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eFront is an open source learning management application. Initially released in 2007, eFront received the 2012 Best Open Source Solution award by Elearning! Magazine.

Installazione in 1 clic eFront

Installazione in 1 clic

Aggiornamento facile eFront

Aggiornamento facile

Salvataggio e ripristino eFront

Salvataggio e ripristino


Content Management Systems
Versione corrente
Ultimo aggiornamento
26 March 2015

Configurazione richiesta

Dimensione dell'installazione
105 Mo
open source
Veduta d'insieme

26 Marzo 2015 - 105MB
  • Fixed issue updating user status
  • Fixed issue updating user status and social modules activated
  • Fixed issue special character in lesson material
  • FIxed issue imageType when upper case file extension
  • Fixed issue apply a function to all units to linked units does not replace data with efront#special#text
  • Fixed issue group filter in lesson/course reports for professors/students
  • Fixed issue first inactive/empty unit - creating empty units as professor
  • Fixed issue user dashboard shows only not expired/not submitted projects
  • Fixed issue professor get the first valid unit when accessing content
  • Fixed issue user->getGroups returns groups in alphabetical order
  • Fixed issue groups filter in test reports
  • Fixed clear cache when activating/deactivating language
  • Fixed api create/update user name and surname with spaces
  • Fixed gradebook issue when count old users equals count new users in lesson
  • Fixed test completion notification not sent when test fails
  • Added missing header column in course excel reports
  • Various fixes in social functionality and social options
  • Fixed issues in random tests reports
  • Fixed pin_red icon in hotspot questions
  • Fixed performace issue in (skill-gap) tests (#6108)
  • Fixed issue about selecting questions when switching from random to non-random tests
  • Added remaining days information in course's lesson dashboard page visible to students (#6130)
  • Fixed facebook login issue (facebook api changes)
  • Fixed issue about time displayed in branch reports module
  • Added grid questions to feedback reports question analysis
  • Fixed csrf issues sent by Steffen Rösemann
  • Changed autologin to create a random string
  • Fixed showing tooltip for lesson/course info in index page
  • Fixed issue in mapped accounts about logging out current user in case the mapped account is an inactive user
  • Added load custom class in tests (ancient greek keyboard)
  • Prevent student to access another student certificate link manually
  • Fixed deleted skills taken into account when completing course/lesson
  • Fixed org chart not displaying for administrator

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