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Group Office is an open source customer relations and project management application. Group Office was initially released in 2003.

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Versione corrente
Ultimo aggiornamento
7 September 2016
Italiano + 27 altre

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Dimensione dell'installazione
89 Mo
open source
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7 Settembre 2016 - 89MB
  • Reverted rrule
  • Total paid was not reset on duplicate invoice
  • Fix custom field HTML export displaying data
  • Add in leave days disapprove reason why message
  • Fix scroll by holidays
  • Fix in time registration the recalculating of the duration after change the end time
  • Fix remove calendar with no user
  • Fix leavdays permissions check
  • Calendar: Fixed delete function on all day event in the daysGrid when you are a participant on an event.
  • Billing: Fixed line break issue in order ODF documents
  • Email/Sieve: Disable date in the past for the out-of-office "Deactivate after" date picker.
  • Updated French translation

18-08-2016 6.1.104
  • Moved perl packages dependencies from mailserver debian package to recommended
  • Calendar: Make contextmenu usable for full day invitation events that can be accepted. (So they can be deleted)
  • Billing: make user/creator customfields available in the ODF parser
  • Sieve: Improved sieve so it can also check the vacation module on the server.
  • Sieve: Disable dates in the past for the out-of-office "Activate at" date picker
  • Fix tree sort in projects2capat
  • Fixed install.sql query for tickets. (fresh install missed a required default value)

10-08-2016 6.1.103
  • Fix number and verifier tag in ticket mail
  • Calendar: Fixed RRuleIterator constructor problem.
  • Calendar: Fixed RRULE problem with empty INTERVAL= properties.
  • Made billing pdf listen to $config['pdf_font_size']
  • Fix task reminders
  • Fix bug first time create time entry

04-08-2016 6.1.102
  • Removed invalid depencency from mailserver debian package

04-08-2016 6.1.101
  • Excluded blob templates from the trim rule on save.
  • Fixed duration with 12 hour format time in time entries
  • Fixed IMAP logout error
  • Set mysql mode to traditional in live mode too
  • Fix project reminder_time bug
  • Add move to spam folder in email context menu
  • Fixed issue in billing PDF, the closing text would not display when the total are not printed.
  • fix time approve week view
  • new RRule implementation for recurring events

28-07-2016 6.1.100
  • Fixed delay in time entry dialog
  • No longer possible to delete a user its default calendar.
  • Global search was broken
  • fix php5.4 array syntax error in rrule

25-07-2016 6.1.99
  • fix linking remember the search
  • In e-mail add filter by flag
  • Newsletter play and pause buttons will toggle and disable when sending is completed.
  • Login problem for some users fixed
  • In time registration by add new time entry select the project where are time is registration as last on
  • Small tweaks in spamassassin config

18-07-2016 6.1.97
  • Fixed bug in ticket search
  • View newsletter list by address list ACL
  • Fixed duration calculation in time entries
  • Raised phone number field to 50 chars
  • New : Add mail as a attachment to a new e-mail
  • fix project template job events type display
  • play and pause buttons for the newsletters will toggle each other. and both hide if sending is completed.
  • trim spaces before and after database fields of type string (varchar, char). if trimOnSave = true
  • fix calendar would sometimes display '@ null' when the location was empty
  • fix file tree download
  • fix bug file browser by reload wrong folder

11-07-2016 6.1.96
  • Fix infinite loop in calendar week + day print when 2 recurring events would start at the same time
  • Fix calendar tooltip: description showing html code
  • Added email validation in the email-account dialog
  • Updated German language pack
  • Add pear Auth/Sasl lib to support sasl auth and avoid error on PHP7
  • Make HTML possible in custom field select options again.
  • Enabled pyzor and razor for mailserver package
  • Fix date view in note grid
  • Fix remove leaveday type
  • Fix: Importing a task with a duration will work
  • Addressbook: Fixed display of comment when only the email field is set for contacts

29-06-2016 6.1.95
  • Updated FPDI library (for PHP7 support) to version: 1.6.1
  • Updated TCPDF library (for PHP7 support) to version: 6.2.12
  • Calendar: Prints are now displayed correctly for events that are recurring.
  • Fixed HTML encoding bugs due to previous XSS fixes.

27-06-2016 6.1.94
  • XSS fixes caused some problems with rendering numbers and booleans (tasks and time registration)
  • Add by appointment in tab particpants in the add dialog fix search and paging by address lists and user groups

23-06-2016 6.1.93
  • Home folder was displayed in items with missing folder
  • Fixed various XSS security issues
  • Fix batch edit folder_id error
  • Used new Ioncube encoder. A loader update might be required.

21-06-2016 6.1.92
  • Bug in login with old PHP versions

21-06-2016 6.1.91
  • Deb Depenencies

21-06-2016 6.1.90
  • PHP 7.0 dependencies
  • Login issue on old PHP versions

21-06-2016 6.1.89
  • Build issue

20-06-2016 6.1.88
  • Fix remove user groups
  • Fix mt940 split statements
  • Fix leaveday manager order for multi managers
  • Removed security_token parameter from calendar invitations and address list unsubscribe link
  • CTRL+F& Debug only available for admin
  • Don't return the password hash and digest in the users overview anymore.
  • Fixed problem that advanced search didn't work anymore when the customfields module is not installed.
  • Servermanager usage fixed

07-06-2016 6.1.87
  • Fix export ICS file todo list
  • Projects2: Added checkbox to enable and disable to apply the status filter on the project search results
  • Z-push: Removed company phone from sync because that results in 2 "work" numbers on the device which is not desirable.
  • Manager filter in tickets to replace "show my tickets"
  • Removed default country setting for contacts and companies
  • Hide disabled users by default unless $config['hide_disabled_users']=false; is set.

25-05-2016 6.1.86
  • Prevent removal of admin from admins group
  • Addressbook/User: Create a user from an addressbook contact now sets the correct remote combo text for the company field.
  • Fixed the addressbook selection in the favorites module.
  • Fix holdPosition by reload email messages grid
  • Show only the active custom fields by file batch edit
  • Fixed go checker
  • Tickets: added message content search to tickets search function
  • Tickets: added extra parameter for searching in the ticketno. only.
  • Core: Fixed sound for new emails.
  • In projects 2 add parent project search
  • Z-Push: Companies added to a contact on the client device are now also synced to GO.
  • Core: GridPanel.js - Added check for store.reader
  • PHP7 compatibility

03-05-2016 6.1.85
  • Access denied on exporting private events
  • Projects2 partlet filter is now editable
  • Fix imap get response
  • Added setting to enabled and disable popup for email and reminders separately for desktop notifications
  • Fixed sound for new emails
  • Wrong links didn't show up in sent items
  • Projects2: Don't use the "Status" filter in the projects search results.
  • Projects2: Don't use the "Show mine only" checkbox in the projects search results.
  • Updated Czech translation
  • Fix agent name by new tickets
  • Add merge data and data check to batch edit
  • Users: set thousands and decimal separator to VARCHAR(1) instead of CHAR(), this makes a space character possible.

19-04-2016 6.1.84
  • Fixed billing bug with invalid column
  • Updated Norwegian and German translation

18-04-2016 6.1.83
  • Disabled spell checker by default. You can enable it by setting $config['spell_check_enabled']= true;
  • Prevented that notes would loss there decryption hash when a file folder was added without providing a password.
  • Workflow: Use of Config()->noreply_email for outgoing emails
  • Z-Push: Fixed saving of tasks from mobile to server on the same day as today
  • Fix importing data from vCard with type=PREF specification
  • Fix function create rrule for 5.4 and lower
  • Email: Strip strange chars from the link tag when sending the email
  • Leavedays: By leavedays edit the remove of year credits. it is now not possible to remove them if thar already leavedays booked
  • Addressbook: Fix address book by Contact to user

07-04-2016 6.1.82
  • Calendar month print will calculate daylight saving time
  • Subscribe function was broken
  • Updated Russian translation
  • Fix mail folder subscribe
  • Calendar: Attendance window: 0 needed to be a possible value for the reminder. So I removed the minValue for the field.
  • Add Project: Ticket types expansion
  • Calendar: Added config option to disable autolinking contacts to the event that were not the organizer

04-04-2016 6.1.81
  • Add by Email in 'Subscribe' dialog select all and deselect all
  • Fix custom work for DG after edit leavedays module
  • Language of an OrderStatus will be displayed in the same language the User views GroupOffice. If this is not available pick the first language added by the administrator.
  • Added Delete button en replaced add button to begin of the blue toolbar in the projects module
  • Tickets/Addressbook: Added fix for loading ticketGroup acl.
  • Email: Add by Email in 'Subscribe' dialog select all and deselect all
  • Leavedays: Fix custom work for DG after edit leavedays module
  • Billing: Language of an OrderStatus will be displayed in the same language the User views GroupOffice. If this is not available pick the first language added by the administrator.
  • Projects: Added Delete button en replaced add button to begin of the blue toolbar in the projects module
  • Billing: Removed purchase order creation from the PDF button in the Order dialog.
  • Fix holidays: type sort in gui; year summary with 0 credit; sum credit main grid; add admin as manager
  • Files: Disabled a . at the end of a folder name. (Webdav on Windows OS cannot handle this.)
  • Email/Sieve: Added more information to sieve error messages
  • Added company variable the view when running actionRegister in the site module
  • Fix empty checker messages and email notification trigger only on new e-mails and more then 0 unseen
  • Projects2: Fixed permission problem on contact and company when adding new project
  • Tickets: Fixed problem with determining ticket agents when a user is removed.
  • Fix Time tracking week number selection for slower environment
  • Files: Changed up-icon in the "Default" theme and changed German translation.
  • Calendar: Added separate reminders for participants which can be set in the participation dialog.
  • Fix email multi select labeling
  • Holidays/Calendar: Fixed display of time and day data in the calendar list, also fixed time minutes 0 prefix.

04-03-2016 6.1.80
  • Build error

03-03-2016 6.1.79
  • Mail in gmail app marked as read bug fixed when using Exchange
  • Fix mail selection in billing
  • Fixed calendar freeze when displaying a Leave day that had a start time and a duration with a decimal and a dot a decimal separator.
  • Fixed remote combo field for holidays credit type
  • Fix export "Contacts with companies" for companies in address book
  • Added Pakistan to the list of countries
  • Add hold position in email messages grid by reload after move
  • Projects2: Fixed manager filter store so it will display all users of GO.
  • Projects2: Show the projects of type "container" always in the tree when filtering on project manager.
  • Removed sort and hideable option from the SelectOptionsGrid in select customfield
  • Fix leavedays bugs !!!
  • Fix CORE deleteFeedback for GO.grid.GridPanel
  • Fix by project the reload of the subgrid after set statuses
  • Fix invoices update customer information
  • Holidays: Repositioned the starttime field in the leaveday dialog.
  • MT940 Parser for German DATEV standard
  • Removed libwbxml binaries for windows as they were detected (wrongly) as a virus.

22-02-2016 6.1.78
  • Updated German translation
  • Allow deletion of files and folders in folders that belong to a writable contact,company,project etc.
  • invalid grouping in reminder window was possible
  • deleting a user could cause a temporary error in the calendar.
  • In file module, reset the file list (Download links) that will be add in to the mail to

16-02-2016 6.1.77
  • Fixed billing upgrade script for GO 6.1
  • Fix leavedays csv export
  • Billing: Fixed problem that when searching orders, some orders weren't displayed in the search results. (This where orders without items)
  • Remove text check for stop item. it is not compete bale wife adder languages
  • Email: Fixed problem with "save mail as" functions that use plain text email.
  • Fix the contacts where the company is not set by the interface bug

12-02-2016 6.1.76
  • Fixed upgrade bug in leavedays

12-02-2016 6.1.75
  • Updated French and German Translation
  • Upgrade z-push to 2.2.8
  • Calendar synced number of years back in time instead of months when no client date was sent
  • Create alias on each new mailbox in postfix
  • Leavedays: Always add a 0 in front of the hour when it is only one digit long.
  • Projects2/Timeregistration2: Fixed timeentry default project loading
  • Email: Removed autolink div and replaced it with a "normal" links div to show all links for emails at once.
  • Export: Fixed the problem that a string "false" is handled as a bool "true" when selecting the checkboxes on the export dialog.
  • Fixed bug with repeat header on every page in billing PDF
  • Email: Only do TNEF extraction for winmail.dat files
  • Files/Filesearch: Fixed context menu
  • Billing: Costcode combobox: Changed list order to "code" instead of "name".
  • Email: Make email-addresses in emailreciepients object case insensitive.
  • Add disapprove msg dialog to hoursapproval
  • Encrypt functions moved to the Util class so it can be reused
  • When dragging a recurring event and then cancel the action the event will return to the original place.
  • Fix multi select even by one click in calendar
  • Projects2: Added a manager filter combobox to the projects tab.
  • Batch edit: Fixed a problem in the batchedit grid with displaying combobox data
  • Fix sorting the users in a group in the correct order
  • Billing: Fixed availability of some tabs in the book dialog when a new book is created.
  • Fix config check mail template

21-01-2016 6.1.74
  • Fix pagination in project combox by time entry dialog
  • Fix double dtstamp in ics event
  • Caldav: Added check for event RRULES if they are valid, it can happen that an RRULE has an exception event for every instance (So no event is displayed at all)
  • Fix the status and premises of a event in resource calendar
  • Configure Spam folder with $config['spam_folder']
  • Fix refresh email grid by add label
  • Shared home folders were not visible


15 Gennaio 2016 - 89MB
  • Fixed error that happened in php > 5.5


14 Gennaio 2016 - 89MB
  • Show yourself in the holidays module if you manage other users
  • Tickets export column headers improved
  • Remove X-Priority header when set to normal
  • Fixed needs-action status in calendar
  • Remove the no german national holiday 'Rosenmontag', 'Fastnacht', 'Aschermittwoch'
  • Fix email template by link mail
  • Fix 'save as' mail by link
  • Filesearch index will cache more characters
  • Fix the link mail to a task by save as
  • Calendar module change that will make it possible to filter on categories with custom module
  • Fix current week selection
  • Fixed pdf renderer income selection by id
  • Fix mail to by leavdays


23 Dicembre 2015 - 89MB
  • Ioncube endoding error in previous package

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21 Dicembre 2015 - 89MB
  • Email: Fixed "total" count of emails in the email list if you use old filters.
  • Fix new event resource status
  • Billing: Fixed costcode grid display problem. (Global vs book specific)
  • Documenttemplates: added contact:photo support
  • Documenttemplates: When printing multiselect fields in a template, then replace the | with a ,
  • Fix remove of mail folders and e-mail in it.
  • Calendar: Fixed display of tasks in the calendar list when using "calendar_tasklist_show=1" in the config.php file.
  • E-mail messages and attachments could be saved to read only folder
  • Default and limit sync period to 6 months old on caldav and z-push for the calendar.
  • Added support for ' inside email addresses. Like o' etc.
  • Fix upgrade workflow from GO5 to GO6
  • Addressbook: Added ID column to the addressbooks grid.
  • Billing: Added payment method field to the order dialog
  • Tickets: Fixed problem when sending email to ticket agent and the email addresses are separated by a line break.
  • Core: Added util function to replace line breaks for a given char.
  • Fix find inactive tickets
  • Calendar/Tasks: Fixed the display of tasks in the calendar.
  • Fix permission in leavedays
  • Fix install mediawiki iframe


8 Dicembre 2015 - 89MB
  • Formatting Unix timestamps will work with dates before 1-1-1970
  • Fix default addressbook is not set
  • Import address lists
  • Automatic project ID's in project templates
  • Subject is configurable in e-mail templates
  • Calendar: Fixed "delete" button in the event contextmenu after editing the event.
  • Fix the isLate functionality from ticket system
  • Fix linking of E-mail
  • Updated Spanish translation
  • Adding event to participant calendar didn't work with web link and free busy permissions enabled
  • Copy and rename to existing name resulted in deletion of the copy
  • Added error message if files that users try to import can not be read
  • Email/Addressbook: Fixed "Create email from selection" button
  • Calendar: Fixed amount of days on calendar buttons in german language
  • Fix new ticket with note msg "late status"


3 Dicembre 2015 - 89MB
  • Formatting Unix timestamps will work with dates before 1-1-1970
  • Fix default addressbook is not set
  • Import address lists
  • Automatic project ID's in project templates
  • Subject is configurable in e-mail templates
  • Calendar: Fixed "delete" button in the event contextmenu after editing the event.
  • Fix the isLate functionality from ticket system
  • Fix linking of E-mail
  • Updated Spanish translation
  • Adding event to participant calendar didn't work with web link and free busy permissions enabled
  • Copy and rename to existing name resulted in deletion of the copy
  • Added error message if files that users try to import can not be read
  • Email/Addressbook: Fixed "Create email from selection" button
  • Calendar: Fixed amount of days on calendar buttons in german language
  • Fix new ticket with note msg "late status"


23 Novembre 2015 - 89MB
  • Email: Disable Skype browser plugin code injection on telephone numbers in the email composer. (Done with meta tag)
  • Wrong check for manager in leavedays module
  • Calendar: Fixed problem with showing resource customfields when enabling a resource in the event dialog.
  • Core: Added "getValueAsBoolean" function to Xcheckbox
  • Timeregistration2: Use "getValueAsBoolean" function of Xcheckbox to fix the problem that break cannot be entered anymore.


13 Novembre 2015 - 89MB
  • Fixed error in filesearch module


11 Novembre 2015 - 89MB
  • Quota user was missing in some cases
  • When a download link is created for a file that was already shared the random code will stay the same


10 Novembre 2015 - 89MB
  • Installation fatal error fixed.
  • Filesearch module has a right click menu on file just like in the Files module
  • Tasks: Fixed problem with automatically getting reminder options from the global settings, (When using quickadd)
  • Added ID field/column to the users grid


5 Novembre 2015 - 89MB
  • Tickets/Billing: Copy "vat info", "crn" and "state" of ticket->"company" to the billing order when using the "tickets->bill" functionality.
  • Smime: Fixed problem when viewing "Public certificate"
  • Change ACL owner if owner of model changes
  • Fixed display problem of hotmail messages with inline images
  • Projects import fixed
  • Projects2: Only enable duplicate button when you have write permission on the parent project.
  • Groups: allowed to create Group when a user (other the admin) has manage permission on the groups module
  • Calendar: Users with manage permission on the calendar module can manage resource groups as well
  • Calendar: Enable the delete button for events you are invited for.
  • Fixed wrong display of special holidays that are defined in the holiday file.


22 Ottobre 2015 - 89MB
  • Z-Push 2.1.5 update
  • Projects2: Added parent project path to the project edit dialog.
  • Added missing params column in go_cron table.


20 Ottobre 2015 - 89MB
  • Cron Class not found error fixed
  • Export button in in File search module is working
  • File Search will search recursive when a folder is selected.
  • Get the correct quota in the quota bar when another user's folder is selected
  • Right click in the search result of Files module will give more option in the context menu
  • System files will not try to added quota to a user for older Versioning files
  • Option in billing to auto set the status of an order to Payed when enough payment is added
  • Option to hide the public calendar URL
  • Cron jobs can have parameters via the GUI.
  • Create event via web link for GO users
  • Z-Push 2.2.4
  • Email: Fixed problem when emailing with only BCC address and debug mode is set to True.
  • Projects2: Enable and disable the correct items in the context menu based on the user's permissions.
  • Status of an order will automatically be set to the paid status when enough payment is added
  • Project will not set values from its parent if the field are not available in the select template for the new project
  • Fix error message that is showing when installation is disabled in the config.php file
  • Projects2: Disable the "Add project" button when the user wants to add a new project to the root node and doesn't have manage permissions on the projects2 module


12 Ottobre 2015 - 89MB
  • Invalid contact color fixed
  • Projects2: Added parent permissions check when adding new project.
  • Projects2: Use the parent permissions to disable/enable the "Add project" button
  • Won't reset the Project display panel when added a new project anymore.
  • Deleted user groups left some garbage in the database
  • Email: Added functionality to decode uuencoded attachment in emails
  • Ticket import, increased the cc_addresses field to fit more email addresses


7 Ottobre 2015 - 89MB
  • Added Cron task for Correcting the quota user (will execute ones after this update)
  • Quota will be added the the user that owns the home folder the file is placed into
  • Filesize of older versions will also be added to the quota of the owner.
  • Recalculation will recalculated based on above changes.
  • Added prefix for contact and company images.
  • Use date sent instead of date received as default column in mail
  • Use Base64 encoding for mail body to improve performance and memory usage
  • Inviting a participant to an exception of a recurring series didn't work
  • Fix for password hash in older php versions < 5.5.
  • No infolog message when logout is called for a user that's not logged in.
  • Projects2: Fixed automatic entry of project manager (current user) when creating a new project.


28 Settembre 2015 - 89MB
  • Projects2: Fixed template events bug cased by change in SelectEmployee combo
  • Projects2: Changed the taskspanel collapse button to the GO default. This solves the problem of not being able to hide the panel when the panel itself is disabled.
  • Holidays month report grid will show correct weekend and week numbers for each month
  • Holidays that are booked over 2 months will show correctly in month report grid
  • Email: Fixed problem with UUencoded attachments in some emails.
  • Billing: total amount paid will be set to 0 when duplicating an order


21 Settembre 2015 - 89MB
  • Updated Spanish translation
  • Files: file quota will be added to the owner of the home folder the file a placed into
  • Holidays: Year credit column is back, Editing year credit with double click works, total hours are calculated from start + end time


15 Settembre 2015 - 89MB
  • BETA: Outlook 2013 support for ActiveSync. For testing only!
  • Duplicate links option for billing
  • Addressbook: fixed display of telephone number in the company employees tab.
  • Last ID field of an order book no longer uses thousand separator
  • Empty error when entering weak password
  • warning about closure and callable
  • use password_hash function if available (PHP 5.5+)
  • Email: Disable moving the INBOX folder itself to a subfolder For MS mailservers that allow this
  • Fixed sieve date operator combobox loading for existing criteria
  • Enhancements in holidays module.
  • Calendar context menu removed for items that are not calendar events


(release di sicurezza)
2 Settembre 2015 - 89MB
  • IMPORTANT: Fixed security problem with LDAP authentication. If you use this you must upgrade immediately.
  • Calendar: Changed permissions for calendar categories. Global calendar categories now still have permissions. Calendar specific categories now have the same permissions as the calendar itself instead of own permissions.
  • Files the quota bar will show the quote of the owner of the folder that is viewed
  • Remove PHP customfield type from Group-Office core and change to database to use Phpcustomfieldtype module. NOTE: if PHP customfield was used install the "Phpcustomfieldtype" module to continue using it
  • When deleting a user his calendar and calendar views will be removed as well.
  • Email: Added a checkbox to the account settings to manage if the signature is printed above or underneath the reply message block.
  • Sieve: Added currentdate sieve functions
  • Log entry of projects2/template-icons on each login removed
  • Add button in tickets and notes disabled if no category / type was selected.
  • Raised department field of contact to 100 chars
  • Core: Added error message for when a linkhandler cannot be found
  • Calendar: Fixed cases for enabling the Delete menuitem in the calendar event context menu.
  • User::sudo() will work without being logged in.
  • Saved exports: make label sortable in the column chooser
  • Change user in time registration fixed
  • Caldav: added missing table "dav_calendar_changes"
  • Fixed problem with posting multiselect customfield in the notes module
  • LDAP disk_quota support by running it as admin
  • Select project manager bug
  • Create new acl lists when copying folders
  • Tasks/Schedule call: Fixed several issues with the schedulecall dialog
  • Set always_populate_raw_post_data to "-1" for z-push resyncing problem in PHP 5.6
  • Common: Fixed reminder sound for Default and Extjs theme
  • CalDAV will look at the calendar version and uses this is a sync token instead of mtime + count
  • The manager field is searchable in the project dialog
  • Addressbook/Email: Fixed sending of newsletters when imapauth module is used and the config for saving passwords in the DB is set to False.
  • Search within billing items
  • Calendar: Fixed calendar selection in event "move" dialog when an event is edited before.
  • Customfields: Added a read only text field as datatype
  • Disapproved time entry can be edited and will be set to closed afterwards
  • Fixed compatibility with php 5.3 code in smime module.
  • Don't ignore application/applefile
  • Unnecessary sync of template items folder removed
  • Fixed export in activity log
  • Include init_script if set in $config['init_script']


10 Agosto 2015 - 89MB
  • Select all users as project manager
  • Autocomplete in custom select field
  • Delete reminders with their parent object
  • reminder sorting fixed
  • Use search query in total value for invoicable projects
  • Year Credit can be created if you have manage permissions on the leavedays module
  • Sieve: Removed auto adding of "Stop" for rules other than "Spam".
  • Sieve: Make sure "Spam" rules are always the first.
  • Creating invoice from time entries (post calculation) can insert comments in invoice item using {comments} tag
  • Change Z-Push install script to download the latest 2.2.2 version
  • Added "Show Mine Only" button to Projects V2


5 Agosto 2015 - 89MB
  • Comment option removed from link dialog
  • Updated norwegian language
  • Removed x-ua-compatible meta tag from all themes
  • Drag multiday event in month grid for second day will create correct exception
  • Select the first visible item in a multi select list when none selected (Tasklists, Notebooks)
  • GOTA Login dialog did not appear anymore when logged out in Group-Office
  • WebDAV locks stored in database for better performance.
  • Fixed issue where the VALARM of a VEVENT was missing the hours in the local timezone difference on full day events
  • Fixed bug in billing items autocomplete
  • Brought back new sub item in projects2
  • Added start date to sub projects grid
  • Fixed full view of profile image
  • Added URL to vcard export
  • Double substraction of a minute on all day event bug fixed
  • Support for multiple EXDATE values comma separated in ICS files
  • Theme selection: Fix for when Group-Office is branded that the Group-Office theme is not found anymore.
  • Billing: Itemsgrid - Height of items description editor in the items grid is automatically changed to the height of the cell.
  • Added workflow information to the event display dialog
  • Removed PHP5.4 short array declaration method from smime CertificatControlller
  • Fixed bug in calendar week print when an event would run from before 19:00 till after 07:00 the next day
  • Fixed bug where event duplicated on recurring events with exceptions
  • Improved etag values for caldav everywhere
  • Replaced Flash notification sound player with a HTML5 version.
  • Files: Added a download button to the files grid.
  • Sieve: Fixed problem with saving of Out of office tab when sieve file was empty initially.
  • Added relational data to Group.php and UserGroup.php
  • Sieve: Fixed problem with the Out of office tab "Aliasses" field when putting in multiple addresses on multiple lines.
  • Bookmarks: Make local urls also available to add as a bookmark.


21 Luglio 2015 - 89MB
  • Improved etag values for caldav
  • Removed funambol all day flag as it causes problems with thunderbird all day event changes
  • Set project field when creating linked invoice from project
  • Applied new task colors to links and start page as well
  • Sieve: Fixed index problem with sieve rules


17 Giugno 2015 - 89MB
  • Updated Czech and German translations
  • Billing: Added tax_code display to the tax column in the items grid
  • namespace problem in ttf fonts for tcpdf
  • Sieve: Fixed sieve out of office problem with multiple aliases.
  • Sieve: Move the "Out of office" rule always to the end of the sieve file.
  • Email: fixed importing VCards in Email attachment
  • Calendar: Undo the recurrence not correct exception because it causes the calendar for not being loaded at all.
  • Tasks: Fixed loading problem of the tasks grid. (Sometimes the loadingmask kept hanging)
  • Email: Composer will reload signature without full reload
  • Email: Labels context menu will change when Labels are changed without full reload
  • Sieve: Removed "Stop" from default "Out of office" rule
  • Billing Order item description field autocompletes the description of a product as well


5 Giugno 2015 - 89MB
  • text attachments displayed inline only when no disposition=attachment is present
  • Sieve: Updated German language
  • Billing: Items Grid: Disabled "getEditorParent" because of problem with Chrome browsers for not being able to open the texeditor anymore
  • Duplicating a project saved to soon, causing validation errors with unique custom fields
  • Projects2 analyzer: ACL permissions would cause total time entry duration values to multiply
  • Fixed isImage detection for uppercase extensions
  • Projects2: Added invoiceable option for project income. With exclamation mark in grid
  • Set combobox text in contact field on the Schedule call dialog
  • Projects2: Added Duplicate button to Project Panel, added Edit button to Tree ContextMenu
  • Groups: Fixed error message "Failed to run delete from model" problem with deleting users from groups.
  • Sieve: Added default alias always to the sieve alias(:addresses) line
  • Sieve: Added reply time to the out of office panel.
  • Sieve: Restyled out of office panel with an advanced properties section
  • Fixed missing 'incomplete' column when sorting tasks on 'completed at'
  • Added "length" parameter to the debug action so a longer log can be requested if needed
  • Fixed namespace problem with Exception class in Store.php file.


26 Maggio 2015 - 89MB
  • Reminders: order the list on the vtime property
  • Files: Fixed copy and paste functionality over different file browser dialogs/windows
  • Invalid utf8 when creating short usernames in the calendar


20 Maggio 2015 - 89MB
  • Updated VObject lib to 3.4.3
  • Fixed DTSTART value in VTIMEZONE object when exporting to ICS
  • IMAP communication bug with empty body
  • Fixed display of status Open in ticket never close status settings
  • Display html and text attachments in view


15 Maggio 2015 - 89MB
  • Added config option for max thumbnail-able image file size (set default to 10MB)
  • Calendar: Fixed display of tasks without start_date in the calendar
  • Email em_labels table engine was changed to InnoDB
  • Projects2 Expense budget has more field and dialog is updated
  • Projects2: unset invoice_number when contract is duplicated
  • Process SMIME handlers on reply too but hide encrypted body.
  • Updated German translation
  • Set language and timezone when user logs in with dav
  • Various caldav related fixes
  • Billing: Fixed problem with "Enter" in the billing items description field to start a new line.
  • Added "Download selected" option in the context menu of the file manager. (Creates a zip of the selected files and presents the download dialog.)
  • Added a "Limit"(Maximum size) option for the zipped files file size. ($config['zip_max_file_size'] = 256000000;)
  • Drag and drop projects from grid to tree
  • Added custom fields to projects portlet on start page
  • Added export of subprojects
  • Fixed short array syntax problem.
  • Added z-push config constant for modules/z-push/config.php define("BACKEND_GO_DEFAULT_BODY_PREFENCE", SYNC_BODYPREFERENCE_PLAIN); to solve blackbertt password problem:
  • Check available storage client side in files upload dialog
  • Files tree will expend when a favorite folder item is selected to enersable Up button
  • Updated Czech and German translations
  • Use putenv to fix charset issues in documents module
  • Add config.php option "zpush_always_send_attachments" for testing:
  • Support multiple email aliases in SMIME verification
  • Sort on manager in leave days module
  • Added default color set to GO.form.ColorField, removed custom colors from calendar ColorPickerDialog
  • Email invites: events can always be updated from an email and a link was added to open the event
  • Sieve is working without SSL domain check in PHP 5.6
  • Add random $salt to user password for PHP 5.6
  • Leaveday: would give an error when trying to delete a Year Credit
  • Multiselect group will not select first item on reload when nothing was selected (see groups in user module)


5 Maggio 2015 - 89MB
  • Task start time is now optional
  • IMPORTANT: z-push 2.2.1 support. Upgrade z-push too after this upgrade!
  • Wrong custom field function result in rare cases
  • Permissions for calendar categories on upgrade are set to owner now
  • Changed the calendar import success message to an info dialog instead of warning.
  • Files: Added username, musername ans locked by to file properties dialog
  • Zpushadmin: Fixed notice error with defining version file multiple times
  • Removed row limit from visible groups in the User dialog's permissions tab
  • Tickets: Fixed display problem with the status combo in the message dialog
  • Tickets: fixed problem with comments "browse" button in the display panel
  • Fix sort order by name in addresslist contacts
  • Email: Fixed problem with "label" column when changing account.
  • Tickets: Added total ticket count to ticket statusses


14 Aprile 2015 - 89MB
  • Billing generated invoice numbers can have the year prefixed with 2 digits as well using lowercase %y
  • Sending Newsletters will not remove spaces in encoded characters
  • Projects/Start page: Fixed status filter problem in the projects startpage widget.
  • Set session cookie to secure on SSL connections
  • Calendar: Exception on the first day of the recurrence didn't work
  • Link of second email reply not automatically linked
  • Tickets: Fixed html encoding problem for type combobox in the ticket dialog
  • Projects: Added contracts functionality for income.
  • Comments: added category column in grid
  • Tickets: fixed issue when creating invoices from tickets
  • Smarter reminder import for events and tasks
  • Don't stop importing on large vevent objects
  • Export error in tasks when custom fields module is not installed
  • private flag synced with caldav
  • Icalendar export ordered by start time to avoid recurring event problems.
  • Disable copy on calendar invites
  • delete exception on all day event not working for caldav
  • SaveMailAs: Added the plain email body to the tasks description field.
  • Email: Some email attachments would not show in exceptional cases
  • Tickets: Fixed store call to billing/costcodes for "administration->rates" costcode combo.
  • Customfields: its now possible to create more then 127 categories, field was tinyint(4)


31 Marzo 2015 - 89MB
  • Community with just billing license didn't work
  • Calendar: Disable the recurrence tab when editing a recurrence "child" event.
  • Projects2: Task will use default working week to calculate due date when user is not set
  • Tasks: sorting tasks by project works with Projects2 now
  • Leavedays: only users with write permission to the leavedays module can delete booked leave days
  • Added $config['calendar_disable_merge'] = true; to disable merge of events in calendar view
  • Bookmarks: Fixed problem with showing bookmarks without having a grid state set in the database.
  • Cron: Fixed namespace problem with GOFS Cronjobs
  • Tickets: Changed the ticketNumber to a static value for the email subject. So removed the ticket number prefix from the subject property of the ticket settings.
  • Tickets: Added a fix to check if a cc email address is set that is also used as a import mailbox for tickets


20 Marzo 2015 - 89MB
  • Fix missing manage permissions for calendar category owners
  • Creating a task from email in Thunderbird works
  • Task linking with projects is now compatible with Projects2
  • External fee of a time entry will be recalculated if the activity type changes
  • Calendar portlet: Don't display the events in the appointments widget that are not shared anymore to the user.
  • Notes: Fixed reset of dialog when getting an encryption password error message.
  • Documenttemplates: Added button "Email from template" to the "New" menu in the displaypanels for items.
  • Summary(Start page): Fixed problem with removing group "Everyone" from announcements.
  • Projects2: Controller action that takes over closed weeks from Projects v1, also during Projects2 install.
  • Improved error message of cron when ioncube is not installed
  • Fixed duplicate key error when creating projects
  • Holidays: Added 5th of may as a holiday every 5 year (2015, 2020 etc. ) (Only in Dutch holidays)
  • Bookmarks: Added extra column view to bookmarks
  • Addressbook: Fixed measurements of contact Photo thumb
  • Billing: Removed faulty costcode controller file
  • Mail/Sieve: Added check if the mailbox extension for sieve is available on the mailserver
  • Files: Removed acl check for diskquota when deleting a file
  • Files: Added check for file already exist in addFileSystemFile


9 Marzo 2015 - 89MB
  • Email: Fixed namespace problem with sending email.
  • Files: Fixed problem with deletion of files when deleting them one at a time. (Sometimes the file was not deleted from disk after that.)


5 Marzo 2015 - 89MB
  • Fixed unlink permission denied error on windows when sending email
  • New config option $config['disable_mail'] = true; to disable all mail sending
  • Calendar: Added pager to categories selection in the event dialog
  • Email/Sieve: Added possibility to check for sieve capabilities on the server.
  • Billing: Fixed problem with duedate calculation if the bTime field is empty


2 Marzo 2015 - 89MB
  • Fixed GOTA on windows servers
  • JsonPost validation and fixes for the TabbedFormDialogs
  • Event store will not try to search for events when calendar is not found
  • Use OPENSSL_CIPHER_3DES for smime encryption
  • Billing: Fixed problem that the trackingcodes or costcodes are not saved when only editing one of those fields in the items grid.
  • Billing: Fixed display of 0 in the pdf_template and odf_template fields of the order status when they are not set
  • Tickets: Fixed enters in email templates for mails that are send to the ticketagent.


27 Febbraio 2015 - 89MB
  • Billing: sales agent names optional in order grid.
  • Address book: pagination for addresslist select when setting up a new newsletter.
  • Calendar & Tasks: fixed displaying task details in calendar list view.
  • Email: Fixed bug in emailcomposer that didn't apply the changes made in the "Source editor" when saving/sending while the composer is in source edit mode.
  • Strip non ascii chars from message-id in mail to workaround Incredimail bug
  • Billing: optimized autocomplete in trackingcode combobox of the itemsgrid
  • Email/Sieve: Out of office saving dates conversion bug fixed.
  • Tickets: Email to agent is now of content-type "text/html"


20 Febbraio 2015 - 89MB
  • Updated French translation
  • Tasks: Fixed loading of displaypanel after closing the "Continue task" dialog.
  • Sieve: Fixed form validation of "Out of office" tab when creating a new account.
  • Namespace bug in sieve module
  • Restrict deletion of project templates that are in use.
  • Tickets: Fixed wrong ticketcount
  • Tickets: Sort agents for "change responsible agents" on their names
  • Leavedays: fixed display of estimated leave hours (sometimes it was not shown).
  • Leavedays: display used holiday hours in the leave days in the calendar module.
  • Leave days / holidays: Year credit export button for admins and holiday managers.
  • Fixed linked items when using document templates.
  • Better font display in email client.
  • Tickets billing bug fixed
  • Better filename when saving mail to PC


19 Febbraio 2015 - 89MB
  • Billing: Fixed and optimized the trackingcode and costcode selects in the items grid. Added autocomplete to the select fields
  • Fixed updating calendar event from external email client
  • To utf8 bug in active directory
  • Email: Added $config['email_autolink_companies'] so email will also be linked to the company when a contact has a company relation. ($config['email_autolink_contacts'] also need to be set to true)
  • Sieve: Added :create after the fileinto action. This will autocreate the folder if it doesnt exist.
  • Sieve: Fixed "Mark as read" sieve rule.
  • Sieve: Added new out of office tab in the email settings dialog.
  • Projects: don't focus project field on editing
  • Cron job doesn't send mail but logs warnings


10 Febbraio 2015 - 89MB
  • Brazilian language Saturday is UTF-8 encoded
  • Comments: Changed order column of comments from ID to Ctime
  • Email: Added properties button to the email client which will give the user direct access to the account settings window
  • Files folders were always created for projects
  • project template create error
  • Login bug on windows servers
  • UTF-8 conversion is done for ActiveDirectory LDAP servers
  • LDAP_OPT_REFERRALS is set to 0 by default for LDAP connections
  • Leaveday module manager may change the YearCredit and approve registered leave days
  • Active Directory auth fix: LDAP_OPT_REFERRALS is default set to 0


27 Gennaio 2015 - 89MB
  • Autocomplete failing after moving email composer fixed
  • Search with utf8 characters in address book was broken
  • Fixed font-style display in some emails
  • Export timeregistration error fixed
  • Include ID's in columns for export
  • Fixed SMIME decryption of outlook messages
  • Fixed IE bug with colorfield in company dialog
  • Support repeat on workdays of thunderbird in caldav
  • Fixed caldav bug related to case sensitity in the UID database fields
  • Document templates failed with special characters in the name on some servers.
  • Merge events in calendar was broken
  • Ignore unsupported reminder values in icalendar
  • Delete task bug in community version
  • Uninstall of module did not work completely. Some installed checks still returned true.
  • Wrong parent ID in z-push mail folders which prevented sub/sub/sub folders from syncing


20 Gennaio 2015 - 89MB
  • Resources not showing
  • $config['calendar_tasklist_show'] option is merge from 6.0
  • $config['debug_usernames'] for turning on debug mode for specific users.
  • Replace recurring series completely with caldav to avoid problems of buggy clients
  • Repeating event with caldav that started on 0:00 hours repeated on wrong weekday
  • Replace contact with user in calendar event adds appointment to calendar now.
  • Fixed open task from context menu in calendar
  • Projects2: button to duplicate incomes and expenses.


12 Gennaio 2015 - 89MB
  • Billing license check error


7 Gennaio 2015 - 89MB
  • Removed project time entry overlapping check
  • Replace namespace delimiter with dash in listeners cache
  • Fixed to field in email sent folder in wide view.
  • Restored windows binaries for zip and libwbxml
  • Automatically delete file when download link expires is available again
  • Projects2: added column 'customer' for sub projects.
  • Timeregistration: If time is next day was checked the field will be checked when editing the time entry
  • Billing: fixed due date for new created recurring events
  • Cut attribute lengths when importing tickets
  • Deleting task category deleted tasks too.
  • Permission error when creating a project in the root and template inherits type from parent
  • Notes: Fixed problem with creating notes from the "New" menu in other modules
  • Correct week number in disapproval email of time entry
  • Custom fields: fix to display custom fields of type Heading.
  • Custom fields: fixed on-click event of Contact/Company custom fields.
  • License check failed in 6.1.12


22 Dicembre 2014 - 89MB
  • Fixed mail send error that occured with php < 5.4


15 Dicembre 2014 - 89MB
  • Shared files tree regenerated cache when item on ACL is delete
  • Fixed when Editing a time entry dialog or added a time entry from the project's task list the task-field was empty
  • Active not category was not selected on new note
  • Save email as note was broken
  • Copy links when task recurs
  • Disabled acl overwrite checkbox if you don't have manage permission
  • Fixed disappearing event from month grid after second edit
  • Billing: Added tracking codes also to the order book cost codes
  • Filesearch has a limit of 3 minutes to read a file for indexing.
  • permissions panel not set after save of note book
  • Move event via context menu back in time failed
  • Copy customer and contact from parent project if set.
  • Only save to email to sent folder when at least one recipient succeeded.
  • Select project was rendered to small in some cases
  • Overtime hours columns in projects2 will be added with default value 0. if you already have the columns the values will not be changed
  • Canceled calendar items will be semi-transparent in IE7 and IE8 as well
  • Projects2: Added option to attach a new project to items in GO from the "new" button. In case of creating a project from an order, the customer and company will automatically be filled.
  • Billing: Changed template for the Contact select field, contacts are grouped by addressbook and the company is displayed behind the contact.
  • Tickets: Changed button url for external ticket page to "newTicket" instead of "ticketList"
  • Projects2: Project names cannot contain slashes.
  • Core: fixed timezone setting for Z-Push sync.
  • Workflow: namespace fix.
  • Addressbook: Added vcard export option to the addressbook export menu. The contacts of the current contacts grid are exported.
  • Hour approval: if an entry get disapproved the user will receive an email about this.
  • Hour approval: Week list will remember the week you are working in when approving entries
  • Timeregistration: Weeks/Months will show a red cross if it contains disapproved time entries.
  • Disable paste upload as it doesn't work with current chrome anymore
  • Change note password fixed
  • Ignore class not found in database check when custom field categories of old modules exist.
  • Added task ID to grid
  • Groups were limited to user pref in user dialog
  • Time Tracking: No overwriting travel distance with default distance.
  • Hour approval: Managers do not need to be member of the projects to approve entries. When they are manager of Hour Approval
  • Hour approval: When hour approval is installed. Closed entries may be change by mangers of the Hour approval module as well


30 Novembre 2014 - 89MB
  • Billing: Improved Costcode and trackingcode selection in the order items grid
  • Dropbox: Implemented new api for dropbox
  • Projects2 - Fixed wrong check for internal and external rates with project resources
  • TimeEntry Dialog used the http POST method for submitting tasks
  • Calendar: When adding participants, check if participant already can be found, if so then update the existing one, otherwise create a new one.
  • CalDAV tasks have support for "% complete" and "Priority"
  • CalDAV calanders will resync when tasks linked to the calendar are updated


21 Novembre 2014 - 89MB
  • A project container has status "None" on new installations that is created when Projects is installed.
  • Possible to add Human Resources to the Project Templates
  • Files in the Display panel will open in click and show properties when clicking on the info icon.
  • Separated the "filterable" and "show in tree" checkboxes in the project status
  • Added overtime rates with ability the enable them for each resource to Projects.
  • Incorrect message-id in sent folder of email
  • Fixed error when moving projects
  • Fixed template limit of 30 in select for new template action
  • Projects2: Added finance permissions tab to the settings dialog so that the users who can see the financial data of projects can be managed.
  • Address Book Advanced Search: now possible to search by ID.


(versione principale)
19 Novembre 2014 - 89MBThis release adds chat support and filesystem quotas per user.

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