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Tiny Tiny RSS è un sistema open source lettore RSS. Tiny Tiny RSS è stato inizialmente rilasciato nel 2005.

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Installazione in 1 clic

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Aggiornamento facile

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Versione corrente
Ultimo aggiornamento
14 August 2019
Italiano + 17 altre

Configurazione richiesta

Dimensione dell'installazione
25.00 Mo
open source
Veduta d'insieme


14 Agosto 2019 - 25MB


17 Gennaio 2019 - 25MB


30 Luglio 2017 - 25MB


15 Dicembre 2014 - 22MB
  • Fix broken OPML import

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10 Dicembre 2014 - 22MB
  • Fix broken OPML import

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8 Dicembre 2014 - 22MB
  • Allow embedded videos from Youtube and Vimeo
  • Disable libxml support for external XML entities to prevent possible malicious use (#833)

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22 Ottobre 2014 - 22MB
  • Fix incorrectly named Archived feed
  • Arabic translation (ar_SA)
  • Minor bugfixes

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20 Luglio 2014 - 22MB
  • New translations: pt_PT, el_GR, da_DA, es_LA
  • Fix resetpass_token created as a wrong column type on mysql
  • Pluggable search
  • Minor bugfixes

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21 Marzo 2014 - 22MB
  • Parser / misc bugfixes
  • Default theme update
  • Various comics plugins merged into af_comics
  • Added traditional Chinese (zh_TW) translation

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18 Dicembre 2013 - 22MB
  • Minor parser bugfixes
  • Fix upgrading from older tt-rss versions
  • Minor performance improvements
  • Other bug fixes
  • API: fix labels not applying because API call expected labels in wrong format

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21 Settembre 2013 - 22MB
  • Improve compatibility with feeds containing invalid UTF-8 entities
  • Fix category filters set to Uncategorized applying to all feeds
  • Fix Bug #737: Mark "older than two weeks" as read marked all articles read
  • Fix Bug #752: switching articles with 'n' – jumping at last item on screen
  • Fix Bug #754: Invalid image /images/pub_set.svg
  • Add Feature #756: Save layout when changing columns width
  • Other bugfixes

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22 Luglio 2013 - 22MB
  • Minor bugfixes
  • Various parser bugfixes
  • Parser: support xml:base in atom feeds
  • Parser: add support for libxml with problematic handling of character encodings (affects several NAS devices)
  • Fixed several bugs when migrating filters using OPML
  • Minor performance improvements
  • Added Korean translation
  • Improved Russian translation
  • Other translations updated
  • Integrated Silk icons by Mark James
  • Added plugin which adds a feed for all articles shared by url
  • Allow unsharing and changing URLs for individual articles
  • Floating title more consistent with the rest of the UI, enable floating title for expandable combined mode
  • Licensed under GPL v3

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12 Giugno 2013 - 22MB
  • Fix compatibility with Atom 0.3 feeds
  • Other feed parsing improvements
  • User themes need to reference tt-rss CSS files if needed, themes will need to be updated
  • Removed floIcon because of license issues. You can place local copy of floIcon.php in lib/ it will be automatically used.
  • Bugfixes

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13 Maggio 2013 - 22MB
  • Solved issue with expired sid cookies preventing login in some situations
  • It is now possible to update database schema from the command line using update.php
  • Reworked GUI database updater to use public.php instead of a separate file
  • Bring back sorting by article title
  • Fix not being able to unsubscribe from specific feeds in some situations
  • Several auth plugins dependent on other services moved to contrib repository:
  • Support running under open_basedir
  • Support mysqli when available
  • Error logging (Preferences -> System)
  • Language is now configured in Preferences
  • Simplepie replaced with native lightweight feed parser
  • Digest and Mobile (old) plugins moved to the contrib repository
  • Interface/typography improvements
  • Other bugfixes

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12 Aprile 2013 - 10MB
  • API improvements
  • Inverse filters and rules
  • Filters can be reordered using drag and drop
  • Filters are loaded in the order displayed on the preference page
  • Add user-defined filter captions
  • Classic mobile added back as a plugin (unsupported, don't ask for new stuff)
  • Barebones smartphone UI for Digest plugin
  • Several social plugins unbundled from trunk, see this forum thread for more information
  • Add plugin to import starred/shared.json files from Google Reader takeout.
  • Allow easily selecting CSS themes dropped into themes/
  • Improve feed update speed (smarter batching, better local caching, support If-Modified-Since on CURL)
  • Low traffic mode automatically disables image embedding
  • The UI is now significantly less yellow
  • Add hotkey f c to toggle auto expand in combined mode
  • Add ability to catchup articles older than 1 day/week/2 weeks
  • Translation updates
  • Combined mode is now the default one
  • API: deprecated support for cookie-based sessions has been removed, please use sid parameter as outlined in API documentation.
  • Some UI cleanup
  • Bugfixes

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23 Marzo 2013 - 10MB
  • Tweaked combined mode UI appearance
  • Fix SQL error when image cache is enabled
  • Better default sorting of starred and published feeds
  • Initial load time improved
  • Attempt to run under safe mode
  • Support gzipped feeds if CURL is not present
  • Added auth_ldap plugin
  • Improved support for embedded content like videos
  • Add ability to collapse articles in combined/unexpanded mode
  • theme_image() is removed, plugins using it need to be updated
  • update.php option syntax changed to use two dashes e.g. -feeds -> --feeds
  • update.php: add support for logging to file
  • update_daemon2.php: add --help and a few other options
  • Several translations updated
  • Other bugfixes
  • Added embed_original plugin
  • Remove deprecated mobile/ in favor of mobile client by Matthieu Boinet
  • Add basic password recovery

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21 Marzo 2013 - 10MB

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