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Dotclear is an open source blog application. Dotclear was initially released in 2003.

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Instalaci贸n en 1 clic

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Actualizaci贸n f谩cil

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Copia de seguridad y restauraci贸n


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28 November 2019
English , Fran莽ais

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25.00 MB
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28 Noviembre 2019 - 25MBBug Fixes
  • Avoid weird side-effect of JS minifier
  • Insertion of default type media (non image/audio/video) in XHTML entries
  • Cope with old themes for 'remember me' string defined in JS

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2 Octubre 2019 - 25MBBug Fixes
  • saving of files in theme editor when using syntaxic coloration;
  • video insertion with the two editors
  • badge position for dashboard modules counters

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4 Septiembre 2019 - 25MBHighlights
  • Fix: SQL request for CSP unsafe-inline setting
  • Fix: CKEditor configuration for foreign language (unabled to save post modifications)

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(versi贸n principal)
14 Agosto 2019 - 20MBHighlights
  • PHP 5.6+ is required, PHP 7.3 compliance
  • Add drag'n'drop sorting system for dashboard blocks
  • Backend context is preserved on switching blog (as far as possible, depending on user's grants)
  • No more inline javascript, default/install CSP directive modified accordingly
  • Add settings (in maintenance plugin) for CSP system
  • Set correct lang attribute (useful for browser/editor spelling) for content (post/page) depending on entry setting, and CK editor UI in user language
  • Add spellcheck="true" attribute on input/textarea
  • Refactoring of notices/messages system on backend
  • Add undo/redo buttons to CKEditor toolbar
  • Add title/legend reminder on media popup insertion (1st tab)
  • Add font loading capabilities for ?pf= system - plugin are now able to load css fonts
  • Add WebP image format support to Dotclear (may depends on your server PHP capabilities)
  • Add 鈥 support in Dotclear wiki, syntax : _indice_
  • Template system: Allow ?sub for category/categories attributes of tpl:EntryIf, and for url/urls attributes of tpl:CategoryIf
  • Responsive tables/lists (posts, pages, users, 鈥)
  • Fix: port used behind reverse proxy (Clearbricks)
  • Lib: Update Codemirror to 5.48.0
  • Lib: Update CKEditor to 4.12.0
  • No more flash players (flv,mp3)
  • Various bugs, a11y concerns and typos fixed
  • Some locales and cosmetic adjustments

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(versi贸n de seguridad)
22 Octubre 2018 - 20MBA little update which fixes a configuration problem experienced at least on some 1&1 servers.

  • Avoid XML upload in media manager

Bug Fixes
  • upgrade modification for media_exclusion default setting
  • cope with PHP.ini setting memory_limit set to -1 (unlimited)

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(versi贸n principal) (versi贸n de seguridad)
10 Septiembre 2018 - 20MB2.14.2
  • Security: Authenticated cross-site scripting (XSS) was possible due to the .ahtml (or .bhtml, .chtml, 鈥) file extension being allowed in the media manager. Thank's Josiah Pierce for report (CVE-2018-16358)
  • Security: Unregister phar wrapper in order to avoid PHP Phar extension vulnerability
  • Enter key in some input fields were not redirect to the parent form
  • Unable to save modified theme's files in theme editor, when Codemirror is used
  • Back to the original global_filters() template function (will be rewritten in the next 2.15)

  • Install wizzard was broken
  • Smallest admin font size was set when saving user prefs
  • Minifying JS scripts may cause problems with regular expressions
  • Empty JS var was set for syntax coloration if disabled

  • PHP 7.2 compliance, with minimum PHP 5.6
  • Use specialized fields whenever it's possible (email, ...)
  • Add definition list capabilities (dl, dt, dd) to wiki (= , : )
  • Add ... support in wiki, syntax : ^exponant^
  • Add syntax property/method to dblayer driver
  • Replace some js oriented background fading by CSS3 animation
  • Enhance some visual focus indicators
  • Enhance key event management in popup (Esc, Enter, ...)
  • Template filters may now be extended (or modified) by 3rd party plugins (via behaviors)
  • PSR-2 code formatting as far as possible (work in progress)
  • Add two new ways to order tags (by oldest or newest associated post publication date)
  • Update Codemirror to 5.38.0
  • Update CKEditor to 4.9.2
  • Update jQuery migrate plugin to 1.4.1
  • Update jQuery UI (custom) 1.12.1
  • Add a dark mode (via user preferences) for administration, CSS refactoring
  • Animate some counters on dashboard icons (nb of comments, spam comments and posts)
  • Various bugs and typos fixed
  • Some locales and cosmetic adjustments

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(versi贸n principal) (versi贸n de seguridad)
11 Junio 2018 - 20MB2.13.1

Bug Fixes
  • Weird behaviour of theme editor when typing any of "t", "r", "u" and "e" characters
  • Unable to save an entry with dcLegacyEditor in XHTML mode, visual pane


  • New password management system (including silent migration)
  • Add Referrer-Policy header in admin pages
  • Fix potential XSS - thank's Tr铆 Chim Tr铆ch for report

  • PHP 5.5+ is required
  • Dotclear news are now displayed in async way by js
  • Dotclear core update check is now done by async js - a forced check may still be done on /update.php page
  • Add utf8mb4 driver (MySQL server 5.7.7+)
  • Add target="blank" option in simpleMenu
  • Update CKEditor from 4.6.2 to 4.7.3
  • Update CodeMirror from 5.25.1 to 5.32.1
  • Add required attribute for mandatory fields

Bug Fixes
  • Avoid horizontal scrolling table when longest comment's usernames in list of comments
  • Cope with MySQLi connection via socket
  • Error messages markup and styling
  • Set caret at the end of the inserted thing (img, url, blockquote, 鈥) in Legacy editor if current selection is empty
  • Cope with query part only in SimpleMenu URLs
  • Various bugs and typos fixed
  • Some locales and cosmetic adjustments


Bug Fixes
  • lang attribute was missing on entry alone contexts for currywurst and dotty templatesets
  • Add http:// protocol before for csp_admin_img
  • tpl:sysIf blog_lang generated code
  • Duplicate auto-generated URI (entries)
  • Do not use border and background on select to use the system aspect of them in Firefox.
  • For select element, target Safari to cope with font-size select/option problem.
  • Error messages styling

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(versi贸n principal) (versi贸n de seguridad)
23 Octubre 2017 - 10MBThere is no new functionality, only improvements and bug fixes.

What's New
  • Security: Fix potential XSS
  • Security: Enforce uniqness of the recovery key
  • Security: Switch hash method from sha1 to sha512 (new installation only)
  • Two new values for base font size (37.5% and 87.5%)
  • Adaptive admin font size is now optional
  • Reduce base font size on very small devices
  • Refactor some functions to closures
  • No CSP directives in safe mode
  • Add current blog domain for script and style CSP directives
  • Backlinks:
  • Retrieving ping URLs, let trackback first, then pingback, then finally webmention
  • Get source post content to compose webmention excerpt and retrieve title
  • Use source post title as blog name if this one is unknown (Anonymous blog is used if neither title nor blog name are known)
  • Datepicker's look refreshed
  • Allow 3rd party additional headers (URL handler)
  • Dublin core metadata removed
  • Using theme\ namespace for _public.php and _prepend.php, in order to simplify theme copy and hack
  • Temporary password will have to be changed at first login (after resetting password)
  • Add ukrainian language
  • French help updated for theme editor
  • Fix: Blogs鈥 admin (ie not super-admin) got back their blogs鈥 list but only super-admin may do actions
  • Fix: Post/page edition layout on different screen sizes
  • Fix: x-frame-options URL in admin
  • Fix: Cope with several copies of a same smiley in content
  • Fix: Allow 3rd party filters for template tags
  • Fix: Use getURLFor instead of old getBase function for breadcrumb
  • Fix: Give mysql/mysqli driver choice for DC 1.2 import
  • Clearbricks lib update from 0.9 to 1.0
  • jQuery lib update from 2.2.0 to 2.2.4 (last release of jQuery 2.n branch)
  • CKEditor lib update from 4.6.1 to 4.6.2
  • CodeMirror lib update from 5.15.3 to 5.25.1
  • Various bugs and typos fixed
  • Some locales and cosmetic adjustments

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(versi贸n principal)
23 Enero 2017 - 10MBThis version does not bring anything extraordinary except that it facilitates the use of Dotclear, and it corrects some bugs sometimes annoying on a daily basis.

What's New
  • Easier access to plugin settings.
  • A more advanced customization (text size, display or not of additional information, ...).
  • Some additional attributes for theme developers / hackers.
  • The webmentions which are added to the existing trackbacks and pingbacks.
  • The Berlin theme is now based on the template set dotty, which exploits at best HTML5.

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(versi贸n de seguridad)
2 Noviembre 2016 - 10MBA tiny update to fix two minor security vulnerabilities and to allow some specific proxy/ssl server configuration.

What's New
  • Security: Fix CVE-2016-7903: Password Reset Address Spoof - Thank's Hongkun Zeng for report
  • Security: Fix CVE-2016-7902: Media Manager, unrestricted File Upload 鈥 Thank's Hongkun Zeng for report
  • CSP: Cope with external sources used in editor's iframe to preview public external content
  • Fix: Cope with post.post_position field during flat import
  • Fix: Prevents precondition failed during currently activated theme update
  • Fix: Remove unecessary header (cope by dotclear) in page plugin
  • Fix: Let some proxies playing with standard http and https ports
  • Fix: Let SSL runs through a proxy, it may be ok, sometimes
  • Various bugs and typos fixed

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(versi贸n principal)
22 Agosto 2016 - 10MBWe should celebrate the 13th anniversary of Dotclear today!

  • PHP 7 support
  • Some vulnerabilities have been fixed
  • Lot of bugs killed (some may still remain)
  • A new template-set, named dotty, using as far as possible the new HTML5 semantic tags
  • New options to customize and use more easily your Dotclear backend (favorites folders in media manager, optional columns for posts and pages lists, ...)
  • Implementation of the Content-Security-Policies for the backend, prelude to an implementation in public side (blogs) for the future 2.11 release[2]
  • New facilities and opportunities for plugins developers (they are detailed below)
  • Some javascript libraries have been updated (CKEditor, Codemirror, ...)
  • Patch 2.10.1: A new maintenance release which fixes several bugs of the previous 2.9.
  • Patch 2.10.2: A tiny update to fix a problem which prevents correct update on installation using PostgreSQL database system.

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30 Marzo 2016 - 10MBA new maintenance release which fixes several bugs of the previous 2.9. I remind you that Dotclear is fully compatible with the new PHP 7 (it's performances are highly improved comparing with PHP 5.n)[1].
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(versi贸n principal)
29 Febrero 2016 - 10MBOn the menu of this version essentially what make life a little easier for those who spend time on the side of the administration of their(s) blog(s). A search and last visited folders available in the media manager, better sorted menus and lists some more filterable, some welcome updates for the javascript libraries used.

And then we also need to make Dotclear run properly with the new version 7 of PHP, quite impressive release in terms of speed gain, and you will note in passing that the minimum required version of PHP 5.3, as it is had announced at the time of the release of the release of the version 2.8.

A lot of bugs were eradicated, a few new opportunities have been implemented for developers of plugins and theme designers, and finally a more robust application for everyone.
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(versi贸n de seguridad)
26 Octubre 2015 - 10MBThis release is a maintenance release which fixes one potential XSS vulnerability in comments's list and enforce media extension before upload[1] (thanks to Tim Coen, Curesec Gmbh, for reporting them) and two other bugfixes.
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(versi贸n de seguridad)
24 Septiembre 2015 - 10MBThis new version is a maintenance release which fixes one potential XSS vulnerabilities (thanks to Keiko Yashiki from JPCERT/CC) and two other bugfixes.
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(versi贸n principal)
17 Agosto 2015 - 10MBThis new version introduces a new mechanism to cope with module dependencies (plugins for this release and will be declined for themes soon), also includes the Breadcrumb plugin that some of you already use, updates the CKEditor editor and the jQuery library, and fixes lots of bugs et somes minor cosmetic issues.

The heritage/extension templating system has been applied to the legacy mustek templateset, in order to simplify the developpement of themes using it; some new criteria and filters have been added for posts and comments (and spams) lists; the tags and widgets are now lexically sorted for latin languages, and so on.

Important: If you have already installed the breadcrumb plugin, please uninstall it before doing this update.
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(versi贸n de seguridad)
25 Marzo 2015 - 10MBThis maintenance release fixes two potential XSS vulnerabilities (thanks to the SecPod Research Team Member Shakeel) and three other bugfixes.

  • Security : Fixed SecPod 1055, Multiple Stored Cross-site Scripting Vulnerabilities
  • Admins (not super admins) cannot change blog parameters : fixed
  • Allow radio button in widget settings
  • Typo in mustek page template

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14 Febrero 2015 - 10MBThis maintenance release provides some bugfixes and improvements.

  • Berlin theme: resources usage has been optimized
  • currywurst templateset: head-linkrel block name fixed
  • Current editor syntax: now displayed near edited field (post/page/quick entry)
  • Some admin URLs were malformed: fixed
  • Post/page preview: anti-clickjacking system fixed
  • The cat is valid now

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13 Enero 2015 - 10MBThis bugfix release restores advanced editing of category descriptions, fixes some non-required warning messages, and fixes pagination in some specific contexts.

  • Restore advanced edition of category description (as in 2.6)
  • Various bug fixes
  • Some cosmetic adjustments

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26 Diciembre 2014 - 10MBThis is a bugfix release in order to allow again normal user (not admin) to use the Dotclear Wiki editor.

  • Dotclear wiki could not be used by standard user: fixed

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(versi贸n principal)
15 Diciembre 2014 - 10MBIt's now been thirteen months since 2.6 came out. It's now about time (at last!) to move on. Dotclear 2.7, being released today, is less spectacular than the previous version, with its updated administration graphics chart, but it brings forth significative changes for users (on the admin side) and its rendering (on the public side).

  • Security : protection against clickjacking may be activated (see blog parameters)
  • Switch to HTML5 : backend, templatesets and themes
  • ARIA roles in da place (a11y)
  • Multiple templatesets : mustek (legacy) and currywurst
  • Themes may use extension/heritage template mechanisms
  • New theme (Berlin) based on currywurst templateset
  • New WYSIWYG editor (CKEditor)
  • Dotclear Wiki now produces HTML5 compatible markup
  • Video and audio HTML5 tags are now used (with fallback to flash if possible)
  • Copying default theme to user-defined theme folder is not more necessary
  • Preview of comment may be optional (see blog parameters)
  • Widgets may be put offline without deleting them
  • jQuery version may be choosen between 1.4.2 (default) and 1.11.1 (see blog parameters)
  • Number of posts listed on home page may be different than other pages (see blog parameters)
  • Hidden folders are now hidden in media manager (set DC_SHOW_HIDDEN_DIRS to true in config.php to display them)
  • User-defined template files may be reset (deleted) in theme editor
  • Drag'n'drop now enabled on touch screens
  • Alternative syntax may be set for comments by third-party plugins
  • A lot of bug fixes
  • Much more cosmetic adjustements and enhancements

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26 Noviembre 2014 - 10MB

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