bugfix: lang Cuentaes to Cuentas


bugfix: add contact emails to searchable objects
bugfix: fixes in context widget
bugfix: do not check permissions when classifying contacts from member custom property
bugfix: missing lang report category
bugfix: error 500 in total worked time report
bugfix: company billing info on invoices
bugfix: break line on comment column


bugfix: force add member associations to searchable objects


feature: add member associations to searchable objects
bugfix: billing info properties on event registration
bugfix: prevent multiple timeslots running
performance: performance improvements on permissions


bugfix: invoices: migrate payment method columns to custom properties


feature: Allow to select properties from selected contact on a custom property (for members)
feature: new rate schedules dimension, associated to projects
feature: allow to select list custom properties to display on contact selectors
feature: show comments on report on a separated column
bugfix: prevent blank screen on mail view
bugfix: error 500 on member reports
bugfix: get user by email function not working properly
bugfix: return websites for each contact on the api
bugfix: subtask display fails after expand parent task
bugfix: report categories are filtered by permissions


feature: SAML Single Sign On plugin.
bugfix: invoice preview does not use custom invoice template.


bugfix: breadcrumbs from related dimensions are not displayed on object lists
bugfix: max amount of tickets per event calculation
feature: custom reports, allow to define conditions using associated dimension on member reports


bugfix: allow to change sent status of invoices on edit form
bugfix: check multiple contacts with the same email configuration before creating new members automatically
bugfix: wrong ticket type for non-members on event registration
bugfix: totals on reports
feature: properties groups for content objects view
feature: improve contact billing information tab on invoices
feature: display all members subtypes when creating new member from dimension tree
feature: max amount of tickets per event


feature: show contact columns on client reports
feature: contact selector on "billing to" tab on invoices form
bugfix: wrong total on new event registration
bugfix: remove sent status from invoices and add other property for that


bugfix: notification config override by hook
bugfix: no space between imploded address fields when printing invoice
bugfix: bug when saving subtype dependencies, duplicated row in table
bugfix: fix report_category_id column, it was added as a tinyint
bugfix: fix managed events to allow them to have empty date/time
feature: allow more than one contact with the same email
feature: was added the ticket type custom properties to event registration


feature: multiple email templates for different actions
feature: classify invoices on managed event related account
bigfix: custom properties on object subtypes not working


bugifx: error 500 when ticket type has been deleted
bugifx: invoice number was not generated when creating new repetition or from new event registration
bugfix: show date and time on field "created on" invoices


bugfix: show date and time on field "created on" invoices
bugfix: show date and time on field "created on" event tickets
bugfix: secondary dimensions must filter primary dimensions
bugfix: don't change invocie status to sent if is paid.
security: security issues sql injections and xss


bugfix: replay to all not working
security: remove public/assets/javascript/ckeditor/ck_upload_handler.php
security: security issues in api controller
feature: allow to assign invoice number in non-pending status
feature: new bootstrap style for members tree on "new event registration"


bugfix: don't show mail rules recomendation configuration not working
bugfix: managed events, filter only by member the git contact selector on "new event registration"


feature: classify event invoices in a configurable member of the accounts dimension
bugfix: new event registration contact selector scroll


bugfix: error adding attendees
bugfix: member status on members widget
feature: generate report button on attendees tab


bugfix: member tree selector performance


bugfix: managed events, ticket type name and desc must be escaped before sending data to view
bugfix: only group by if query is for content_objects


bugfix: managed events, attendees classification
bugfix: fix custom properties view on members
bugfix: don't use timezone in getObjectData if the object doesn't have a timezone
bugfix: don't filter related dimensions on members tree
bugfix: totals on reports and objects lists


bugfix: class roster attendee report


feature: class roster attendee report


bugfix: error 500 on managed events tab
feature: managed events, new contact selector on event registration process to select attendees
feature: contact selector select wich properties display
feature: advanced billing, new columns on task report "Estimated profit margin" and "Expected profit %"
feature: member pricing on ticket types


bugfix: advance report installer error
bugfix: fixes on Billing rate and Cost rate report
bugfix: error 500 on reports when income plugin is not installed
bugfix: reports column names break word
bugfix: totals on reports
bugfix: contact custom property combo langs
bugfix: newsletter recipients selector
feature: was added contact cps to attendees panel


feature: advance billing on tasks (estimated cost and estimated price)
feature: billing information on reports
feature: copy members function
feature: extend contact custom property selector to allow selecting unclassified contacts


bugfix: report column title words break
bugfix: can't create timeslots for yesterday


bugfix: send invoice doesn't refresh status in pdf


feature: allow custom invoice mail template for different installations
bugfix: invoices generated in background are not saving the subtype id
bugfix: changing event subtype loses dimension associations


performance: on sharing table calculation after the user was being edited
bugfix: move event invoice automatic generated name to event_tickets plugin
bugfix: financial accunts has wrong table specified in model
bugfix: new event registration member selector fix
bugfix: managed event start-end fields fix on submembers


feature: contact custom properties now you can add contacts from the combo
feature: timeslots now you can select the related task
feature: filter events by subtype on listing function
feature: objectives description use ckeditor
feature: member templates for all member types
feature: send invoice by email
feature: stop previous timeslot configuration


bugfix: error 500 on templates
bugfix: advance reports, report categories not working
bugfix: export reports to pdf
bugfix: apply permissions to all sub-members on the member edit view.


bugfix: report list not working
bugfix: automatic calculation of worked time on add time modal
bugfix: time list add no filter by date option
bugfix: task list tasks displayed twice
bugfis: totals on grouped reports


bugfix: fix upgrade problem to version 3.5.3 with index in table custom_property_values.


bugfix: invoices query failed with message 'Unknown column 'external_id' in 'field list'
bugfix: report list not working if advance report is installed


feature: new time form


feature: add members in object notifications subject
feature: config generate next invoice repetition when printing.
feature: invoice Payment Period
feature: new linked object view
feature: add search input to users list
feature: fix report headers
feature: time-entries improvements
feature: add a new condition unclassified to reports configuration
feature: new feature on list of report, now you can create categories for reports
feature: new function to create contact from name and mail
feature: added bootstrap for internal use
feature: managed eventes plugin
bugfix: main tabs bar resize
bugfix: resize was added to columns assigned_to and assigned_by in the task panel
bugfix: several missing langs
bugfix: subtask render
bugfix: query error when ordering tasks list by assigned to
bugfix: error 500 fixed when listing customers in api
bugfix: missing useHelper in contact controller function
bugfix: modify get_public_file function to receive file id as an optional parameter
bugfix: modify image cp value when requested using raw_data=true to return the original json value of the db
bugfix: fix tasks list group totals when filtering by more than one dimension
bugfix: cutom reports dont put empty th if no details are shown, icon column is not rendered
bugfix: custom reports without details misalignments
bugfix: fix config option handler for members to allow multiple selection
bugfix: exclude archived members when giving automatic permissions to new users
bugfix: in context widget dont use features of inactive plugins
bugfix: fix broken billing tab in timeslot edit
bugfix: cant generate first task repetition batch
bugfix: problem of padding in button in dashboard
bugfix: task list fix for edge cases (yesterday or tomorrow also changing the week, etc), new weeks (Mon-Sun instead of Sun-Sat)
bugfix: add generic actions Time tab
bugfix: fix widget expenses
bugfix: new sharing table logic
bugfix: time reports missing task column status
bugfix: send mail directly when clicking send mail
bugfix: task list filter status today.
bugfix: mail account signature change fail
bugfix: When edit a member if the name contains & it shows &
bugfix: list cp rendered with errors.
bugfix: template task date variable + minutes not working properly
bugfix: invoice report expiration date timezone error
bugfix: calendar view don't displays tasks for guest users
performance: listing order
performance: sharing table

plugin advanced_core:
feature: ticket new filter by custom property
bugfix: Fix date format on report headers
bugfix: object list function broken by hook custom_properties_filter_get_objects_list_extra_conditions
bugfix: Call to a member function getFixedColumnValue on null

plugin advanced_reports:
feature: custom report group by intersection: allow to define specific members to intersect

plugin advanced_services:
bugfix: Hour type changes
bugfix: when generating first set of repetions, dont continue after repeat_end date if it is specified
bugfix: add transactions for generate x days tasks cron function

plugin crpm:
bugfix: dont create invoice customer if no customer data received

plugin event_tickets:
feature: new event management functions

plugin income:
feature: invoice send via email
feature: new config option to make client mandatory or not in invoices
feature: address in print view, now show the billing address
bugfix: in print view of invoice calling to worng variable for client zip code
bugfix: fixed message when delete a income
bugfix: image on invoice whe generating pdf
bugfix: error 500 when trying to delete invoice from view

plugin newsletters:
feature: use "To" field for each email when configuration has Persons per email: 1


feature: member custom properties groups on member information widget
feature: use property groups for member custom properties in member add/edit forms
feature: property groups -> add default group and put all cps in that group
feature: show previous and next invoice if they exist when viewing an invoice
feature: text filter input in invoices module
feature: new managed events plugin
feature: new event tickets plugin: event tickets abm and attendees widget
feature: modal member add/edit
feature: config options to disable the popup dialogs when archiving or trahsing objects
feature: allow to set a member template to an existing member
bugfix: transform users widget in contacts widget
bugfix: default payments report includes trashed payments
bugfix: invoice line with 0 unit value and total>0 does not sum in general totals
bugfix: cant link object to invoices that are not pending
bugfix: dont show generate next invoice link if it is already generated
bugfix: only the last invoice of the repetition should be shown as repetitive in the invoices list
bugfix: conditional tasks new bool cp values support
bugfix: cant generate next invoice if user does not have the can_edit_confirmed_invoices permissions and the invoice is printed
bugfix: MAIL SIGNATURE font size 24px by default
bugfix: invoices when adding a new line use the same currency selected for the invoice
bugfix: dont show member history tab if member has no history


feature: show previous and next invoice if they exist when viewing an invoice
feature: text filter input in invoices module
bugfix: dont show generate next invoice link if it is already generated
bugfix: only the last invoice of the repetition should be shown as repetitive in the invoices list


feature: when grouping reports allow to hide the total element count of each group.
feature: allow expenses list to have horizontal scroll.
feature: add logic to filter expenses by quarters in expenses widget.
feature: expenses widget new configuration add filters.
feature: allow boolean custom properties with undefined values.
bugfix: Filter is remove on change page. Feature - Send file by email without mail plugin.
bugfix: escape imap folder names when making queries to the db
Leer m谩s:

(versi贸n principal)
6 Febrero 2018 - 84MB3.5.1.5

  • always show payment history in payment view
  • expenses temporal status
  • new config option type: date range
  • new config option type: general list
  • new column balance in advanced expenses lists and reports
  • Menu show for tasks is working as email accounts filter, with timeout for each click
  • Added custom configuration for user for set the font-size of emails
  • improve combobox on report conditions
  • system config option disable notifications for object type
  • paste email list from excel on mails
  • imap sync plugins.
  • invoicing - config option to make final consumer mandatory
  • invoicing - when changing final consumer value change company id/client document label
  • invoicing - when changing invoice currency to a non default one, show exchange rate input
  • imap synchronization plugin (alpha).
  • allow to reclassify mail from the list.
  • tasks list and task view when system has lots of users

Bug Fixes
  • imap sync, when removing from folder if we dont have the mail uid => query it to the server and perform the removal
  • in objects view, the breadcrumbs shows always one workspace in all associated dimensions
  • allowed users to assign in task controller does not return the same when called from the reasign users popup
  • js error in timeslot add when drawing user combo and logged user doesn't have "can_manage_time"
  • Change value "Serie" to plural for keys "series" and "field Object series"
  • prevent widgets links to be opened on a new tab
  • add delete log when deleting mails
  • enabled spellcheck in description of add task
  • Expense totals fixed when ordering by a dimension column.
  • invoicing,facturalista - exchange rate is not sent to DGI when currency is not UYU
  • display list custom properties in objects view fixed
  • missing langs in project widget when projects dimension is disabled
  • dont include timeslots of deleted tasks in reports
  • sometimes night hours are generated in the night start instead of the timeslot start
  • cant add tasks with advanced_services and not using time in date pickers.
  • dont filter files by their associated mail if they are classified.
  • dont set the font size in ckeditor's contents.css body rule.


  • objects import tool
  • allow to type in user combo box in timeslots add/edit
  • plugin advanced_mail_imap_folders - new dimension for imap folders
  • search input in tickets module.
  • config option to exclude associated dimensions from general breadcrumbs.
  • invoicing module: allow to set client address and city fields as mandatory when adding an invoice.
  • advanced_services: allow to define works shift days as dat off.
  • advanced_services: config option to define the hour type member for days off.
  • action to generate first repetitive instances for tasks.
  • users of type "resource" (only to be assignees of tasks and timeslots)
  • several improvements in grouped custom reports.
  • add calculated columns to custom reports (for now only 'status' in tasks reports)
  • start timeslot from without task.
  • allow to specify end date and time when adding a timeslot.
  • task list group by member type.
  • allow to disable custom report parameter when running the report.
  • allow to disable custom report parameter when running the report
  • new timeslot module.
  • new timeslot list in tasks view.
  • allow to specify paused time when adding a timeslot.
  • new group by: dimension intersection.
  • conditions for groups (only for contact_id and assigned_to_contact_id)
  • when grouping by person, allow to add emtpy groups and where to put them (beggining or end)
  • new condition to filter by classified in or not classified in the selected members
  • limit mails search critera with a minimum of 3 characters.
  • mail search.

Bug Fixes
  • permissions, users can't see documents if they can't see the mail related.
  • check that class exists before executing "eval()"
  • assigned to notifications are sent to resource users
  • dont show associated dimension's member history widget.
  • unescaped names in time module.
  • task asignee notification on templates.
  • in object view the custom properties repeats last value if is empty.
  • some dimensions members are not selected when clicked in breadcrumbs.
  • if dimension is hidden the members are not selected when clicked in breadcrumbs.
  • the contact associated to the client is not classified in the client's related members.
  • breadcrumbs are not showing the members of the dimensions that have its selector disabled and they are autoclassified.
  • template tasks subscribers and assign to permissions.
  • Double quotes are not correctly escaped in custom properties description.
  • member templates: ensure that new member is in context before rendering the task template paramters form.
  • timeslot quick add does not show all users with read permissions on timeslots in the user selector.
  • when assigning client permissions deleted user permission groups appears in selector.
  • when copying expenses the payments are not copied.
  • attachments inside other attachments cannot be downloaded sometimes.
  • user token is not removed when disabling user.
  • in listings when adding a custom property as a column and is not visible by default the system does not remember the users' choice.
  • tasks list group by person filters different than assigned to, are not shown when loading the list.
  • timeslot totals are not correct
  • error when filtering tasks list by milestone.
  • report group by date columns was not applying timezone.
  • when printing/exporting grouped custom reports only the current page is shown.
  • group order in tasks workflow definition.
  • not all birthdays were shown in calendar's full week view.
  • timeslot totals are not correct
  • report group by date columns was not applying timezone.
  • tasks list group by person filters different than assigned to, are not shown when loading the list.
  • error when filtering tasks list by milestone.
  • tasks that dont use time are not shown correctly in calendar


  • make hierarchical all dimensions in crpm_types plugin.
  • member tool to change its dimension.
  • new condition type to check the availability of users in contact custom reports.
  • grouped timeslots report.
  • advanced services: render time amount config options as hour:minutes.
  • templates: add fixed time when assigning vairable "date of task creation".
  • user preference to show the inactive users or not in the contacts list.
  • add invoice description to the preview.
  • mail account option to specify if the ssl certificate has to be validated
  • pear/net/socket connection function updated to use stream_socket_client() if needed
  • in timeslot form optional start time field
  • modal form to add worked hours in tasks
  • config option to choose if show the name or picture of the assigned person
  • advanced services: config option to check the minimum percentage of the work shift that must be worked to allow night hours classification
  • advanced services: work shift break configuration and usage when calculating automatic timeslots.
  • separate timeslots classification from its task
  • advanced reports allow to include comments below each object line.
  • member relations history, tab in edition and widget.
  • put client/project/workspaces/tags lists in a fixed tab.
  • separate timeslots classification from its task.
  • timeslot custom reports new column "paused time".
  • group reports by date does: put the dates of the same day in the same group
  • advanced services: repetitive tasks by fixed days
  • advanced services: generate first repetitive instnaces when creating a repetitive task.
  • advanced services: config option to define the minimum amount of night hours to classify the timeslots
  • advanced services: night hours administration section, work shifts administration section, contact work shifts assignation
  • advanced services: new member type - station in crpm dim.
  • advanced services: allow custom reports to group by hour types and service types and show these dims as columns
  • advanced services: automatic split of timeslots by hour types.
  • advanced services: config options for normal, extra and holiday hours
  • advanced billing: allow to specify more than one member for each billing category dimensions.
  • advanced billing: modifications for timeslot reports and generation.
  • advanced billing: billing cat with conflict timeslots in a separate section and allow to make custom reports.
  • custom report groups ordered alphabetically
  • set color to mails panel filter buttons when filtering mail listing.
  • set color to current mail folder in mail listing.
  • adv. mail: allow to select more than one account in the mail account filter menu.
  • add/edit timeslot reports: separate task and timeslot columns
  • css improved in grouped reports
  • new redundant column "worked_time" in timeslots
  • config handler to select members
  • marketing channels dimension.
  • config option to allow or not multiple lines in invoice line description.

Bug Fixes
  • advanced billing categories list does not filter by context.
  • template tasks does not copy the repetition options added in plugins to instantiated tasks.
  • repetitive tasks generated from templates are not chained correctly with the rest of the repetitions of the same instantiation.
  • prevent use of browser cache when downloading files.
  • when completing a task and the wokflow changes the project/client status the member status history is not saved.
  • phone number form component shares variable with other phone components and causes malfunction when adding new phones in contacts.
  • breadcrumbs displayed near name on object lists.
  • assigned to logged user by default when creating task from email.
  • when editing timeslot starting at 12:00 am and depending in the timezone of the user, sometimes it adds 24 hours.
  • permissions error when trying to view a document associated to an email.
  • when instantiating templates the permissions are not checked for the assigned person.
  • general search is checking permissions for super administrators.
  • when trying to complete task with uncompleted dependencies the notification is sent anyways.
  • object picker filters after removing the filter (continues to use the active context)
  • currency in total tasks time time report not correct
  • list custom property values are not shown in object view.
  • custom properties config to hide in listings is not working.
  • Contact report mysql error when filtering by phone or webpage
  • don't check permissions when auto classifying instantaited tasks from templates
  • template instantiation, text in variable property editor is always instantiated in lowercase
  • when tying to classify in a member where you don't have permissions the system doesn't tell you that the object was not classfied.
  • when you press 'check mail' it tells you an email has been received but it doesn't show up in your mailbox. You have to refresh the mailbox.
  • disabling clients and projects lists deactivates the plugin
  • mime parser does not parse correclty pdf sent as application/octet-stream
  • ensure that the last_uid_in_folder is updated correctly always.
  • spellcheck on mail ckeditor.
  • mail paging toolbar is disabled after search.
  • js error when custom dimension names have single quotes.
  • template tasks instantiation: conditional tasks with subtasks does not create the subtasks correctly.
  • when email attachments are parsed as "Related" they are not included when forwarding.
  • when email is classified only in dimensions that doesn't define permissions and user is not the mail account owner, the email cannot be reclassified.
  • object_id is not saved in sent_notifications table.
  • click in mail subject, from, to and open link in new tab doesn't open the email.
  • when downloading image it is an inline image of another document or an email attachment then check the permissions of the container doc or email.
  • when email type is text/calendar the ical file is not parsed.
  • editors line breaks fixed.
  • reload all tasks modified when editing a task and affecting other instantiated repetitions.
  • member listing group by "located under" column fixed
  • sometimes associated member selectors are filtered by current context.
  • timeslot reports replicates task columns.
  • reporting timeslots - if ts has no name or desc, use associated task name
  • reporting - group by three criterias, in the third sometimes generates separated groups for timeslots in the same group.
  • sometimes click on email opens it in a new tab.
  • contacts search does not find if searching by name and surname together
  • click in mail subject, from, to and open link in new tab doesn't open the email
  • in gantt if a task is in more than one group it is displayed only once


  • config option to allow or not multiple lines in invoice line description.
  • invocing module: credit notes must have at least one reference.
  • create member templates from received emails.
  • new plugin "working_cycles"
  • new plugin "modules"
  • hierarchical client types dimension.
  • mobile api updated
  • gantt chart includes dimension columns, custom property columns and basic properties columns
  • action in document view - send document by email
  • allow to separate clients and projects columns in tasks list.
  • add column status in users list
  • use different background color for inactive users in users list
  • migrate payment types to object subtypes
  • add checkbox to select all object types in permissions definition interface.
  • reminders post due date
  • config option to autoselect if milestone should be applied to subtasks
  • new dimension "Account executives"
  • show custom properties in tasks list
  • new address type: postal
  • adminsitration users list using paginated grid filtering by active, inactive or all.
  • new action "Classify only attachments" in email view actions panel.
  • more calculated columns in expenses/payments custom reports
  • In event view, if event time zone is different than logged user time zone then show the original time with timezone below the calculated time for the logged user.
  • allow to change the time zone of tasks and events
  • timezone improvements, dst usage.
  • expenses cache tables for totals
  • multiple currency integration with invoicing, expenses and advanced billing.
  • electonic-invoice plugins.
  • spam score verification upgraded.
  • mail list - icon to show if it has been replied or forwarded.
  • add fixed totals for invoices.
  • allow to totalize content object's fixed numeric properties.
  • separated list totals for each defined currency in expenses and invoicing.
  • object type hierarchy options
  • when custom properties are more than 10 then split them in two columns in the add/edit form
  • ensure that notifications always has something in the from name.
  • dont send notifications if demo_web plugin is active.
  • add content object id to sent_notifications table
  • dimension association config to autoclassify in parent member's associated member
  • show payment history in payment edit form and view
  • text filters in expense and payments list
  • expense and payment listings double toolbar
  • add custom property attribute to specify if the property is shown as a column in listings by default
  • inherit company addresses and phones in contact reports if contact doesn't have any.
  • notification from name
  • dont show payments table when editing expense.
  • mail rules that forward text mails does the forwarding as html.
  • sent emails imap synchronization fixed.
  • gantt task dependencies not rendered.
  • ensure that the last_uid_in_folder is updated correctly always
  • delete mails from server fixes.
  • when email attachments are parsed as "Related" they are not included when forwarding.
  • mysql scape on mail list query.
  • prevent sending e-invoice twice.
  • templates with tasks and subtasks that are generated through conditional actions does not generate the subtasks correctly.
  • export ticket custom reports to csv and excel does not change the html entities for the characters in the description.
  • missing lang in tickets custom report columns.
  • in contacts view - don't show job title data if the custom property is disabled.
  • sometimes when send email btn is pressed it saves a draft.
  • contacts search does not find if searching by name and surname together
  • email download performance when trying to request emails that are not in server.
  • sent email message_ids are not saved in mail_contents_imap_folders.
  • when viewing mail its read status is not always reloaded until the complete list is reloaded.
  • missing langs in tickets notifications.
  • ticket description spacing fixed.
  • added constant to disable verify_peer and verify_peer_name when sending emails using ssl/tls and using php >= 5.6.
  • in gantt if a task is in more than one group it is shown only once.
  • missing lang in project types when the association is multiple.
  • member selectors order.
  • associated member selectors js error.
  • after selecting first multiple associated member you need to click outside and then inside the textbox to load the list.
  • disable multiple lines in invoice line description.
  • change delete member js prompt for a custom modal to avoid the browser to remember the last answer.
  • make advanced_core a pre-requisite for expenses plugin.
  • member listing group by "located under" column fixed.
  • when clasifying emails it was always clasifying all the conversation without looking the preference that defines that.
  • breadcrumbs in emails must not be shown next to the subject.
  • 'created_by_id' in where clause is ambiguous' on calendar widget.
  • email parser was not recognizing attachments in multipart/related content.
  • missing lang in deleted emails notifications.
  • performance of search component within the mail tab.
  • error in advanced reports when grouping by created by.
  • imap check mail function fail when last received mail was deleted from the mail server.
  • imap checking fixed when last received mail is not in server.
  • custom dimension name not used in associated dimensions.
  • send mail sometimes saves draft.
  • mail tracking.
  • error parsing Message-ID from mail.
  • unable to set can_update_other_users_invitations and can_link_objects permissions value.
  • imap download mails from specific date.
  • ambiguous column error when object subtype plugin is active and user group tasks by a date field.
  • imap mail download
  • disable mail track
  • assigned to component does not fill with users
  • when no context selected, the add task form is not shown
  • mail contents - imap folder association normalized.
  • task member group breadcrumb shows wrong parent
  • cannot open weblinks files from internal network
  • tasks drag and drop between milestone groups
  • if sandbox defined then don't use the purifier to edit html documents.
  • when downloading an email whose "from" is marked as "no spam" it is sent to spam folder if has spam level headers greater than the configured level.
  • crpm types dimensions are not shown in separate columns.
  • not all tasks are included in monthly view if they are too many.
  • newsletter cp filters not working
  • don't save same email more than one time if it belongs to more than one imap folder.
  • don't send reminders for template objects.
  • member custom reports pagination when hiding details
  • total of rows is not shown in reports when grouping by and hiding details
  • name column not forced in reports when grouping by and hiding details
  • contact links cannot be clicked
  • if contact/company links doesn't have scheme they are treated as relative urls.
  • check negative spam score when saving mail.
  • in notifications subscribers section, the last two users are not separated by spaces.
  • don't show company name between brackets for companies.
  • mail content fix when replying
  • error when editing timeslot with advanced billing
  • don't show add task form if user doesn't have permissions to add.
  • custom reports not filtering by created on.
  • contacts listing order by last updated fixed.
  • when user triggers email dowload and has no permissions over the email rule's members the email is not classified there.
  • grid toolbar dissapears when entering an object, collapsing left panel and then closing the object view
  • in object view, changes in css of classification widget to use all available width
  • when deleting mail it is not removed from list until reloading
  • custom reports error when conditions uses "is_user".
  • email addresses are not shown in custom reports.
  • performance upgraded when grouping custom reports by dimension member types.
  • in contacts list when clicking a company goes to other view.
  • email custom reports fails when using "to" in conditions.
  • in template instantiation error when calculating date from creation plus more days
  • when filtering object picker by object type the dimension filter is not applied
  • performance issue in permissions table
  • grouped reports should put the "unclassified" group in the last place
  • invoice updated_on column empty
  • tree panels wrong ordering with lower/upper case members, also with characters with accents.
  • notifications from cron incorrect hostname
  • pdf export with accents in filename fixed
  • don't filter users without permissions in root in tasks user's filter
  • permissions check when adding or removing task dependency
  • error 500 logged_user()->getgetUserTimezoneHoursOffset();
  • subtype assignation in invoicing module when generating next repetition
  • reports pagination when grouped and not showing details
  • mail plugin installer and updater must put the max_spam_level in 5
  • fixed created date display for objects created before dst change
  • user without delete permissions cannot edit file revision comment.
  • file revision comment form is not modal
  • several expenses fixes and upgrades
  • invoice preview include expiration date
  • resize objectGrid when resizing containers
  • when user does not have the "can manage tasks" permission and completes a task an error message is shown after the completion.
  • automatic project status calculation not working
  • member selector, when getting child if it has to be replaced sometimes it is not added again
  • expense list and payment list totals does not use standard functions.
  • expense and payment reports are not including totals.
  • in member custom reports, when adding a list custom property condition the possible values are not loaded correctly.
  • don't show object print options if object subtypes plugin is not installed
  • don't use as the from email address in notificacions/reminders
  • check if object subtypes plugin is activated before using it in expenses
  • in grouped custom reports when a task is in more than one group then the hours are modified twice by the timezone.
  • check that parent exists before copying task info from parent
  • object picker for mail attachments is not filtering correctly
  • group by parameters are not shown when adding a custom report
  • when adding custom properties, show in lists and show in main tab should be selected by default
  • list custom properties edition fails when values have '
  • breadcrumbs in object view are not using the standard function
  • expenses widget graph
  • emails with no message_id header are not downloaded when connecting through imap
  • upgrade script was setting version to beta.

ver m谩s versiones


8 Julio 2016 - 84MB
  • bugfix: if user does not manage permissions then don't let to create members without parent, otherwise no one will see it as user cant assign its permissions.
  • bugfix: cut user permissions when changing role must be done only if downgraded and executed in background when possible.
  • bugfix: main custom properties are not shown in main tab
  • feature: allow to select for every dimension if its selector is shown when adding/editing an object
  • feature: allow associated dimension columns in member reports
  • feature: filter classification components with related dim-members when selecting the main dimension member
  • feature: preload classification components with related dim-members when selecting the main dimension member
  • feature: member listing group by
  • feature: member custom reports group by
  • feature: add relation between samples and countries
  • feature: tasks workflow - new action to change project status
  • feature: expenses plugin: show previous status amounts in listing and view, show payment history in expense view.


6 Mayo 2016 - 84MB
  • bugfix: dont use JSON_NUMERIC_CHECK constant if not defined (is a php predefined constant).
  • language: nl_nl updated.
  • bugfix: member cache construction function fixed.
  • feature: Export custom reports to excel
  • bugfix: fixed object classification after changing member parent.
  • bugfix: custom reports pdf export compatibility in windows (need to install wkhtmltopdf)
  • bugfix: custom report print view only shows first page
  • bugfix: custom reports print and csv/pdf export adjustments
  • bugfix: replicate purchase orders permissions over suppliers in the other content objects
  • bugfix: assigned user cannot complete task from task view if doesn't have write permissions
  • feature: filter member reports by associated dimensions (selected in left panel)

28 Enero 2016 - 84MB
  • bugfix: check mail error when emails uid change on the mail server.
  • bugfix: some user properties are set when adding contact
  • bugfix: cannot enable email module if it has been disabled.
  • bugfix: email address length is too short.
  • bugfix: users cannot see other users contact cards if they have a higher role.
  • bugfix: mail list is not reloading if viewing an email and changing context.
  • bugfix: export contacts to csv;
  • bugfix: create contact from email when sending email was setting user fields.
  • bugfix: additional member permissions - sometimes the checkboxes are checked and the permissions is not set.
  • bugfix: get_member_childs function for member tree.
  • bugfix: javascript errors when moving to trash tasks on tasks list.
  • performance: multi tasks action remove member aditional data calculation.
  • bugfix: instantiate template from email is not working properly.
  • bugfix: javascript error when completing subtask on the tasks list.
  • performance: remove member aditional data from member lists (project and clients lists)
  • bugfix: add member custom properties tab render error.
  • bugfix: error on object list when sorting by custom properties or dimensions.
  • bugfix: comments widget not working.
  • bugfix: prevent json errors on members list.

31 Diciembre 2015 - 84MB
  • bugfix: do not check permissions for super admin on archived objects list.
  • bugfix: users can view other users with lower rol if they don't have can_manage_security.
  • bugfix: root objects permissions.
  • bugfix: classification error on user edit form.
  • feature: allow to edit precharged subejct and body variables when instantiating a template from an email.
  • feature: allow all day events container to be expanded to show all items.
  • feature: mails panel, when filtering by unread, dont remove mails immediately after marking as read, remove them when leaving the tab or opening an email.
  • feature: constant to remove help links in settings.
  • bugfix: in mail list when several requests are sent to load the list (different filters) only the last response must be loaded.
  • bugfix: when classifying from mail view always return to first page.
  • bugfix: if template parameters has name with capital letters and are saved in lowercase (if browser sent them in lowercase) the parameter is not applied.
  • bugfix: if sunday is a working day, 5 days calendar view should start in sunday.
  • bugfix: encoding error in general search.
  • bugfix: show all childs in memeber trees after expand.
  • bugfix: cannot advance to second page of projects list.
  • bugfix: mail panel grid selections doesn't work fine after marking mail as read and filtering by unread.
  • bugfix: single member selector does not show filter input in chrome.
  • bugfix: performance improved when checking for new emails.
  • bugfix: tasks toolbar complete button does not prompt to complete subtasks.
  • bugfix: remove rows from mail list when mail is deleted. archived, classified in other place, etc.
  • bugfix: only admins can change timeslot person.
  • bugfix: if pdf file doesn't have extension the preview is not displayed
  • bugfix: when clients and projects are in different dimensions the tasks cannot be grouped by projects
  • feature: massive task reassignation button in tasks list
  • feature: allow to add/subtract minutes of date variables in task templates.
  • bugfix: member custom properties of type user does not load all users with permissions
  • bugfix: email panel, new emails must be loaded only in first page
  • bugfix: members list custom properties columns, disabled custom properties must not be shown.
  • bugfix: member templates add/edit render empty divs for selectors of disabled dimensions
  • bugfix: let superadmins view and modify confidential users
  • bugfix: when template adds more than one day to a date variable and the resulting date is a non-working day then that amount must be added to keep the gap.
  • bugfix: add subtask from task view.
  • bugfix: when submitting comment disable the button to prevent double comment if pressed twice.
  • bugfix: email list performance improvements.
  • feature: email polling check if there are new mails and add them to the list instead of reloading all the panel
  • feature: in lists allow checkboxes to work with shift key
  • bugfix: breadcrumbs does not appear in expenses report the first time it is executed.


(versi贸n principal)
10 Noviembre 2015 - 84MB
  • bugfix: webpages display issue in contacts view.
  • bugfix: tasks list grouped by milestones, if showing empty milestones, when adding/editing task, it is replicated in all emtpy milestones.
  • bugfix: change 'null' for '0' in plugin_id column in installer initial data quieries.
  • bugfix: cannot instantiate template from mail if template has no variables.
  • bugfix: in some languages somtimes the messages widget crashes the overview.
  • feature: filter by type in archived objects, trash panel and overview list.
  • feature: member info widget improved.
  • feature: objects subtypes plugin, allow to define different types of notes, tasks, etc., each one with different sets of custom properties.
  • feature: custom properties interface improved.
  • feature: expenses - allow expenses report to be exported to csv.
  • feature: expenses - definition of different type of payments, each one with different sets of attributes.
  • feature: expenses - config option to allow to add negative amounts.
  • feature: advanced billing plugin.
  • feature: add to listings the possibility to order by custom properties and dimension members.
  • feature: don't persist attached documents after sending the email.
  • feature: allow to filter time report by associated task status.
  • feature: when completing a task show popup to ask if user wants to complete subtasks too.
  • feature: allow to set user when adding worked time from tasks list.
  • bugfix: when editing an object, don't modify linked objects for objects that logged user doesn't have permissions.
  • bugfix: when editing an object, linked objects are not instantly loaded in the form.
  • bugfix: add/edit mail account - sent emails imap sync fields are not shown in a tab.
  • bugfix: don't show non manageable dimensions in object view (except for clients).
  • bugfix: view/edit company without logo shows person default image.
  • bugfix: when changing company logo it doesn't refresh the preview.
  • bugfix: company logos are not shown in contacts tab list.
  • bugfix: delete contact picture does not delete all sizes
  • bugfix: when all sizes pictures are generated by the upgrade process, they cannot be edited (medium and small sizes).
  • bugfix: plugin installer does not update version if plugin is already scanned.
  • bugfix: single member selector style adjusted to look like multiple member selector.
  • languages updated: tr_tr and fr_ca.
  • bugfix: pagination in archived and trashed panels.
  • bugfix: user and date information in archived and trashed panels is not shown.
  • bugfix: ckeditor sometimtes puts an overlay that cannot be removed (when pasting links).
  • bugfix: when viewing emails don't show attachments container if there are only inline attachments that are shown in mail body.
  • bugfix: linked objects js error when creating task from email
  • bugfix: repeat by fixed date events sometimes are shown in the next day (when timezone > 0)
  • bugfix: when viewing emails don't show attachments container if there are only inline attachments that are shown in mail body.
  • bugfix: comments text area has a max of 13 lines.
  • bugfix: cannot remove tags from users.
  • bugfix: cannot edit some picture files.
  • bugfix: non administrators can't link objects to template tasks when editing.
  • bugfix: give a proper message when imap extension is not installed.
  • bugfix: permissions components does not have horizontal scrollbar.
  • bugfix: member panel children display issue fixed.
  • bugfix: cannot download emails with .docx attachments if zip php extension is not installed.
  • bugfix: when filtering by another dimension member the members that have parents are not included.
  • bugfix: reminders are always saved to apply all the subscribers.
  • bugfix: reminders are sent to non-subscribed users (when reminders are copied in repetitive tasks)
  • language updates: fr_ca and tr_tr
  • bugfix: Deleting from project listing is not using the member controller delete function.
  • bugfix: don't add contact member permissions for dimension_object and dimension_group object types.
  • bugfix: single member selector on firefox.
  • bugfix: send mail error when is called by cron and the sender is not the account owner.
  • bugfix: email address support.

21 Septiembre 2015 - 84MB
  • bugfix: member list order by parent name.
  • bugfix: search on member trees is not working if the node name have html entities.
  • bugfix: web documents only working for super admins.
  • bugfix: workspaces and tags list not working.
  • bugfix: add new contact/user/company picture error
  • bugfix: when adding/editing suppliers the associated contact custom properties are not rendered and if there is any required cp the supplier cannot be added.
  • bugfix: clear filter after select on member selectors.
  • bugfix: single member selector
  • bugfix: breadcrumbs js error
  • bugfix: ensure to archive-unarchive associated object or associated member
  • bugfix: filter dimensions by other dimensions does not get the filtered members always.
  • bugfix: ensure that deprecated gantt overview widget is not rendered.
  • bugfix: custom properties address fields renderization crashes when it has enters.
  • performance: member tree search.
  • performance: member trees.


(versi贸n principal)
2 Septiembre 2015 - 84MB
  • bugfix: contact list image width.
  • bugfix: settings icons misalignments when language is es_es or es_la
  • bugfix: search results not always shows where is the match (e.g.: if match is in a comment)
  • bugfix: template tasks parent id is not set in some cases.
  • bugfix: dont delete .htaccess when cleaning tmp folder using cron events
  • bugfix: set "attach document to notification" default value to "false"
  • bugfix: filters bug in linked objects picker.
  • bugfix: custom report dates are not correct.
  • bugfix: search results not always shows where is the match (e.g.when matched word is in a comment)
  • bugfix: report is shown in permissions screen when reports tab is disabled
  • bugfix: sharing table not updated for user when permissions changed.
  • bugfix: birthday query not correct for leap-years
  • bugfix: dont set user images to expire today.
  • bugfix: incorrect error message when user cannot upload document
  • bugfix: breadcrumbs on mail list.
  • bugfix: template tasks depth.
  • bugfix: some template tasks disappear from template view.
  • bugfix: contact member cache is not recalculated when enabling or disabling modules.
  • bugfix: weblinks names.
  • bugfix: non working days - remove option "leave as they are" and set min amount of days to 1.
  • bugfix: user birthday
  • bugfix: administrator cannot edit user in some cases
  • bugfix: in template user variables: dont filter fixed user variables by context or company
  • bugfix: all prev tasks completed notification cant be sent if company logo file does not exists
  • bugfix: dont show member custom properties if plugin not installed.
  • bugfix: dont show object in listings if it is only classified in a person member.
  • bugfix: resize members panel.
  • bugfix: multiline text on street address.
  • bugfix: missing contact data inputs in clients edition when client is a person.
  • bugfix: langs in tasks groups.
  • bugfix: user's widget in dashboard showing contacts.
  • bugfix: php execution in tmp folder must be disabled
  • bugfix: no message is shown when tasks report does not have tasks
  • bugfix: change project_manager to custom property
  • bugfix: related dimensions are reloaded with selected node object type not having an association.
  • bugfix: edit button on members trees
  • bugfix: after change client parent classify contact
  • bugfix: update parent after adding child node on members trees
  • bugfix: print tasks list
  • bugfix: don't allow duplicated username
  • bugfix: Error when filtering tasks by tag.
  • bugfix: dont show object in listings if it is only classified in a person member
  • bugfix: do not reload tasks list after complete tasks
  • bugfix: javascript infinite loop on tasks list
  • bugfix: dont force repository files download, keep cache for these files
  • bugfix: mail rules mark as read fail when is called from cron
  • bugfix: when filtering members by another dimension, cannot view filtered member childs
  • bugfix: autoclassify components misaligned in mail account edition
  • bugfix: drag and drop on member tree node
  • bugfix: zip code is not shown in user/contact/company card
  • bugfix: cannot download attachments if email has inline images before the attachments
  • bugfix: checkbox to send notification to assignee does not appear
  • feature: resize columns on tasks list.
  • feature: separate dimensions columns on tasks list.
  • feature: general member listings.
  • fetaure: allow to reorder and disable description and color fields (in custom properties administration).
  • feature: custom properties of type user
  • feature: table to add options for different member types
  • feature: dimension object type option to decide if member is selected or not after its creation
  • feature: description field for all type of members.
  • feature: lab samples plugin and object prefixes modifications
  • feature: dimension options normalization
  • feature: dimension options settings section
  • feature: allow to set custom dimension names
  • feature: allow to enable/disable dimension member types
  • feature: show or hide overview action links checking by current context (e.g.: dont show clients list link if a client is selected)
  • feature: sent notifications history log
  • feature: ability to log in filesystem the error details when sending a notification fails
  • feature: dont reload all panel when task workflow generates new tasks, only add new tasks to the list
  • perfromance: mobile member listing
  • performance: remove object timeslots permissions
  • performance: close timeslots when completing tasks
  • language: non working days traductions for es_es and es_la
  • usability: time report using 100% width, min-width:750
  • bugfix: Error when filtering tasks by tag.
  • feature: view object history paginated.


10 Agosto 2015 - 84MB
  • bugfix: fixed addToSharingTable when called from rebuild_sharing_table.php
  • bugfix: unclassified emails are not added to sharing table.
  • bugfix: group totals on tasks list.
  • bugfix: new mail old view from contact list.
  • bugfix: blocking file for uploading new revision.
  • bugfix: when instantiating template from email, assigned users should be filtered using email's members
  • bugfix: ensure that member template tasks are classified in the recently created member.
  • bugfix: when viewing mails, container must be bigger before the resize
  • bugfix: view more french.
  • bugfix: object prefix is not deleted after deleting object.
  • bugfix: removed trailing commas from javascript objects.
  • bugfix: classify contact after change client parent.
  • bugfix: mail view doesn't reload after classifying mail.
  • bugfix: remember notify my self checkbox in add and edit file.
  • bugfix: notify myself checkbox view in add and edit file.
  • bugfix: notifications to asignee when creating and editing tasks.
  • bugfix: update parent after adding child node on members trees.
  • bugfix: mail rules history view.
  • bugfix: not possible to upload picture when creating contact or user.
  • bugfix: not showing which tab is selected in the mail panel.
  • bugfix: phone number name with special characters.
  • bugfix: language and css of installed plugins that are not activated are not included.
  • bugfix: template milestone add is not modal.
  • bugfix: when modifying/trashing several tasks don't make all client/project calculations foreach task, do it once after all modifications
  • bugfix: calculate percent completed on tasks.
  • bugfix: group totals on tasks list.
  • bugfix: Superadmin cannot edit other superadmins.
  • feature: generate template from mail - edit email fields - link mail to generated tasks.
  • feature: calendar new event view when clicking on the calendar.
  • feature: when creating subsecuent tasks (tasks workflow) also creates a task dependency between the completed task and the new ones
  • performance: member trees paginated (left panel and selectors).
  • performance: remove object timeslots permissions.
  • performance: close timeslots when completing tasks.
  • config option: number of previous pending tasks showing next to each task.
  • config option: notification to subscribers when creating and editing tasks.
  • bugfix: object prefix is not deleted after deleting object
  • bugfix: breadcrumbs on mail list.
  • bugfix: calculate percent completed on tasks.
  • bugfix: group totals aligned on tasks list.
  • bugfix: error when instantiating template milestones.
  • bugfix: showing which tab is selected in mail panel.
  • bugfix: prevent "duplicate key" message in permission groups table when creating an user.
  • bugfix: some checkboxes are not submitted correctly.
  • bugfix: breadcrumbs on mail list.
  • bugfix: calculate percent completed on tasks.
  • bugfix: group totals aligned on tasks list.
  • bugfix: error when instantiating template milestones.
  • bugfix: showing which tab is selected in mail panel.
  • bugfix: prevent "duplicate key" message in permission groups table when creating an user.
  • bugfix: some checkboxes are not submitted correctly.
  • fetaure: When editing a task and start or due date is changed, ask the user to advance/rewind the subtasks dates.
  • feature: new config option to configure which address fields are mandatory.
  • performance: breadcrumbs.
  • performance: tasks list.
  • bugfix: when clicking home, the panel is reloaded once per enabled dimension.
  • bugfix: when filtering tree by another dimension and selecting the node it is reloading again unnecessarilly.
  • bugfix: remove comment and template objects types from role_object_type_permissions, max_role_object_type_permissions and contact_member_permissions.
  • bugfix: old breadcrumbs.
  • bugfix: object prefices - setting object name must escape characters.
  • bugfix: linked objects component always filters by context, and intersects with the own member pickers selections.
  • bugfix: when editing object, when cleaning object_members before adding to members, members of non-manageable dimensions must not be cleaned.
  • bugfix: template instantiation with non-working days does not leave task dates as they are if advanced days are 0.
  • bugfix: don't classify "inline" attachments when classifying emails.
  • bugfix: auto_classify_attachments config option is not included in mail plugin installer.
  • bugfix: color input does not render "light grey" color.
  • bugfix: project manager selector changes.
  • bugfix: csv contact/company import encoding problem with iso-8859-1.
  • bugfix: csv contact/company import fails if some fields has apostrophe.
  • bugfix: csv contact/company import duplicates addresses, phones and webpages if import is executed twice.
  • bugfix: custom properties with apostrophe can't be added to searchable objects.
  • bugfix: some checkboxes are not submitted correctly.
  • feature: user picture files are scaled in 3 sizes for performace


10 Julio 2015 - 84MB
  • bugfix: linked objects and view as list in dashboard does not filter.
  • bugfix: notification of previous task completed is the same as task completed.
  • bugfix: template instantiation with non-working days does not leave task dates as they are if advanced days are 0
  • bugfix: contact selector langs are always in spanish.
  • bugfix: tasks not showing in dashboard calendar widget.
  • bugfix: mobile client's list.
  • bugfix: uploading file with empty name.
  • bugfix: mail panel navigation history.
  • bugfix: when instantiating tasks from template in second step, subscribers are not copied changes: new function to centralize the copy of the subscribers, reminders, linked objs, members and custom props.
  • bugfix: lang unknown group on tasks list for dates groups.
  • bugfix: instantiate template parameters is not filtering by recently created member (when using member templates).
  • bugfix: lang nl_nl contains enters inside the langs and that causes javascript to be broken.
  • bugfix: when adding/editing an email account, if a blank is after mail server address then cannot connect to mail server.
  • bugfix: google calendar sync permissions errors
  • language: language fr_ca updated.
  • bugfix: member custom properties values close div on active feed.
  • bugfix: feng1 upgrade
  • bugfix: mail listing must not show emails that are not of my account and are not classified.
  • bugfix: config option notify myself when uploading documents.
  • bugfix: total pending time in tasks list.
  • bugfix: add timeslot on task view not visible in root.
  • bugfix: expenses, objectives and purchase orders where sending notifications before commit.
  • bugfix: input type checkbox in modals
  • bugfix: in community editions (tasks does not use time in dates) the reports are adding the timezone.
  • bugfix: projects list and clients list links are not included in dashboard list view
  • bugfix: google calendar sync.
  • performance: linked objects list
  • performance: index by object_type_id, trashed_on, archived_on in objects table


(versi贸n principal)
26 Junio 2015 - 84MB
  • bugfix: ie fixes.
  • bugfix: custom properties description in forms is not aligned.
  • feature: allow to have companies and contacts with the same email address.
  • feature: clients list.
  • feature: clients and projects listings allows to show custom properties and order the list by them.
  • feature: check attach word with langs.
  • feature: listing contacts with picture.
  • feature: config option to allow choosing in which email field (to,cc,bcc) will the recipients be put when sending a notification.
  • feature: config option changing name order to name surname.
  • feature: config option remember working days preference in task's push.
  • bugfix: updating percentage completed in tasks list.
  • bugfix: returning to company view after editing contact picture.
  • bugfix: number of archived objects.
  • bugfix: member selector overflow.
  • bugfix: style when changing order of deleted custom property.
  • bugfix: custom property order.
  • bugfix: remembering checkboxes in reports.
  • bugfix: order by start date in tasks list.
  • bugfix: saving documents without name.
  • bugfix: refreshing read/unread ball colour in tasks list.
  • bugfix: alignment in add event.
  • bugfix: number of elements in trash.
  • bugfix: when sending email to contact with comma in their name.
  • bugfix: showing milestones options when disable in task panel.
  • bugfix: remembering gantt zoom.
  • bugfix: classify modal autofocus.
  • bugfix: plugin installers: dont give permissions in members that users doesn't have permissions for tasks (expenses, objectives, purchase_orders, income).
  • bugfix: plugin installers: dont give permissions in members that users doesn't have permissions for tasks.
  • bugfix: members of dimensions that dont use permissions are not shown in listings.
  • bugfix: tags on memeber selectors.
  • bugfix: contact custom properties on client edit.
  • bugfix: when "adding objects without classifying": cannot create task if not filtering by member.
  • bugfix: when grouping tasks by dim-members unclassified group is shown always however it has no tasks.
  • bugfix: in additional member permissions.
  • bugfix: when setting a project's client, the client contact is not classified into the project.
  • bugfix: tab panel permission was not set when installing income plugin.
  • bugfix: tasks report headers are wrong when grouping by priority.
  • bugfix: when creating task repetition the subscribers are not copied from the original task.
  • bugfix: when creating new client classify contact or company on the client.
  • bugfix: error 500 when adding expense without payments.
  • bugfix: when adding timeslot in "view all" no user is available.
  • bugfix: when creating new client classify contact or company on the client.
  • bugfix: events without invitation are not shown.
  • bugfix: tasks workflow - only second step inherits templates variables.
  • bugfix: prevent adding duplicated nodes in left panel trees.
  • bugfix: task templates, only the first step works.
  • bugfix: error 500 when colaborator edit a timeslot.
  • bugfix: cannot edit root permissions when changing user type.
  • bugfix: notes widgets is not cutting note text correctly.
  • feature: new custom property type : address
  • feature: suppliers dimension (for purchase orders)
  • feature: user config option check attach word on mails.
  • feature: modal view for classify email.
  • feature: more read permissions for guest customers.
  • feature: custom reports for dimension members.
  • feature: confirm delete in members.
  • feature: time on report dates (crpm)
  • bugfix: don't close modal on overlay click.
  • bugfix: users can see all users profiles.
  • bugfix: adapting image size on contact view.
  • bugfix: user disappear from other users view after edit.
  • bugfix: dynamic message when adding linked objects.
  • bugfix: editting web document from view.
  • bugfix: checking url when adding web document.
  • bugfix: in income table definitions and queries.
  • bugfix: save user permissions in background twice.
  • bugfix: converting a contact to user loses custom properties and linked objects.
  • bugfix: when editing an user and changing its user groups the member cache is not recalculated.
  • bugfix: when creating user from contact, if all system permissions are removed, the default are added.
  • bugfix: subscribers are lost if object is saved before the reload subscribers request returns.
  • bugfix: duplicate phone on edit contact view.
  • bugfix: mysql reconnect on executeAll.
  • bugfix: "Cannot read property createChild of null" when adding a task and closing the modal form quickly.
  • bugfix: in user groups permissions when applying permissions to all submembers of a workspace that has no children, the workspace is removed from the tree.
  • bugfix: search input in listings has many bugs.
  • bugfix: do not check feng_persons dimensions when checking for email classification (for listing icon and classification filter)
  • bugfix: create user from contact view.
  • bugfix: cannot export to csv custom reports with date_time custom properties.
  • bugfix: draw located under selector only if member can have parent.
  • bugfix: workspace description value is not rendered when editing a workspace.
  • bugfix: breadcrumbs asking for members where user don't have permissions.
  • bugfix: after add a contact on root.
  • bugfix: feng 3 mobile.
  • bugfix: can't remove "only working days for the tasks" on templates.
  • bugfix: client fee is not saved correctly
  • bugfix: deleting permission for single object types removes all permissions for member (when changing permissions from user form)
  • member custom properties: use "visible_by_default" column to show cp in main tab or "custom props" tab
  • performance: get imap mail function optimization.
  • performance: update timeslots billing values is using too many objects and memory runs out if there are a lot of timeslots to update.
  • feature: php path config.
  • bugfix: can't subscribe users.
  • bugfix: upgrade from versions lower than
  • bugfix: after add a contact in root.
  • bugfix: after updating permissions for a user on a member, all objects on sub-members are deleted from sharing_table for that user.
  • feature: dont use sharing table to check canView for individual objects.
  • feature: instantiate task templates from email.
  • feature: upgrade script change searchable_objects table to InnoDB if mysql version is 5.6 or greater.
  • feature: checkbox to apply same permissions to submembers in edit member form, permissions modal form.
  • feature: new table to define max member permissions by role.
  • feature: send notifications grouped by language and timezone, max of 20 users x group.
  • feature: invoicing repetition - repeat by fixed date.
  • feature: When calculating task dates in templates and task push, do not count non-working days.
  • feature: google calendar sync api v3.
  • feature: notify assigned user of task A when A has a previous task B and B has been completed.
  • feature: allow time inputs in date custom properties, only if crpm plugin is installed.
  • feature: when instantiating template tasks check dates and if it is a non-working day execute the action defined in the template.
  • feature: non working days abm.
  • permissions: give read permissions over reports to all roles as default permissions
  • permissions: hide "templates" object type radio buttons in permissions forms
  • bugfix: when member filters associated dimension, get_child_members is not filtering.
  • bugfix: when member filters associated dimension, if filtered member is clicked then the other dimensions are cleared and no member is selected.
  • bugfix: when changing user role to a lower role, max permissions are not updated.
  • bugfix: root permission are set to ext. collaborators.
  • bugfix: nested transactions when saving mail.
  • bugfix: contact export reloads the page.
  • bugfix: export all contacts to vcard does not filter by context.
  • bugfix: pagination in invoices listing.
  • bugfix: config option "inherit_permissions_from_parent_member" was not inserted in installer.
  • bugfix: when conditional task is automatically instantiated it is non added to sharing table.
  • bugfix: purge trash performance.
  • bugfix: if role cannot read object type the permission radio button is not hidden.
  • bugfix: create task from email form is not modal and does not autoselect the email's context.
  • bugfix: template workflow - when tasks are automatically created, the parameters are not instantiated in the new tasks.
  • bugfix: use post for get_members function.
  • bugfix: breadcrumbs sometimes shows parent members that doesn't have permissions.

7 Mayo 2015 - 84MB
  • bugfix: email download count fixed.
  • bugfix: error when creating tasks.
  • bugfix: contact export to csv.

5 Mayo 2015 - 84MB
  • feature: System permission to let some users link objects.
  • bugfix: performance when saving tasks, if it has subtasks can produce timeout.
  • bugfix: if role cannot read object type the permission radio button is not hidden.
  • bugfix: notify myself when uploading files.
  • bugfix: only context permissions are checked when adding a timeslot.
  • bugfix: can_add function is checking for disabled dimensions.
  • bugfix: missing linked objects types on the selctor.
  • bugfix: add billing on timeslots when select stop clock on a task.
  • bugfix: repeat event by fixed day is showing wrong dates for some events.
  • bugfix: only context permissions are checked when editing a timeslot.
  • bugfix: multiple file upload transaction broken by notifications.
  • bugfix: at least one dimension must be selected on system modules.
  • bugfix: add timeslot on tasks for user with permissions on the task context.
  • bugfix: when instantiating templates if subtask is instantiated before parent task the instantiation fails because parent instance is not found
  • bugfix: show tasks dependencies on gantt.
  • bugfix: in edit task form, not all ' are escaped when drawing subtasks form.
  • bugfix: task reminders are not sent for non administrators, task canView function was asking for logged user instead of using the user parameter.
  • bugfix: Mobile login fixed.
  • bugfix: dates variables on tasks templates timezone error.
  • bugfix: can_manage_contacts is checking permissions for super admins
  • bugfix: logo_empresa.png limit size
  • bugfix: cannot save "can_edit_completed_payments" system permission


9 Abril 2015 - 84MB
  • feature: scroll to comment after adding one.
  • feature: template tasks workflow (in conditional_tasks plugin)
  • performance: user selector on add/edit task view
  • performance: add to sharing table
  • bugfix: if user has no permissions to see assigned to other user tasks he/she can view them in the calendar.
  • bugfix: super admin cannot view all files.
  • bugfix: task list print does not work
  • bugfix: upgrade fix if cron event already exists
  • bugfix: remove from sharing table objects when user has no permissions to access objects without classification.
  • bugfix: when adding a workspace, client, project or folder without parent and changing the parent in the form, the permissions are not inherited.
  • bugfix: in user edition, user group names are not escaped and the form crahsed depending on the content.
  • bugfix: add index member_id in object_members
  • bugfix: get max uid for imap folder
  • bugfix: when saving an email don't begin the transaction if it is not needed
  • bugfix: upgrade scripts for expenses and objectives plugins, add max permissions for executives.
  • bugfix: can not select empty milestones on tasks list.
  • bugfix: when uploading an existing document, the list of files shows each file date 1 day after the real date.
  • bugfix: email due date reminders shows company name instead of due date.
  • bugfix: sql error when upgrading from feng 1.7.
  • bugfix: on tasks drag and drop the task loses its description.
  • bugfix: load gantt if user config option is set to do that.
  • bugfix: show subtasks on gantt.
  • bugfix: show milestone due date on task list.
  • bugfix: show empty milestones on task list fails when filtering by dates ranges.
  • bugfix: cannot delete user groups.
  • bugfix: cannot edit user data.
  • bugfix: document is always attached to notifications.
  • bugfix: email due date reminders does not show the date correctly.
  • bugfix: forward mail not working in some cases.
  • language: russian translations updated.
  • language: updaed ru_ru, fr_ca and fr_fr

17 Marzo 2015 - 84MB
  • feature: in single member selector when no member is selected show root node's text.
  • feature: upgrade by console - no need to pass the version from and version to parameters.
  • bugfix: Users without permissions to add timeslots can add timeslots if the task is assigned to him/her.
  • bugfix: In tasks list, in show menu, user has no time permissions but time option is shown, and are also shown the time links in task row.
  • bugfix: In tasks list, if action popover button has no actions, it is shown with an empty menu.
  • bugfix: on template tasks add dependant task not working.
  • bugfix: after edit member update all childs depths.
  • bugfix: when deleting emails the register in objects table was not deleted.
  • bugfix: document level filter is not set with its current value when logging in.
  • bugfix: When checking mail, check for spam level in headers improved.
  • bugfix: Error when adding tasks.
  • bugfix: Cannot delete user group.
  • bugfix: Feng1 to Feng3 upgrade script does not fill the "enabled_dimensions" config option.


6 Marzo 2015 - 84MB
  • feature: Cron process to reprocess last objects' sharing table entries


(versi贸n principal)
5 Marzo 2015 - 84MB
  • feature: hierarchy filter on documents tab.
  • feature: in custom reports if object name is printed now it is a link to the object.
  • feature: when classifying users using drag and drop the system asks if you want to add the default permissions for the users in the workspace where they are being classified.
  • feature: add tags selector in user add/edit form.
  • feature: in contact csv import allow to match custom properties
  • performance: tree node asks for childrens to the server twice after click.
  • bugfix: reminders on template tasks.
  • bugfix: after adding a client, the client tree shows the client twice.
  • bugfix: do not reload member trees after editing a member.
  • bugfix: use current time when adding timeslots from tasks list.
  • bugfix: permission errors when adding timeslots from tasks list.
  • bugfix: on tasks list after add the first task remove "There are no tasks in".
  • bugfix: wrong order when grouping by priority on tasks list.
  • bugfix: wrong signature when replying mail from a non default account.
  • bugfix: after add subtasks send assignment notifications.
  • bugfix: when dragging members to no-permissions tree children are not moved.
  • bugfix: cannot edit user tags.
  • bugfix: select milestones on templates.
  • bugfix: when composing an email with other email address the autosave asks if you want to send with that adddess (it must ask only when sending or saving draft).
  • bugfix: collaborators should not have access to mail tab
  • bugfix: Template tasks subscribers were not copied when instantiating the tasks.
  • bugfix: Remove contextmenu from the email editor.
  • bugfix: Autoclassifying email fix in query.
  • bugfix: Refresh the task row after adding timeslots to tasks.
  • bugfix: Sql query malformed on tasks list.
  • bugfix: Duplicate signature sometimes when replying emails.
  • bugfix: When creating collaborators positioned in a workspace, the workspace is not added to the member cache, permissions are fine.
  • bugfix: Javascript eerror "member is undefined" in member cache js file.
  • bugfix: Sql error in tasks list.
  • bugfix: In upgrader script, if DEFAULT_LOCALIZATION not defined then define it with value "en_us".
  • bugfix: After adding tasks, actions buttons not working.
  • bugfix: Reminders on task templates are not saved.
  • bugfix: Can't see subtasks if parent task is not displayed.
  • bugfix: If email account is set as default, then the "Sender name" field is ignored.
  • bugfix: After change group by on tasks list the groups are still the same.
  • bugfix: Timezones on tasks list groups.
  • bugfix: When adding an event checkboxes "subscribe invited users" and "send email notifications" are not working.
  • bugfix: Duplicated tasks on tasks list in last month and last week when this groups are overlapping.
  • bugfix: Sql error table missing prefix. table im_types.
  • bugfix: Can't add tasks in french.
  • language: fr_ca updated.
  • language: fr_ca updated.


4 Febrero 2015 - 84MB
  • feature: multiple status factors for each status.
  • feature: add/edit billing category in modal form.
  • feature: cancel button added to permissions popup in member edition
  • performance: on tasks list view.
  • bugfix: cannot upload logo when adding company or client.
  • bugfix: cannot add company when creating a client with type=person.
  • bugfix: unclassify user from members where permissions have been removed.
  • bugfix: when replying an email and changing the "from" the mail content is lost.
  • bugfix: calendar events only shows one member color (fixed for week and day views, must be activated in user preferences).
  • bugfix: expenses plugin - totals row doesn't check permissions.
  • bugfix: csv export should only export the contacts, users or companies if they are being shown in the contacts tab.

29 Enero 2015 - 84MB
  • feature: System permission to let some users change event invitations state for other users.
  • bugfix: Error when creating user from company view.
  • bugfix: Error when viewing empty custom property if it is of type=contact.
  • bugfix: Installer error, missing column 'can_update_other_users_invitations'.
  • bugfix: Performance issue when changing workspace parent.
  • bugfix: Cannot add user from exisiting contact.
  • bugfix: Performance issue when ordering documents list by size.


20 Enero 2015 - 84MB
  • feature: Choose if you want to exclude a client or project from automatic status changes.鈥
  • feature: Added custom properties to choose a default status when creating a new project or client.
  • feature: When creating a new client, you can now choose if its a company, a contact, or nothing.
  • bugfix: Pending factor removed from automated status formulas.
  • bugfix: Dimension Members with no creation application log were not displayed on the Dimension member list in the Administration panel.
  • bugfix: Contact emails are not being displayed on the suggested emails.
  • bugfix: Dimension member selectors were not functioning on the contacts module.
  • bugfix: Object members were not being displayed correctly, and when more than possible to display were added, "and 1 more" was not displayed.
  • bugfix: cannot set permissions for users with the same user type to a project.


9 Enero 2015 - 84MB
  • bugfix: after removing a member from a task, refresh member status.
  • bugfix: after ading a task, refresh member status.
  • bugfix: after editing status formulas, refresh all members statuses.
  • bugfix: add billing view.
  • bugfix: performance problem displaying contacts birthday
  • feature: push tasks dates.


(versi贸n principal)
31 Diciembre 2014 - 84MB
  • feature: Several improvements in user interface, experience and looks.
  • feature: New "Getting Started Wizard".
  • feature: New workspaces selector.
  • feature: Improved user creation and management.
  • feature: Improved Task Management.
  • feature: Check max permissions per user role when adding/editing permissions.
  • bugfix: Enabled_dimensions where not inserted correctly by plugins installation.
  • bugfix: When uploading a file, blue button moves left and then returns to its original place.
  • bugfix: Logo is not clickable.
  • bugfix: When modal form is rendered and controller sends an error, screen is masked anyways.
  • bugfix: Don't show radio buttons to delete/write if role cannot delete or write (e.g.: collaborators cannot delete som object types).
  • bugfix: Collaborators and guests should not have root permissions.
  • bugfix: Do not show active context members on activity widget breadcrumbs.
  • bugfix: Activity widget says that some users have been unsubscribed.
  • bugfix: members permissions on breadcrumbs .
  • bugfix: located under selector on add tags view.
  • bugfix: custom properties with multiple values are not saving properly.
  • bugfix: files edit is not validating fields, and causing transaction rollback.
  • bugfix: error editing web document.
  • bugfix: undefined variable on filescontroller
  • bugfix: check mail function make a lot of work if the last mail on the system is not on the server.
  • bugfix: templates sub tasks.
  • bugfix: templates view.
  • bugfix: task titles on task list.
  • bugfix: mails view.
  • bugfix: in member permissions, don't allow to modify permissions of superior users
  • performance: download imap mails function.

28 Octubre 2014 - 84MB
  • bugfix: 'Unexpected token' error in tasks list.
  • bugfix: 'after_contact_view' hook was lost when contact view was changed.

23 Octubre 2014 - 84MB
  • bugfix: task list actions
  • bugfix: missing config option auto_classify_attachments

21 Octubre 2014 - 84MB
  • feature: Use "wkhtmltopdf" to convert custom reports to pdf
  • bugfix: repeating events not displayed correctly
  • bugfix: checkmail function from cron fail if the mail have attachments
  • bugfix: When uploading a file greater than max size, the file is created but without content.
  • bugfix: If error occurs when uploading file always shows the same message 'Error uploading file'.

19 Septiembre 2014 - 84MB
  • bugfix: removed "fo_" prefix from queries.


18 Septiembre 2014 - 84MB
  • feature: Workspaces, tags, etc. selectors upgraded.
  • bugfix: quick edit task timezone errors.
  • bugfix: performance improvement on object listing query.
  • bugfix: performance improvement on mail listing query.
  • bugfix: superadmins should not see unclassified emails of other people.
  • bugfix: when selecting a workspace after searching it, it is not focused
  • bugfix: Performance upgrade in initial loading.
  • bugfix: When editing permissions don't load information for hidden components, load data when expanding them.
  • bugfix: date custom properties does not allow blank values, and cannot be deleted.
  • bugfix: in custom reports remove text styles and leave new lines.
  • bugfix: enters in timeslots descriptions are skipped in time report and task view.
  • bugfix: after add new members on the tree select them.
  • bugfix: can not print monthly calendar.
  • bugfix: expenses and objectives installer: new users permissions.
  • bugfix: email components in contact and company edition
  • bugfix: show all emails in contact and company views
  • bugfix: required list custom properties with default value are not filled with it when creating a new object
  • language: translation tool upgrade: Link to checklang tool to list missing langs foreach language file.
  • language: translation tool upgrade: Added search functionality (searchs in keys and values)
  • language: languages fr_ca, ar_sa updated

30 Agosto 2014 - 84MB
  • bugfix: UTF-8 issue in tasks descriptions in the tasks widget.
  • bugfix: Transactions reorganized when saving permissions.
  • bugfix: Required custom properties control fixed.


(versi贸n principal)
29 Agosto 2014 - 84MB
  • feature: Added a permissions cache to improve left panel trees load times.
  • feature: Initial loading performance improved.
  • feature: Performance improved in "People widget" in overview tab.
  • feature: Performance improved in "Activity widget" in overview tab.
  • feature: Add flag by object for sharing table healing process.
  • feature: Gantt full screen option.
  • feature: Toolbar option to show/hide birthdays in calendar views.
  • feature: Upgrade plugins after upgrading core using html interface (only if 'exec' php function is available).
  • feature: Config option to allow (or not) new users to be granted with permissions over all existent workspaces depending on the user type.
  • feature: Don't show popup when adding a new member.
  • feature: Contact form upgraded.
  • feature: Contact card upgraded.
  • fetaure: Config option to decide if mail attachments are classified with the email.
  • feature: Config option to show expanded/collapsed the attachments in mail view
  • feature: Add 'name' field to telephone numbers (to support assistant name and assistant number)
  • bugfix: Previous XSS fixes broke some post parameters (e.g. contact form).
  • bugfix: If using a custom favicon, it is not used when printing an email.
  • bugfix: Don't show "expiration_time" attribute in files reports (deprecated column).
  • bugfix: Task descriptions cannot save character "|".
  • bugfix: When composing an email and changing "from" sometimes the signature does not refresh correctly.
  • bugfix: Filtering tasks list by date, inputing the date manually does not filter the list.
  • bugfix: Task descriptions overflow fixed.
  • bugfix: Cannot import ical in a workspace if user doesn't have permissions in root.
  • bugfix: Cannot print calendar month view.
  • bugfix: Cannot export total tasks times report to csv.
  • bugfix: performance when changing permissions.
  • bugfix: XSS prevention fixes.
  • bugfix: login screen broken in IE 7.
  • bugfix: Viewing email with base64-encoded images does not show images
  • bugfix: Composing emails with base64-encoded images are blank after sending them.
  • bugfix: Template tasks names overflow.
  • bugfix: Calendar views event overlapping fixes.
  • bugfix: If tmp/logo_empresa.png exists, then use it in all notifications.
  • bugfix: When configuring widgets, changing to other section resets options.
  • bugfix: When creating admins permissions were not saved in background and not using cache for dimension object type contents.
  • bugfix: Permission issue when disabling a tab and then removing permissions for some workspaces.
  • bugfix: Tasks "assign to" was not filtering by task context.
  • bugfix: Performance in get mails query.
  • bugfix: Remove "related to" option when adding a user.
  • bugfix: Clients and projects widgets fixes.
  • bugfix: Task quick-edit workspace, clients and projects selectors fixed.
  • bugfix: Task drag & drop error after deleting a task.
  • bugfix: Ical feed for calendar does not work.
  • bugfix: Superadmin not viewing all elements.
  • bugfix: Cannot upload file in Internet Explorer when a filtering by a member.
  • bugfix: When uploading files, use a generated name instead of filename to save it in tmp.
  • language: fr_ca updated.
  • language: Languages fr_fr (French France) and fr_ca (French Canada) improved.
  • language: Added language en_gb (English U.K.).

Leer m谩s:


29 Julio 2014 - 84MB
  • bugfix: send email inline images attached instead of the link to tmp folder.
  • bugfix: superadmin not viewing all elements.
  • bugfix: task drag & drop error after deleting a task.
  • bugfix: ical feed does not work.
  • bugfix: cannot upload file in IE when a filtering by a member.
  • bugfix: when uploading files, use a generated name instead of filename to save it in tmp.
  • bugfix: send email inline images attached instead of the link to tmp folder.
  • bugfix: task drag & drop error when grouping by milestone.
  • bugfix: view day in calendar is not showing some tasks names.
  • bugfix: line break in timeslots comments.
  • bugfix: quick add task in milestone.
  • bugfix: time report does not list results if a cp condition is added.
  • bugfix: day calendar view show all task duration.
  • bugfix: time reports grouping by clients & projects fixed.
  • bugfix: time report - missing langs in group names when grouping by task.
  • bugfix: edit person and company notes text box size.
  • bugfix: when upload a new revision of a file keep old linked objects.
  • bugfix: dont allow guest users to see other guest users.

18 Julio 2014 - 84MB
  • feature: set tasks skills requirements for users
  • feature: gantt - task dependencies through drag and drop
  • feature: gantt - complete or open tasks from view
  • feature: calendar feed link recovered from Feng 1
  • feature: new custom time report
  • fetaure: timeslot custom reports, including task columns
  • feature: gantt - new GUI
  • feature: gantt - zooming by day, week, month, year
  • feature: gantt - exporting to pdf
  • feature: gantt - exporting to png
  • feature: gantt - editable progress
  • feature: gantt - task completition
  • feature: gantt - groups show their entire progress
  • feature: gantt - major performance improvements
  • feature: gantt - being able to collapse or expand all groups
  • feature: gantt - being able to show or not the tasks names
  • feature: allow to choose if "estimated time" column is shown in time report
  • feature: add 'workspaces' column to cvs export of total tasks times report
  • bugfix: custom report export to csv.
  • bugfix: gantt undefined alert when a link task target is not present.
  • bugfix: gmt errors in calendar when displaying tasks or dragging tasks.
  • bugfix: when uploading a new revision of a file keep old linked objects.
  • bugfix: edit person and company notes text box size.
  • bugfix: members selectors combos breadcrumbs errors.
  • bugfix: milestones gmt problems in calendar view date.
  • bugfix: don't use gmt in task dates if config option Use time in task dates is disabled.
  • bugfix: day calendar view shows all tasks duration.
  • bugfix: quick adding a task when grouping by milestone sometimes failed.
  • bugfix: line break in timeslots comments.
  • bugfix: view day in calendar is not showing some tasks names.
  • bugfix: performance issue when deleting member
  • bugfix: performance issue when changing member parent
  • bugfix: vcard import
  • bugfix: file upload error when there is no support for multiple file upload
  • bugfix: javascript error when editing a completed task.
  • bugfix: javascript error when editing a completed task.
  • bugfix: migration from feng version 1 to feng version 2
  • bugfix: error when converting odt or docx to text with tabs
  • bugfix: link objects list wrong total
  • bugfix: sometimes new mail no signature shown
  • bugfix: cannot save client permissions
  • bugfix: error when converting odt or docx to text with tabs
  • bugfix: method_exists not working properly depending on php version if using a class method.
  • bugfix: cannot download csv report in Internet Explorer.
  • bugfix: time report date range shows the first day of actual month if "last month" is selected (data is correct, only date range info is showing this error).
  • bugfix: check if mail plugin is installed before making queries in mail tables
  • bugfix: refresh sharing table when root permissions are updated.
  • bugfix: dont call mb_string library functions if mb_string is not installed
  • bugfix: permissions in attachments when not classified


29 Mayo 2014 - 84MB
  • bugfix: disabled users are not loaded in tasks list.
  • bugfix: add clients and projects column to total tasks times csv export.
  • bugfix: gantt crashes in ie.
  • bugfix: function add_file_form_multi() doesn't exist, it should be add_file_from_multi().
  • bugfix: default contact config options with wrong values after upgrade.
  • bugfix: task dependencies in templates did not show up correctly.
  • bugfix: in calendar view the time line has a gmt error.
  • bugfix: task quick add/edit alignment.
  • bugfix: importing a contact csv does not send context when sending the file and permission query fails.
  • bugfix: js error in save as button for documents, when comments are mandatory.


(versi贸n principal)
17 Mayo 2014 - 84MB
  • bugfix: show custom property text fully.
  • bugfix: filesystem permissions fix in some scenarios when uploading files.
  • bugfix: when importing companies or contacts from csv.
  • bugfix: time zone error on calendar view.
  • bugfix: calendar date javascript variable had a null value.
  • bugfix: can't delete mails without an account, even if you are a Super Administrator
  • bugfix: pagination error on time panel.
  • bugfix: report date parameters are not formatted correctly the first time if they are not saved in contact config options.
  • bugfix: In Overview, view as list pagination problems.
  • bugfix: refresh Assigned to combo after selecting a member in quick add/edit task and in timeslots view.
  • bugfix: main breadcrumb sometimes shows html chars.
  • bugfix: hide "vinculations" link for workspaces and folders
  • bugfix: select members combo missing members.
  • bugfix: html in tiemeslots description.
  • bugfix: can't add timeslots if members combos are not present.
  • bugfix: after contact csv inport, msg says "Company NULL" if contact has no comapany
  • bugfix: templates import tasks, milestones (and several templates bugs)
  • bugfix: activity widget fixed
  • bugfix: email plugin upgrade script fixed
  • bugfix: missing langs in advanced reports (es_es, es_la)
  • bugfix: don't add the object to personal workspace if no workspace is selected
  • bugfix: city is not imported if contact has no address when importing companies or contacts from csv.
  • bugfix: if config option 'checkout_for_editing_online' is enabled don't show button to upload new revision when editing a document.
  • bugfix: cannot link objects when editing tasks
  • bugfix: after adding previous tasks in a template task the icon is broken
  • bugfix: several fixes in templates and tasks dependencies.
  • bugfix: do not notify my self quick add/edit tasks
  • bugfix: if gantt plugin is installed there are restrictions with start date in task dependencies.
  • bugfix: delete task dependencies after delete task.
  • bugfix: don't show trashed or archived milestones in milestone combo.
  • bugfix: performance in activity widget for members query
  • bugfix: company name in person view is not a link to the company

15 Abril 2014 - 84MB
  • bugfix: when viewing a note or task and text is html and has no enters, text overflow is visible and goes over other html, it should break word.
  • bugfix: search results shows html content and should show only text
  • bugfix: application header default color changed to white
  • bugfix: member tree and general breadcrumb are not reloaded correctly when adding a person
  • bugfix: if a new member is added it is not added in real time to member selectors
  • bugfix: in contacts tab users are not shown by default
  • bugfix: performance in workspace, clients, projects and folders widgets
  • bugfix: use 'exec' function only if it is enabled in the environment
  • usability: put object breadcrumbs to the right
  • language update: fr_ca

5 Abril 2014 - 84MB
  • bugfix: When edit timeslots show all members.
  • bugfix: Error occurs sometimes when attaching files to send mails.
  • bugfix: Several "undefined variable" fixes.
  • bugfix: Non utf-8 characters in custom reports produces an error when rendering.
  • bugfix: After deleting a folder the top breadcrumb is not refreshed correctly.
  • bugfix: Missing langs in document report columns.
  • bugfix: When classifying emails a new revision is generated always for every attachment.
  • bugfix: Attribute title not escaped in reports when renedering object links.
  • bugfix: Workspace selectors are not preloaded in time panel.
  • bugfix: add web document fail if have http in the url.
  • bugfix: Missing argument 3 for save_user_permissions_background() in GroupController
  • performance: When classifying emails classify attachments in background.

15 Marzo 2014 - 84MB
  • bugfix: gantt subtasks of subtasks not displayed.
  • bugfix: mysql error when edit mail account.
  • bugfix: search on dimensions doesn't work with files.
  • bugfix: getDaysLate and getDayLeft tasks functions fixed.
  • bugfix: delete repeat number of times if "This Day Only" is selected on repeatinig tasks.
  • bugfix: fo_ prefix table hardcoded.
  • bugfix: templates errors when edit tasks.
  • bugfix: milestones problems on template task.
  • bugfix: can't add milestones in template task from edit.
  • bugfix: mail plugin update failed if column conversation_last exists.
  • bugfix: task dates are not shown with user timezone in custom reports.
  • bugfix: logged user is not subscribed when uploading a file in the object picker (linked objects).
  • bugfix: tasks widget shows tasks 1 day earlier for some user timezones > 0.
  • bugfix: reload view (to show checkout information) when download and checkout in the same request.
  • bugfix: in extjs when reloading combos.
  • bugfix: if no member selected, in total tasks times report parameters, show all users.
  • bugfix: separate transactions for saving user permissions.
  • bugfix: multiple file upload enabled when uploading a new version.

27 Febrero 2014 - 84MB
  • bugfix: Cannot edit unclassified timeslot.
  • bugfix: Bug when classifying email and attachments has no name.
  • bugfix: Add weblinks in documents panel.
  • bugfix: French langs fixed.
  • bugfix: Total task times performance improvements.
  • bugfix: Message changed when trying to add objects in root with no permissions.
  • bugfix: If member name contains "'" advanced reports are broken.
  • bugfix: Allow managers and administrators to add reports in root even if the don't have permissions to add reports in root.
  • bugfix: Wrong date on activity widget if there are several changes on an object.
  • bugfix: Selecting contact in contact tab must not filter by the contact dimension member.
  • bugfix: Users and contact have the same icon.
  • bugfix: Breadcrumbs are not shown for users.
  • bugfix: Encoding fixed when saving files to filesystem.
  • bugfix: When changing dimension member parent, breadcrumbs are not reloaded correctly.
  • bugfix: Performance improvements in activity widget.
  • bugfix: Cannot delete task description from quick-edit.
  • feature: Add 'can_manage_tasks' permission to executive users.
  • feature: Use "on duplicate key update" in DataObject insert queries, if specified.


17 Febrero 2014 - 84MB
  • bugfix: can't view object link in notification when an email does not have a subject.
  • bugfix: cannot add milestones in templates
  • bugfix: when adding template, after adding milestone cannot select it when adding a task
  • bugfix: Template view broken by single quote in property name.
  • bugfix: when edit a template if have milestones you can't see tasks.
  • bugfix: don't show members that cannot be used in member selector.
  • bugfix: Tasks grouping by dimension fixed.
  • bugfix: Imap folders are not saved when editing an email account.
  • bugfix: Cannot unclassify mails from classify form.
  • bugfix: Emessage not shown when inputing dates with incorrect format.
  • bugfix: Add start date to task view.
  • bugfix: Get tasks by range query does not include logged user's timezone.
  • bugfix: In task complete edition form, assigned to are not displayed correctly.
  • bugfix: Issue in include myself in document notifications.
  • bugfix: Set db charset when reconnecting in abstract db adapter.
  • bugfix: Add attachments column in queued_emails in upgrade scripts.
  • bugfix: Set db charset when reconnecting in abstract db adapter.
  • bugfix: Render member selectors with preloaded member info.
  • bugfix: Order by name doesn't work on object list.
  • bugfix: People widget only display users.
  • bugfix: on mysql 5.6 have_innodb variable is deprecated
  • performance: Issue when loading persons dim.

16 Enero 2014 - 84MB
  • bugfix: member selector displayed wrong data
  • bugfix: on task add/edit view, assignee combo displayed wrong data
  • bugfix: subscribers and invited people were not shown correctly
  • bugfix: encoding when receiving emails
  • bugfix: when editing a classified timeslot, its context was not shown
  • bugfix: in file upload, the name is not changed if a new name is entered
  • bugfix: missing langs and sql changes for email user config options


(versi贸n principal)
7 Enero 2014 - 84MB
  • feature: multiple files upload support has been added
  • feature: cleaner reports tab
  • feature: time reports can be filtered by custom properties
  • feature: document notification improvements: allow notifying oneself, changing the default subject, choose whether to attach the document to its notification
  • fetaure: unclassify objects dragging them to the "view all" node of a dimension tree
  • feature: file revisions are easier to access
  • feature: new button to add a template from the task tab
  • security: XSS issue prevention fixed in login form
  • performance: mail autocomplete, when contacts > 1000 don't load them all, make a query filtering when user begins to type (after 3 chars)
  • performance: subscribers are rendered using ajax in add/edit forms
  • performance: member selectors loaded using ajax in add/edit forms
  • performance: render subscribers queries optimized (index added)
  • performance: add index by member_id in contact_member_permissions in upgrade scripts
  • perfomance: permissions checks in the advanced search take less time so the search is faster
  • perfomance: permissions checks in the general search take less time so the search is faster
  • perfomance: context checks in the general search take less time so the search is faster
  • perfomance: when listing objects, permissions check query has been improved
  • bugfix: remember columns selection in mail list
  • bugfix: set 777 permission to autoloader to prevent future issues
  • bugfix: drag and drop on mails panel don't uncheck selected mails
  • bugfix: when instantiating a template, create logs for its tasks
  • bugfix: on contact list, ordering by email failed
  • bugfix: mysql transaction problem when getting emails
  • bugfix: on template view, refresh view after editing a template task
  • bugfix: when selecting a parent task in template tasks, only show template tasks from that template
  • bugfix: repeating tasks don't allow selecting which days to repeat unless using specific repetition
  • bugfix: attachments that start with "#" are not sent
  • bugfix: max-height for attachments div when composing an email
  • bugfix: undefined variable in message controller
  • bugfix: when loading advanced search view, displays search results for empty string search
  • bugfix: when using Google Chrome, advanced search submit button breaks
  • bugfix: hardcoded table prefix "fo_" in 2.4 upgrade script
  • bugfix: when creating a superadmin, system permissions are not set
  • bugfix: being able to order by custom property on notes list
  • bugfix: search button disabled until results get displayed
  • bugfix: mails in outbox alert show archived emails, it should not
  • bugfix: don't send reminders for trashed or archived objects
  • bugfix: date custom properties default value does not use user's timezones
  • bugfix: when editing an email account do not synchronize folders with the mail server until user chooses to do it
  • bugfix: email error reporting hook, for log errors on notifications delivery
  • bugfix: when instantiating a template, do not display companies in assign combo unless config option allows so
  • bugfix: fails when adding subtasks from task view
  • bugfix: sending notifications from inside create log function, breaks the mysql transactions
  • bugfix: general search form submitted by enter key doesn't work in Google Chrome
  • bugfix: links are now saved as such when using WYSIWYG
  • bugfix: primary-breadcrumb show exact context
  • bugfix: mysql transaction problem when sending emails without using a cronjob
  • bugfix: when making a new installation, users were not shown by default
  • bugfix: if a file doesn't have a revision, when classifying an email create one.
  • bugfix: when adding a timeslot by clock on tasks, task progress bar was not updated correctly.
  • bugfix: fixed custom reports using boolean conditions in false.
  • bugfix: problems with paging on the overview list.
  • bugfix: on activity widget, when clicking on a member, change dimension.

Leer m谩s:

13 Diciembre 2013 - 84MB
  • bugfix: Don't send notification when add mail.
  • bugfix: Deprecated functions usage.
  • bugfix: Emtpy trash can was using a deprecated function with performance issues.
  • bugfix: Missing parameters in function invocation.
  • bugfix: can't delete template task, permission denied.
  • bugfix: langs customer_folder and project_folder.
  • bugfix: can't add contacts from mail.
  • bugfix: on activity widget move action don't display.
  • bugfix: when create user, notifications break mysql transaction.
  • bugfix: cron process to emtpy trash can does not delete members asociated to contacts.

Leer m谩s:


(versi贸n principal)
23 Noviembre 2013 - 84MB
  • feature: error message improved when upload limit is reached.
  • feature: alert users if they have mails in the outbox
  • feature: contact custom reports - added columns for address, phones, webpages and im.
  • feature: display time estimation in time reports when grouping by tasks
  • feature: config option to add default permissions to users when creating a member.
  • feature: templates have been greatly improved: they have changed completely for good!
  • feature: remember selection on total task execution time report
  • feature: when sending an email, if a word containing attach is found and no attachment if found, it triggers an alert.
  • feature: new user config option to set how many members are shown in breadcrumbs
  • feature: update plugins after running upgrade from console.
  • feature: add root permission when creating executive or superior users.
  • feature: contact edit form has been improved
  • security: remove xss from request parameters
  • performance: search engine has been greatly improved
  • system: upgrade Swift Mailer from version 4.0.6 to 5.0.1, this improves and solves some issues when sending emails with exchange servers
  • bugfix: on gantt, names of the tasks were not displayed completely.
  • bugfix: on gantt, the time estimation for tasks was not displayed correctly.
  • bugfix: date custom properties default value does not use user's timezone.
  • bugfix: on people widget add user combo is not ordered by name.
  • bugfix: on activity widget dates have gmt errors.
  • bugfix: general search allways search for empty string.
  • bugfix: url files are not saved correctly when url is not absolute.
  • bugfix: imap fetch fixed when last email does not exists in server.
  • bugfix: only invite automatically the "filtered user" when adding a new event, not when editing an existing one.
  • bugfix: variable member_deleted uninitialized in a cycle, maintains the value of previous iterations and fills the log warnings.
  • bugfix: don't display group-mailer button if user doesn't have an email account.
  • bugfix: allow mail rules for all incoming messages, useful for autoreplies.
  • bugfix: the invitations of the events created on google calendar will have the same special ID of the event.
  • bugfix: on user login when save timezone don't change the update_on value
  • bugfix: solved an issue when editing a repetitive task and changing its previous repetition value
  • bugfix: solved when editing a template task can't remove a dimension member
  • bugfix: solved using repeating tasks when applying a template
  • bugfix: on tasks and timeslots reports, if grouped by task it diplay milestones
  • bugfix: allow the creation of templates in the root (View all)
  • bugfix: Users are now shown by default in the People tab.
  • bugfix: when printing the task list view, tasks now display their progress and estimation
  • bugfix: on general search prevent multiple form submit.
  • bugfix: when uploading avatars, if it is .png and its size is smaller than 128x128 the image is not resized
  • bugfix: when sending an mail, the sender is now subscribed to it
  • bugfix: when adding a file from an email attachment, its now set to be created by the account owner
  • bugfix: reporting pagination fixed
  • bugfix: custom reports, csv and pdf export only exports the active it exports everything!
  • bugfix: don't collapse task group after performing an action to the task when group is expanded.
  • bugfix: email parsing removes enters and some emails were not shown correctly
  • bugfix: people widget in french used to cause a syntax error
  • bugfix: don't classify email in account's member if conversation is already classified.
  • bugfix: task filtering by user has been improved: it loads faster and more accurate
  • bugfix: the users selectbox for assignees has been improved: it loads faster and more accurate
  • bugfix: check for "can manage contacts" in system permissions if column exists
  • bugfix: email parsing does not fetch addresses when they are separated by semicolon
  • bugfix: tasks assigned to filter doesn't filter correctly when logged user is an internal collaborator and users * can add objects without classifying them.
  • bugfix: search result pagination issue
  • bugfix: search results ordered by date again
  • bugfix: add to searchable objects failed for some emails
  • bugfix: custom properties migration fix
  • bugfix: feng 1 to feng 2 upgrade improved
  • bugfix: style fixes in administration tabs
  • bugfix: checkbox in contact tab now is working properly. initially it does not show the users
  • bugfix: google calendar sync issue for events with over 100 chars has been solved
  • bugfix: contact csv export fixed: when no contact is selected => export all contact csv export fixed
  • bugfix: some undefined variables have been defined
  • bugfix: some translations that were missing were added
  • other: the search button is disabled until returns the search result
  • other: when upgrading to 2.4 the completed tasks from feng 1 will change to 100% in completed percentage

Leer m谩s:

1 Octubre 2013 - 84MB
  • bugfix: When creating members, do not assign permissions for all executives (or superior users) if member has a parent.

Leer m谩s:


28 Septiembre 2013 - 84MB
  • feature: New login form.
  • feature: Field "Is user" added for people custom reports.
  • feature: Users permissions can be configured to leave objects unclassified and choose the users that can read/write/delete these objects.
  • feature: Tasks view improved.
  • feature: People widget improved.
  • feature: Improved member panels loading.
  • feature: Only administrators can change system permissions.
  • feature: Users can change permissions of users of the same type (only dimension member permissions).
  • feature: Set permissions to executive, manager and admins when creating a new member.
  • performance: Save permissions asyncronically when saving member to improve performance.
  • preformance: Search query improved.
  • performance: Insert/delete into sharing table 500 objects x query when saving user permissions.
  • language: Several language updates.
  • bugfix: Cannot filter overview by tag.
  • bugfix: Tasks tooltip in calendar views shows description as html.
  • bugfix: Permissions issue when editing and subscribing for non-admins for not classiffied objects.
  • bugfix: Show can_manage_billing permission.
  • bugfix: Missing lang on javascript langs.
  • bugfix: Javascript plugin langs are not loaded.
  • bugfix: When requesting completed tasks for calendar month view, it does not filter by dates and calendar hangs if there are too much tasks.
  • bugfix: Administration / dimensions does not show members for dimensions that don't define permissions.
  • bugfix: Permissions fix when email module is not installed.
  • bugfix: Company object type name fixed.
  • bugfix: Try to reconect to database if not conected when executing a query (if connection is lost while performing other tasks).
  • bugfix: When users cannot see other user's tasks they can view them using the search.
  • bugfix: Group permissions not applied in assigned to combo (when adding or editing tasks).
  • bugfix: Minor bugfixes in 1.7 -> 2.x upgrade.
  • bugfix: Activity widget: logs for members (workspaces, etc.) were not displayed.
  • bugfix: General search sql query improved.
  • bugfix: Don't include context in the user edited notification.
  • bugfix: Don't show worked hours if user doesn't have permissions for it.
  • bugfix: Don't send archived mails.
  • bugfix: Archiving a submember does not archive its objects.
  • bugfix: Error 500 when adding group.
  • bugfix: Installer fixes.
  • bugfix: Modified the insert in read objects for emails.
  • bugfix: Minor bugfixes in document listing.
  • bugfix: Sql error when $selected_columns ins an empty array in ContentDataObjects::listing() function
  • bugfix: root permissions not set when installing new feng office.
  • bugfix: Person report fixed when displaying email field.
  • bugfix: contacts are always created when sending mails.
  • bugfix: Tasks list milestone grouping fixed.
  • bugfix: When ordering tasks and subtasks and grouping by some criterias.
  • bugfix: ul and ol (list) on task description doesn't show number or bullet.
  • bugfix: Don't update email filter options when reloading email list if they are not modified.
  • bugfix: Eail polling only when browser tab is active.
  • bugfix: Wait time interval to check an email account.
  • bugfix: Session managment fix.
  • bugfix: Workspaces widget to the left.
  • bugfix: When creating workspace it is not selected if it isn't a root workspace.
  • bugfix: Update objects when linking to others, from user_config_option to config_option.
  • bugfix: Calendar dalily view puts other days tasks.
  • bugfix: Fixes of undefined variables logged in cache/log.php.
  • bugfix: Call popup reminders only from active browser tab.
  • bugfix: Format date funcions did not use config option for format.
  • bugfix: Username is not remembered when creating a new user.
  • bugfix: People widget is not displayed.
  • bugfix: When unzipping a file the name has the url first.
  • bugfix: On Trashed Objects breadcrumbs are not displayed if members are archived.
  • bugfix: When add a timespan on a task was always taking logged user id for billing.
  • bugfix: Time zone bug on list task in a range of dates.
  • bugfix: Last login not saved into data base.
  • bugfix: Google calendar synchronization bug fixes.

Leer m谩s:


22 Julio 2013 - 84MB
  • feature: View Contacts direct url if config option is enabled.
  • feature: The system now remembers whether you are displaying the Overview as dashboard or as list.
  • feature: In the contact panel you can choose contacts in order to send a group mail
  • feature: New user config option, updating an object鈥檚 date when it is linked to another object
  • feature: Gantt sub tasks can be out of range of parent task dates.
  • feature: Gantt chart and Task List can be filtered by period.
  • feature: Comments are now displayed on Activity Widget.
  • feature: Gantt Chart now displays tasks with only start or due date
  • feature: archive/unarchive dimension members from administration->dimensions.
  • feature: when uploading a file with the same name as another that has been uploaded by other user and you don't have permissions over it, don't show as if exists.
  • feature: New Projects by default will start with 鈥済ood鈥 status
  • feature: Listing function does not use limit if start parameter is not specified
  • feature: When adding a client/project the initial focus is on name
  • performance: tasks list performance has been greatly enhanced by loading the descriptions afterwards through Ajax
  • performance: when saving members save permissions using an async request.
  • bugfix: When adding users username field is not used.
  • bugfix: In Archived Objects breadcrumbs are not displayed if members is archived, same happens in Trash can.
  • bugfix: Synchronization with google calendar now deletes old events using "cancelled" status.
  • bugfix: In some places don't display dates with the format of the config option(military time).
  • bugfix: Duplicate key inserting read objects solved.
  • bugfix: When writing an email from email tab, bcc was always displayed.
  • bugfix: Events report end date did not show the time, now they do.
  • bugfix: Objects history was not displaying linked objects logs.
  • bugfix: On task list when you filter by a range of dates permissions filtering were not applied.
  • bugfix: Exchange compatibility option has been removed.
  • bugfix: When listing tasks timezones were not being taken into account.
  • bugfix: Last login field was not being updated.
  • bugfix: Gantt chart was showing some tasks as completed when their percentage was over 100% and they were not completed.
  • bugfix: When adding a timeslot for someone else within a task, the billing value was not being taken into account.
  • bugfix: Gantt chart tasks resizing has been improved.
  • bugfix: Users invited to an event can view/edit their invitation on Google Calendars
  • bugfix: Editing e-mail accounts correctly by administrator or user with permissions
  • bugfix: Export only visible contacts/companies in contact panel
  • bugfix: User e-mail duplication upon creation
  • bugfix: Completing tasks with child tasks error
  • bugfix: Contact who trashed a document now shown in history
  • bugfix: Worked time was not always displayed.
  • bugfix: There were empty logs in the Activity widget
  • bugfix: Group by on tasks lists, subtasks displayed in wrong place.
  • bugfix: Sort listings by custom properties(contact, document) .
  • bugfix: Activity Widget broken on small screens.
  • bugfix: Activity Widget time zone issue.
  • bugfix: Custom property, escape commas.
  • bugfix: Contact custom reports now show their email addresses
  • bugfix: Search contacts by phone number, email , im and by address.
  • bugfix: add_to_members when no permissions over parent .
  • bugfix: Duplicate key when adding emails to searchable objects.
  • bugfix: User with permissions to edit account cannot delete unclassified emails.
  • bugfix: projects widget does not show projects.
  • bugfix: Sql was not using "select distinct" on searchable objects().
  • bugfix: add task dependency js error .
  • bugfix: ObjectController::list_objects malformed sql error.
  • bugfix: Now all users can sync Feng Calendar with Google Calendar.
  • bugfix: Google Calendar is no longer trashing old events
  • bugfix: Trash fails when mail plugin is not installed
  • bugfix: Member selector fixed for IE
  • bugfix: Some permissions were not set when adding new member
  • bugfix: Creating reports of 鈥済rouping by user鈥 and 鈥渕embers鈥 at the same time issue fix
  • bugfix: Report not showing correct Date in condition legend
  • bugfix: SQL issue in Report fixed
  • bugfix: Description not set for all tasks when listing.
  • bugfix: Left menu expands after adding first client or project

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(versi贸n principal)
21 Mayo 2013 - 84MBChangelog unavailable at the time of release.
Leer m谩s:

2 Abril 2013 - 84MB
  • bugfix: Add/edit member form permissions goes down if screen is not wide enough.
  • bugfix: Member selector onblur must select one of the list if there is any match and there is at least one character written.
  • bugfix: Object picker: do not show object types not allowed for the user in the left panel
  • bugfix: D&D classify is allowing to classify in read only members.
  • bugfix: Do not show parent members in member selector if user has no permissions over them.
  • bugfix: Upgrade 1.7 -> 2.X: give permissions over timeslots, reports and templates in all workspaces where the user can manage tasks.
  • bugfix: Non admin users cannot delete timeslots.
  • feature: Can define required dimension without specifying object types.
  • feature: Option to view members in a separate column.

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13 Marzo 2013 - 84MB
  • bugfix: Cannot delete user with no objects associated.
  • bugfix: Javascript error when loading and change logo link does not exists.
  • bugfix: plugin administration fixes.
  • bugfix: Email content parts that come in attachments are not shown.
  • bugfix: Tasks edition in gantt chart loses task description.
  • bugfix: Adding client or project under another member does not remember selected parent when using quickadd and details button.
  • bugfix: Cannot add user without password if complex passwords are enabled.
  • bugfix: Include ";" as metacharacter for complex password validations.
  • bugfix: Member name is username when adding a contact (editing contact fixes member).
  • bugfix: Change logo link does not work.
  • bugfix: Repetitive tasks fix.
  • bugfix: fo_ table prefix hardcoded one time.
  • bugfix: Calendar tasks display fixed.
  • bugfix: Always check if member can be deleted.
  • bugfix: Cannot delete mail account with mails.
  • bugfix: Add contact was checking if user has can_manage_security.
  • bugfix: Cannot select parent member using checkboxes.
  • bugfix: Error 500 in some notifications.
  • bugfix: New client/project from overview fixed.
  • bugfix: Breadcrumbs only show 2 members x dimension.
  • bugfix: Total tasks time reports csv export does not work.
  • bugfix: Fix en clculo de porcentaje de avance de tareas.
  • bugfix: Forwarding or replying mails in German only prints "null".
  • bugfix: Function getCustomPropertyByName fixed.
  • bugfix: Activity widget popup wider to put all buttons in one line.
  • bugfix: Users in assign_to combo are not ordered.
  • bugfix: 1.7 -> 2.x upgrade does not create table mail_spam_filters.
  • bugfix: Tags are lost when dragging a task to another workspace.
  • feature: More options for tasks edition.
  • feature: More options for composing emails.
  • feature: Compose mail get contacts by ajax.
  • feature: Custom properties columns in documents tab.
  • feature: No breadcrumbs for users in activity widget.
  • feature: Ckeditor option added: remove html format.
  • performance: Delete account emails performance and memory usage improvements.
  • language: Deutch, Russian, Ukranian, Portuguese, German, French, Japanese, Polski and Indonesian language updates.
  • language: Several language fixes.

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7 Febrero 2013 - 84MB
  • bugfix: Search in a member does not find file contents.
  • bugfix: Click on "search everywhere" does not find file contents.
  • bugfix: Groups listed alphabetically in the Administration Panel.
  • bugfix: Monthly view calendar print shows empty calendar.
  • bugfix: Improvements in performance of overview widgets.
  • bugfix: Timeslots are not reclassified reclassifying tasks.
  • bugfix: Cannot delete members if it has objects.
  • bugfix: Member deletion does not clean all related tables.
  • bugfix: Only managers or superior roles can change other user passwords.
  • bugfix: Several missing langs and undefined variables warnings clean.
  • bugfix: Db error when adding two workspaces with the same name.
  • bugfix: Quick add files - all radio buttons can be selected.
  • bugfix: Owner company cannot be classified.
  • bugfix: Task list group by user fix.
  • bugfix: Add pdf and docx files to searchable objects.
  • bugfix: js managers bugfixes.
  • bugfix: Cannot edit/delete mails from deleted accounts.
  • bugfix: Error in tasks reports when ordering by 'order' column.
  • bugfix: Fixes in migration from 1.X of custom properties.
  • usability: Reports can be edited to allow execution in every context.
  • usability: Performance improved in tasks list.
  • usability: Users are filtered by permissions in 'People' dimension when filtering by a workspace.
  • usability: Contacts are filtered in 'People' dimension when filtering by a workspace if they belong to the workspace.
  • system: Portuguese language updated.
  • system: Russian translations updated.

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27 Diciembre 2012 - 84MB
  • bugfix: logged_user fix when classifying attachments
  • bugfix: go back instead of redirect when editing file properties.
  • bugfix: chmod after mkdir when repository file backend creates directory
  • bugfix: Several template instatiation fixes
  • bugfix: mail classification bugfix
  • bugfix: allow to classify mails in workspaces,tags
  • bugfix: administration/users: 10 users per page fix
  • bugfix: do not use objects in estimated-worked widget, use raw data for better performance
  • bugfix: language fixes
  • bugfix: cannot use assigned_to combo when adding tasks in ie
  • bugfix: ie compatibility fix in calendar toolbars
  • bugfix: enable/disable cron events for calendar export/import when adding/deleting accounts
  • bugfix: html tags in task tooltip description at calendar
  • bugfix: cvs export prints html tags
  • bugfix: users with can_manage_security cannot manage groups
  • bugfix: view week calendar views don't show tasks all days if task starts or ends in another week
  • bugfix: dont show timeslots of other users if cannot see assigned to other's tasks
  • bugfix: ext buttons hechos a lo chancho
  • bugfix: patch if not exists function array_fill_keys (para php < 5.2)
  • bugfix: break large words in task description
  • bugfix: administrator cannot log in to admin panel when asking for credentials
  • bugfix: cannot edit file after uploaded from object picker
  • bugfix: getTimeValue when 12:XX AM
  • bugfix: bugfix in custom reports with boolean conditions on custom properties
  • bugfix: admin users paging fix
  • bugfix: migration companies comments fix
  • bugfix: Cannot manage plugins if no super admin.
  • bugfix: Reports were not grouping unclassified objects.
  • bugfix: Reports grouping misses a group.
  • bugfix: Fixed findById function in ContentDataObjects.
  • bugfix: Fixed Email plugin installation.
  • bugfix: Fixed translations for dimension names.
  • bugfix: Error with company logo when sending notifications.
  • bugfix: Time report fix when selecting custom dates and listing paused timeslots.
  • bugfix: Fix when getting plugin's javascript translations.

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26 Octubre 2012 - 84MB


(versi贸n principal)
10 Octubre 2012 - 84MB


24 Julio 2012 - 73MB

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