• Montreux Jazz Festival+
    Montreux Jazz Festival
  • RTS+
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    • Montreux Jazz Festival

      We are an Official Partner of the Montreux Jazz Festival. In addition to shared and dedicated hosting for all their sites we provide video streaming for live broadcast and VOD, according to their needs.

    • RTS

      Télévision Suisse Romande (French-speaking Swiss television) uses our high-volume storage system for their tsr.ch portal. We manage the broadcasts of video on demand programmes (podcast).

    • http://www.telebaern.tv/
  • GHI+
  • Canal Alpha+
    Canal Alpha
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    • GHI

      GHI has a webcam that can be steered by visitors, with an incomparable view of Geneva, and it broadcasts the video on its web site.

    • Canal Alpha

      Canal Alpha, the local television station in Neuchâtel, stores live broadcasts and video-on-demand on our high volume storage platform, and offers them via shared hosting.

    • http://www.telebielingue.ch/de
  • Radio One FM+
    Radio One FM
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    • Radio One FM

      A radio station well known in Geneva, One FM uses different services like VOD, Live TV and audio broadcast.

    • http://www.energy.ch/zurich/
    • http://www.radiofm1.ch/
  • Radio Pilatus+
    Radio Pilatus
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    • Radio Pilatus

      Radio Pilatus - 95.7 FM Luzern - listen online, schedule, location, contact, song playlist and broadcast information.

    • http://www.arcinfo.ch
    • http://www.radioaswat.ma/fr
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    • http://www.tvm3.tv/
    • http://www.canal9.ch/
    • http://www.funradio.be
  • TeleZueri+
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  • LFM+
    • TeleZueri

      TeleZueri is a local television channel for the city and agglomeration of Zuerich, Switzerland.

    • http://www.deltafm.fr/
    • LFM

      In addition to using our shared hosting services and audio streaming, Lausanne FM transmits webcam videos on the roof of their offices and in their studio.

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  • RTBF+
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    • http://www.latele.ch/
    • RTBF

      The RTBF (French-speaking Belgian television) hosts all its satellite sites on our shared servers as well as its main site on dedicated servers. We are in charge of live broadcasting for certain programmes. All the radio and video archives are on our specialist platforms.

    • http://www.monafm.fr/
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  • Rouge FM+
    Rouge FM
  • Solar Impulse+
    Solar Impulse
    • http://www.servettefc.ch/fr/index.php
    • Rouge FM

      Rouge FM broadcasts from its dedicated server and also offers RougeTV, video streaming on loop.

    • Solar Impulse

      Infomaniak supports Solar Impulse, a fantastic project for a round-the-world flight with a plane propelled by solar energy. We are the Internet partners, and we provide a dedicated server, our load balancing service and video on demand.

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  • Léman Bleu+
    Léman Bleu
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    • http://www.radiomars.ma/fr/
    • Léman Bleu

      Geneva television, Léman Bleu, uses our shared hosting services, in conjunction with high-volume storage, a video on demand player and a player for live video streaming.

    • http://www.joomla.fr
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    • http://www.gshc.ch/

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