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OpenX è una fonte di pubblicità applicazione porzione aperta. OpenX è stato precedentemente noto come Openads e phpAdsNew, e OpenX biforcuta da phpAds nel 2000.

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Installazione in 1 clic

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Salvataggio e ripristino


e-Commerce e-Business
Versione corrente
Ultimo aggiornamento
16 May 2014
Italiano + 31 altre

Configurazione richiesta

Dimensione dell'installazione
73.00 Mo
open source
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(release di sicurezza)
16 Maggio 2014 - 73MBSecurity
  • CVE-2013-5954 - Fixed CSRF vulnerability a number of UI pages performing delete and unlink actions (www/admin/admin-user-unlink.php, www/admin/advertiser-delete.php, www/admin/advertiser-user-unlink.php, www/admin/affiliate-delete.php, www/admin/affiliate-user-unlink.php, www/admin/agency-delete.php, www/admin/agency-user-unlink.php, www/admin/banner-delete.php, www/admin/campaign-delete.php, www/admin/channel-delete.php, www/admin/tracker-delete.php, www/admin/userlog-delete.php and www/admin/zone-delete.php). For more information:

New Features
  • An error message is now displayed when trying to install or upgrade Revive Adserver with unsupported PHP 5.4/5.5 versions (< 5.4.20 or < 5.5.2).
  • Updated the MaxMind GeoIP plugin to include the May 2014 MaxMind GeoCountry database.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bad translation in the Russian language translation.
  • Fixed history statistics screens to prevent displaying future dates when showing "All statistics".
  • Fixed broken "DeliveryDataPrepare:dataPageInfo" and "DeliveryDataPrepare:dataUserAgent" components of the standard delivery logging plugin.
  • Added proper Content-Type header with charset to some scripts in order to override the webserver default.
  • Changed a few occurrences of the non-existing "Content-Size" header to "Content-Length".
  • Switched a few deprecated "ereg" calls to "preg" in PEAR libraries.


9 Aprile 2014 - 73MBBug Fixes
  • Fixed problem with automatic maintenance not working in 3.0.3
  • Fixed mangled characters in the hebrew translation
  • Fixed query errors when a non-existing zone was requested
  • Removed references to previous product name from plugin translation files


14 Marzo 2014 - 73MBNew Features
  • Preview of Flash banners now also shows the backup image, if set.
  • API now supports setting chainedZoneId.
  • Added support for WebM videos in the IAB Video plugin.
  • Increased the maximum delay in the midnight maintenance script (from 10 econds to 30 seconds) before calling the sync server for update information to improve load distribution on the server.
  • Updated the Revive Adserver application header to replace the "Report bug" link with a more useful "Support" link (which includes details on how to report a bug, in addition to how to get support).
  • Added support for hosting providers of Revive Adserver to configure a custom URL for the "Support" link in the application header.
  • Removed usage of PEAR libraries to detect non-routable IP addresses during delivery.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the detected product name on upgrade to correctly distinguish between older OpenX Source installations vs. newer Revive Adserver installations.
  • Fixed the date format for the Spanish language pack.
  • Fixed some instances of the old application name in robots.txt files.
  • Fixed API incompatibilities with PHP 5.4+.
  • Fixed an issue with the generation of a platform hash value which is used when connecting to the sync server to check for updates to Revive Adserver.
  • Fixed encoding issues and bad translations in the Chinese language translations.
  • Fixed encoding issues with some of the Czech language translations.
  • Fixed encoding issues with some of the Russian language translations.
  • Added (some) new Chinese translations for plugins.
  • Fixed SWF plugin version requirements for v18-22.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented successfully submitting the forms after a server side validation error.
  • Fixed a library bug that was causing invalid errors to be displayed in the statistics screens under certain conditions.
  • Added missing configuration options relating to the filenames for Single Page Call functionality to the admin user Configuration > Global Settings > Banner Delivery Settings tab.
  • Fixed incorrect detection of command-line based called to Revive Adserver, so that an error message is shown when the maintenance script is called without] the required host parameter, instead of displaying a PHP error.
  • Fixed branding on the website Single Page Call invocation code tag page.
  • Fixed the display of the license on the install/upgrade welcome screen when using a non-root based installation process.
  • Fixed bug causing the last advertiser being sometimes hidden in the advertiser index screen.
  • Fixed issue that allowed installing an already installed plugin, causing the plugin tables to be dropped without notice.
  • Fixed logging of direct selection impressions/requests not properly working on Postgres under some circumstances.
  • Fixed API XML-RPC output not properly dealing with NULL values.

Non-Backwards Compatible Changes
  • Email based campaign activation/deactivation reports are now disabled by default when creating new advertisers. This does not affect any existing advertiser account settings for this feature; but please be aware that the default for all new advertiser accounts has been changed.
  • 3rd party plugins developers should be aware: The unused Zend XML-RPC library has been removed; please make sure your 3rd party plugins bundle their own copy if they need it.
  • 3rd party plugins developers should be aware: The OA_Sync class has been moved to the RV_Sync class; please make sure your 3rd party plugins are updated accordingly.


(versione principale)
30 Gennaio 2014 - 73MB


13 Agosto 2013 - 73MB


14 Settembre 2012 - 73MB


9 Maggio 2012 - 73MB
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4 Novembre 2011 - 73MB


16 Settembre 2010 - 73MB


2 Marzo 2010 - 73MB


26 Gennaio 2010 - 32MB


4 Gennaio 2010 - 32MB


5 Novembre 2009 - 32MB


29 Maggio 2009 - 32MB


4 Aprile 2009 - 32MB


29 Gennaio 2009 - 32MB


10 Novembre 2008 - 32MB


7 Ottobre 2008 - 32MB


29 Agosto 2008 - 32MB


24 Luglio 2008 - 32MB


24 Giugno 2008 - 32MB


15 Maggio 2008 - 32MB


17 Aprile 2008 - 32MB


20 Febbraio 2008 - 32MB


6 Febbraio 2008 - 32MB


3 Aprile 2004 - 32MB


3 Aprile 2004 - 32MB


17 Settembre 2007 - 32MB


29 Aprile 2007 - 7MB


10 Febbraio 2007 - 7MB


17 Novembre 2006 - 9MB


2 Novembre 2006 - 9MB


9 Aprile 2006 - 9MB


25 Novembre 2005 - 9MB


24 Agosto 2005 - 9MB


11 Luglio 2005 - 9MB


8 Maggio 2005 - 3MB


21 Febbraio 2005 - 3MB


3 Aprile 2004 - 3MB

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