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AbanteCart is an open source e-commerce shopping cart application.

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29 August 2016

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65 MB
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29 Agosto 2016 - 65MB
  • Improved password encryption and simplified process of password reset.
  • Usability improvement in admin with quick data access
  • Cleaning for install/upgrade history
  • Customers' analytics provided by NeoWize
  • General performance, user and customer experiences improvements

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15 Mayo 2016 - 65MBWe have put substantial efforts to improve performance of AbanteCart and make it stand out in the performance compare to other ecommerce platforms. AbanteCart 1.2.7 core code, database queries and cache are well optimized to deliver maximum performance. In addition we introduce HTML pages and blocks cache to ease server load on high traffic sites. There is even more in the performance boost with running PHP 7 together with AbanteCart 1.2.7.

New Features and improvements highlight
  • New high performance caching system with support for APC, APCu Memcache, Memcached and Xcache
  • HTML Cache for high traffic storefront support
  • SQL load improvement and reduction of database requests in disabled-cache mode.
  • Profiling and PHP execution time optimization.
  • Improvement for image resizing
  • PHP 7 tuning and testing

  • PackageManager minor fix
  • database drivers error reporting improvement
  • AHtml refactoring + phpdoc comments
  • database drivers error reporting improvement
  • AConfig sql optimization
  • ADataset refactoring + phpdoc comments
  • changes related to cache debugging
  • extensions classes typos and phpdoc comments
  • created new function get_image_size() in Utils.php
  • replacements of deprecated ACache methods (get, set) calls + phpdoc comments
  • ALanguage minor changes related to language recognition
  • changes related to setting for cache enabling
  • added apc, apcu, memcache, memcached, xcache drivers
  • added config-setting and expiration for html-cache.
  • minor fix related to warnings in logs
  • fix in is_serialized() inside utils.php
  • added hook call on save method in AImage
  • AImage changes related to resize and save of images
  • improve INI load time
  • Language load optimization fix
  • New Caching system.
  • Cache, config and request exec time improvments
  • Improve exception error handling and display
  • New logo update

  • fix related to seo-keywords during product cloning
  • minor fix of dev tools url
  • clear cache page changes relates to new aCache
  • added lang-pack into tinymce
  • added fix of updating resource description in RL (related to auto-translation)
  • Add link to troubleshooting page

  • Optimized HTML for faster browser rendering.
  • Storefront template load optimization
  • css fix of rating stars view in left column block storefront: added ajax updates for cart menu block after page loaded + ajax update for product view count + fixes of typos etc
  • fix of wrong balance applying after new product adding to the cart Extensions: UPS fix related to estimate based on dimensions of productsfix #541
  • Pages and blocks HTML cache implementation (beta)
  • Default multi-value options section fix.
  • Implement banner cache
  • SQL-queries optimization. Added caching into AWeight, ALength and ACurrency libs
  • SQL-queries optimization. removed calls isTrackable and hasAnyStock inside products loops
  • SQL-queries optimization. (Resource thumbnails).
  • Optimization for categories and menu building
  • Category product count optimization

  • added config_image_quality setting value
  • config_image_quality now set in 95%
  • optimize large demo jpg files
  • optimize large demo png images
  • block_templates demo data fix
  • changes of system_check() calls related to install directory check

  • FTP Install/Upgrade fix for some rare cases.

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14 Marzo 2016 - 65MBIn this new version we introduce administrators' and customers' notifications with SMS integration to Textmarketer and Twilio along with better resource library management, better text and HTML editor and more improvements.

New Features and improvements highlight
  • IM (SMS) Notifications for administrators and customers
  • New Text and visual HTML editor
  • Resource Library improvement and RL manager page
  • Improved email bulk mailing, newsletter and SMS messaging
  • Improved site performance in the code and with provided Apache server side settings.
  • Tax exemption

  • Implemented tax exemption for the group
  • Added pdo_mysql Mysql driver
  • added silent mode into error_handlers
  • Fix for per page pagination
  • system check for cache files permissions fix
  • system check changes related to permissions of session.save_path
  • ACache fix related to warnings in log
  • JavaScript fixes for inline js related to defer attribute of script-tags
  • added new settings "start order number" and "incomplete orders expiration". + fix of start invoice number bug
  • css changes for width of scrollbox of checkboxgroup element
  • fix related to quotes inside js + phpdoc improvements

  • Add separate layout for cart page
  • Layout install fix
  • Layout SQL improvement
  • Fix for storefront search with empty spaces.
  • Optimize HTML for better performance

  • Improvement to Resource Library UI
  • Resource library manager
  • CKEditor replaced by tinymce
  • Admin notification management to multiple emails and SMS
  • added deleting of resources from RL during category(manufacturer) removing
  • changes of sale/contact. Added message count that was sent.
  • Better grid responsiveness handling
  • Slow sql fix on a customers grid and dashboard
  • added new multi-action "set related" to products grid.
  • AConfigManager changes related to session_ttl config parameter. Added suggestion for session maxlifetime
  • usage db-driver fix in migration models
  • order details tab fix
  • Fix for latest 10 customer sorting order
  • Fix for slow select on admin main page load
  • Quick link to contact customer

  • Textmarketer SMS integration
  • Twilio SMS integration
  • pp_default and pp_standart fix related to virtual products in the cartTranslatsions for IM

  • Fix for API cart delete with GET method

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18 Noviembre 2015 - 65MBIn this version we focused on improving core platform stability and performance along with adding some new features. We have added features for shoppers to have better experience; new easy to use reCapture v2 from Google and now there is a way to request order cancellation. Italian language was added, thanks to Daniela Stucchi contribution.

New Features and improvements highlight
  • Order cancellation option for customers
  • Ability for guest customers to access order details
  • Google reCaptcha v2. Easy to use captcha to protect from robots.
  • Italian core language
  • Bootstrap and Fontawesome update

  • changed minimal php version requirement to 5.3
  • Fontawesome v4.4 updarade
  • Bootstrap v3.3.5 upgrade
  • Resource library UI improvement
  • Image processing and memory allocation improvement
  • Language processing improvement and bug fix
  • fix for getBrowserLanguage() related to web
  • bots and empty language
  • code
  • added system check for web
  • access to restricted folders
  • added system check for low PHP memory limit
  • added AOrderStatus class. Changed order status management in admin.
  • Handling single quote issue in language text used in JavaScripts
  • Improvement to files/directories handling in admin/system
  • Add make_writable_dir and is_writable_dir
  • Missed translations for Spanish and Russian languages
  • Image size update for settings shared between admin and storefront
  • Better session ID validation and handling
  • Rare cart rounding issue fix

  • added feature "order cancelation by customer" on SF
  • side
  • added feature for guest customers to access order details
  • added mail.tpl for "create account" email.
  • sql fix related to top 4 of featured products + reformat of code
  • breadcrumbs minor fix
  • Minor HTML and CSS fixes
  • Improvement to cookie handling

  • added critical system check on login page
  • various data grid UI improvements
  • added icon for section into lang_definitions grid
  • periodical ajax system check instead of every page load
  • added htaccess with deny rule to admin/system directory and subs.
  • added phpinfo view on settings/system page
  • added mail.tpl for "send mail" page.
  • added system check before package installer and backup processes
  • ckEditor fixes
  • Form Manager improvements
  • Show crash report and email to AbanteCart team
  • Chosen HTML element selection improvements
  • Extension archive extraction bug fix and improvment

  • Fix to allow authentication without use of cookies.
  • Fix for customer loginname based login and account creation

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17 Septiembre 2015 - 65MBIn this version we focused on overall improvements for admin usability, such as template management, settings wizard, global search and quick commands. Additionally, AbanteCart 1.2.4 now include system condition check functionality, this is to improve stability of site functionality and report server & system related issues.

New Features and improvements highlight
  • New template management page
  • Quick starter wizard to help with most common settings
  • Commands in global search
  • System condition check

  • AConnect improvements
  • New stack trace function for logs
  • Session security improvement
  • replace is_array for better performance
  • better layout XML load error handling
  • System condition check to warn changes on OS that effect AbanteCart stability
  • ACart fix related to #235

  • Product embed code fixes.
  • Embed fix for jQuery loaded at the end of the page
  • 0px value replaced by 0 in css-files
  • category menu fix #225
  • Removal of misused cookie and improve first login message
  • Main page promo section improvement

  • New template management page
  • Improve global search and add commands in connection to voice commands
  • implement of Resource Library into CKEditor. Added ability to paste in CKE SOURCE-mode
  • Mark multilingual fields with the flag
  • Resource Library fixes related to deleting of resource from edit-page and preselected type on search result
  • Resource Library deleting resource fix
  • cloning product fix #209
  • Resource Library multi mode, save'n'apply button improvement
  • Resource Library single mode fix related to drag and drop
  • Layout management improvements.
  • textarea product option improvment
  • changes related to template cloning and devtools
  • Styles and images cleanup
  • Implement new documents site cross reference

Initial install
  • Quick starter wizard to help with most common settings.
  • added additional check for multibyte functions support (mbstring)
  • optimized demo images

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22 Julio 2015 - 65MBNew Features and improvements highlight
  • Easy embed codes to integrate AbanteCart into any existing website.
  • Ability to sell products on any existing website without AbanteCart storefront
  • New improve product images zoom
  • Product blurb or short description

  • Session security improvement
  • package installer minor fix related to mp-token check
  • Updated demo products

  • Embed code into any existing website with same page checkout
  • Added blurb (short description) to products
  • New improved product images zoom module based on EazyZoom
  • sorting fix for manufacturer's product list and specials ( Github #151)
  • category page pagination fix ( Github #151 )
  • retina related fix ( Github #140 )
  • account/create minor fix related to hooks
  • Product images and listing styling improvements
  • Improved Add to cart ajax
  • Fix for side listing HTML layout
  • Message to user if ads blocking is enabled in the browser
  • Add maintenance mode for response controllers and response message in Maintenance mode
  • Various other storefront style related improvements

  • Embed code settings, preview and management
  • order totals recalc fix related to price formatting
  • Usability improvement if no payment is configured.
  • fix of pagination in jgrid reloading after batch deleting on a last page
  • reviews grid fix related to languages selection ( Github #147 & #156)
  • design/content grid fix related to languages ( Github #148)
  • menu edit select box fix ( Github #142 )
  • Coupon large amount total issue fix. ( Github #162 )
  • retina related css-fix of RL styles
  • resource library single mode fix ( Github #180 )
  • Resource Library Multilingual fix

  • 2checkout sandbox and language fixes
  • Updated Fedex shipping. Performance and rate calculation improvements
  • Forms manager contactUs form fix related to new fields sending via email ( Github #176 )
  • banner manager, setting fix for url target of text banner ( Github #177 )

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20 Mayo 2015 - 65MBAbanteCart 1.2.2 contains new features and number of fixes and improvements. Details are listed below:

New Features and improvements highlight
  • Admin order management improvements: 1. Ability to add products with options selection; 2. Order total management & recalculation based on storefront rules
  • Resource library support for Retina images
  • Marketplace authentication and improvements
  • Number of UI Improvements for admin and storefront.
  • Updates and Improvements in more details:

  • Ability to access storefront models from Admin.
  • Cache improvements
  • added experimental Postgres db-driver. Incomplete.

Control Panel (admin)
  • added common controller for tabs building. Customer and customer group edit form tpl fix
  • global search fix related to total extensions
  • Improve HTTPS handling on admin.
  • Form manager improvements

  • checkbox and label position fix
  • added predefined product options when view product from checkout cart page
  • default template minor fix
  • Image resizing improvement for png format.

  • Liqpay is updated.
  • Form manager, add files support.

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25 Febrero 2015 - 65MBAbanteCart 1.2.1 contains new features, new payment and number of fixes and improvements. Details are listed below:

New Features and improvements highlight
  • Unauthenticated customer support (Handling after login session expired)
  • Adding Wish list and cart page improvement
  • Stripe payment
  • Skrill Payment

  • added disabling of apc inside php.ini of public_html directory (related to installation process)
  • AHtml changes. method convertLinks fix
  • added process of handling non-writable log-file in ALog class
  • Improved handling for store and settings (visual status)
  • Better handling for Free shipping set in the product
  • Fix for default PHP Exception handler (if third party lib used)

Control Panel (admin)
  • Shared downloads listing grid sorting by product count fix (fogbugz #28)
  • product edit form ui-improvement related to weight value
  • minor change of package installer page controller
  • menu grid fix. Now use icon instead html-code of icon resource-code to prevent grid breaking by non-valid html
  • backup process improvement
  • Highlight pages with disabled status.
  • Backup fixes.

  • checkout/shipping minor change of button placement
  • menu cache name fix
  • menu icon url fix related to https mode
  • minor URL fix in invoice.php
  • Login now remembers user name if login failed.
  • Case insensitive login name
  • Wish list and cart page improvement

  • Stripe and Skrill payment

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(versión principal)
17 Diciembre 2014 - 65MBWe are very excited to announce arrival of new AbanteCart v1.2. Many hours has been spent in the past few month to design and develop new version of AbanteCart.

Version 1.2 is the best work we have ever done with new improved UI and 100% mobile interface for administration and for storefront. Many features are introduced in new version.
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5 Agosto 2014 - 65MB

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