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17 May 2018

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Taille de l'installation
100.00 Mo
Base de données
open source
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Quoi de neuf

17 Mai 2018 - 100MBHighlights
  • added advanced SEO settings for site pages
  • added option to generate and update sitemap
  • removed hardcode for Submit form element (contributed by revkov https://github.com/oxwall/oxwall/pull/357)
  • made the reason for a profile suspension displayable on site
  • fixed preloader display for Simplicity theme
  • introduced hardcode ban to upload PHP files
  • introduced required PHP version check before platform update
  • when attempting to update plugins while there is an available platform update present, the system will warn admins to perform platform update first
  • fixed the display order for profile fields on profile view page within mobile version
  • changed URL attribution to https://developers.oxwall.com
  • changed anti-CSFR token lifetime to match user's on-site session time
  • fixed avatar crop bug on profile edit page
  • improved SSL integration with CloudFlare
  • forum: fixed display of quoted text for Simplicity theme (contributed by WalterMisar https://github.com/oxwall/simplicity/pull/7)
  • ads: fixed fatal error during plugin installation
  • video: fixed integration with dailymotion.com

Lire la suite: http://devblog.oxwall.com/2016/07/oxwall-1-8-4-released


16 Juin 2016 - 105MBPlatform [core]:
  • added CURL support for remote platform requests
  • added blocked users list
  • fixed message appearing during theme upload with missing update server connection
  • added option to use empty database user password during installation
  • fixed bug preventing cash clearing for configs during single script launches
  • added standard placeholder for forms, which displays invalid label
  • added Check Updates button to Admin Panel for manual update checks
  • added ALT HTML attribute for profile avatars on profile list page
  • added support for anti CSFR tokens, which are now used by all forms automatically. Individual usage access is also available.
  • removed Zend escaper functions
  • fixed mobile version bug preventing login from any page
  • removed .htaccess file from update pack
  • fixed bug with inverted commas within langs breaking stats on Admin Panel index page

Photos [photo]:
  • photo description is no longer cut due to tag presence
  • added ALT HTML attribute for photo thumbs within photo widget on profile view page, as well as photo lists (latest, top rated, most discussed)
  • added ALT HTML attribute for photos on separate photo view page
  • added GET parameter for temporary photos to prevent caching errors

Newsfeed [newsfeed]:
  • added ALT HTML attribute for displaying thumbs of various content

Messages [mailbox]:
  • blocked users no longer show up in contact list
  • contact list search now displays results with partially typed-in names
  • fixed bug with invitation label not disappearing in chat window
  • fixed JS error "TypeError: element.input is null" appearing while switching operation modes (chat/mail/chat+mail) in plugin settings

Video [video]:
  • added ALT HTML attribute for video thumbs on video listings page

Events [event];
  • added ALT HTML attribute for event thumbs

Groups [groups]:
  • added ALT HTML attribute for group thumbs

Lire la suite: http://devblog.oxwall.com/2016/05/oxwall-1-8-3-released


12 Janvier 2016 - 105MBThis is an important release which delivers several big things we’ve been working on.

  • added mobile version for new Simplicity theme.
  • license key is now required for commercial items during the installation of plugins/themes.
  • list of photos available for avatar upload is no longer duplicated on the Change Avatar page.
  • inverted commas within tags no longer cause errors on the content editing page.
  • improved stability for captcha display.
  • added new field type for fselect single choice, which allows to add unlimited number of values.
  • added User's Timezone option to User Preferences.
  • fixed Not Found errors for images on Admin Panel > Layout > Customize > Graphics page.
  • added basic customization option for mobile version theme in Admin Panel.
  • improved Amazon S3 support.
  • added option to disable captcha from Admin Panel.

  • private blog posts no longer show up in general Newsfeed.

Virtual Gifts:
  • any selected gift is now shown as selected in Simplicity theme.

  • fixed link for creation of topics in Forum Topics index widget.
  • added check during creation of new topic to see if a forum for this new topic exists.

  • empty albums no longer show up in User Albums widget on Profile View page.
  • fixed photo search by tag bug.
  • fixed bugs found during display of photos on photo lists.

  • fixed Google AdSense display bug.
  • fixed conflict with Geolocation Data plugin.

  • added new user action "Use Chat".

  • only expired invitations are now deleted by cron.

Lire la suite: http://blog.oxwall.org/2016/01/oxwall-1-8-1-released


(version majeure)
8 Septembre 2015 - 105MBThis is an important release which delivers several big things we've been working on.

  • introduced new default theme Simplicity (Frontend + Admin Panel)
  • redesigned navigation and notification system in Admin Panel
  • added widget support in Admin Panel
  • reorganized pages/interfaces/controls in Admin Panel for improved simplicity and comprehension
  • fixed possible collision in database during user authorization
  • password for "Guests can view the site with password" mode is now encrypted
  • total interface overhaul for Admin panel >> Appearance >> Edit theme >> Graphics
  • fixed bug within mobile version preventing avatar attachment during registration

  • fixed bug which duplicated photos in Top rated/Most discussed lists
  • empty albums are no longer displayed in album lists
  • added indices for fields entityId and entityType in table ow_photo_album

  • fixed link display in new message notifications
  • fixed attachment display in mobile version
  • added chat/message link within new message notification template in mobile version
  • all latest messages are now viewable in mobile version
  • fixed search for messages
  • fixed message lists paging in mobile version

Contact Importer:
  • added support for latest Facebook API

Facebook connect:
  • added support for latest Facebook API

  • enhanced synchronization with Newsfeed plugin

  • links within mobile version's notifications for new replies in subscribed topics now lead to mobile version's forum topic

Lire la suite: http://blog.oxwall.org/2015/09/oxwall-1-8-is-out

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16 Juillet 2015 - 105MBThe highlight of this release is mobile forum and mobile WYSIWYG.

  • update server SSL connection fixed
  • floatbox language editing in the admin panel is now scrollable
  • links processing within content now recognizes periods and other full-stop symbols in sentences
  • suspended users can now edit their avatars
  • mobile version: when users have no avatar selected, their Profile View page displays the default "No Avatar" image
  • generation of user hash salt passwords now employs the following method: UTIL_String::getRandomString
  • if the service "add to friends" is not available, users can now delete other profiles from their friend lists
  • added mobile version of the WYSIWYG editor
  • fixed SMTP connection settings test in the admin panel
  • special symbols are no longer encoded in the Profile View page in the About Me widget

User Privacy:
  • fixed the bug allowing one user accessing private photos of another user

  • unused attachments are now deleted by cron
  • mobile version: fixed the markup for conversations/user list

  • unused attachments are now deleted from the file system
  • when user changes the avatar, it also updates in the 'birthday' item

  • added mobile version

Social Sharing:
  • adapted for the site's mobile version
  • fixed the error 'Request-URI Too Large', which appeared when sharing content with extra volume of text/description

Contacts Importer:
  • Facebook API updated
  • added SSL support

Lire la suite: http://blog.oxwall.org/2015/07/oxwall-1-7-5-release


2 Juin 2015 - 105MBPlatform:
  • avatar size limit can be changed in admin area now
  • fixed issues with responsive google ads displaying
  • fixed issues with robots.txt syntax
  • Flag Content button shows only for loged in users now in mobile/desktop versions
  • fixed issues with Custom Page termination
  • fixed fatal error with Date field type on Search page
  • added User list component

  • added advanced search
  • added an optional search engine Zend Lucene - increases search results relevancy significantly
  • added "Filter by user" language key

  • now users can edit/view personal photos when service "View photo" is not active

  • fixed issues with plugin using all memory running a cron task
  • fixed issue with a Logged Out user showing as Online in Mobile Version
  • fixed issue with Read messages showing as Unread
  • fixed interface issues with Conversation Windows and Messages Page

  • Like and Delete buttons work in mobile version now
  • fixed issues with Status Update video upload
  • fixed issue with an uploaded video not playing in mobile version

  • added lang keys for group invitations in site console

Social Sharing:
  • social services' management interface is based on Ajax now

  • added missing lang keys
  • fixed Birthday icon in Newsfeed item

Lire la suite: http://blog.oxwall.org/2015/06/oxwall-1-7-4-is-released


(version de sécurité)
15 Avril 2015 - 105MBPlatform:
  • fixed issues with text editing in "Welcome Widget"
  • fixed issues with saving settings in Admin Panel > Privacy&Permissions > Roles
  • made custom "No avatar" image appear in all appropriate places on the site
  • removed debug warning message on profile view page in the mobile version
  • revised the apostrophe support for translations into other languages
  • made language's system prefixes importable
  • removed the redundant setting "Allow photo upload" in Admin Panel > Settings > User Settings > Content Input
  • fixed the display of a suspended user's profile page in mobile version
  • passwords set by the site admin under "Guests can view the site with password" mode are now encrypted
  • fixed the bug preventing the user to proceed further from the Join page without uploading an avatar, under conditions of selected "display" option for "Display Photo Upload" setting
  • fixed security issue related to ow_static folder

  • fixed security issue allowing to delete other users' comments

  • removed the ability to send empty messages
  • fixed sound notifications
  • fixed a JS error appearing when opening older messages during the message search of a specific user
  • fixed the message display order in conversation during fast type
  • activated the options button (gear) for conversations list in Chrome
  • made the links inside conversations to display properly
  • fixed the bug with perpetual preloader when user attempts to view conversation with no permissions
  • fixed the link to a conversation posted within message text of email notifications concerning new messages

Geolocation data:
  • added new plugin

  • made it impossible to set "Maximum file size" bigger than "Server limit" in plugin settings
  • fixed the display order of photos on the Photo List page in Firefox and IE
  • made the "Add Photo" button disappear if the action is not available for a chosen user role

  • fixed the error appearing during topic search by username

Contact importer:
  • fixed fatal error appearing during user registration by invitation

Lire la suite: http://blog.oxwall.org/2015/04/oxwall-1-7-3-is-out


26 Novembre 2014 - 105MBPlatform:
  • fully re-imagined and enhanced the "Flags" feature: redesigned the page for moderators, to more effectively and simpler review and manage all flagged content. The link to the page will now appear in the Console for quicker access.
  • fully re-imagined and enhanced the "Flags" feature: added the ability to flag all following content: users, events, comments, and newsfeed status updates.
  • redesigned the interface for user avatar upload on "Join Form" and "Change Avatar" pages.
  • added the option for admin/moderator to list the reason for the user suspension, which will be send to users' email address.
  • added the option for suspended users to delete their profiles from the site.
  • fixed a bug affecting the user avatar display in console notifications after user changes avatars.
  • the system now recognizes the value of php.ini directive "max_post_size" during the upload of a new theme archive.
  • fixed a bug affecting the display of embed videos inserted through rich media in blogs, forum topics and newsfeed status updates.
  • the invitation code is now removed from the database after the user is recognized as successfully registered on the site.
  • made the invitations sent through Facebook contact importer eligible for registration, when "by invitations only" mode is on.
  • added button "Mail notifications" in the Console for quicker access.
  • during the import of language packs, only language keys of the installed plugins are added to the database now.
  • removed the check for PHP directive "register_globals" in the installation script, since the directive is no longer supported by PHP http://php.net/manual/en/security.globals.php
  • fixed a bug which affected the behavior of frozen widgets in the Admin Area.
  • fixed a bug which allowed a profile registered through Facebook Connect but without all required fields filled to appear on the site.
  • made the label "More" in the context menu of the "View profile" page to be a part of the language system.
  • added an error message to be displayed when a user changes password, but enters a wrong value during password confirmation.
  • added correct https support for operation of individual SSL pages.
  • introduced the size limit for the event log file. In addition, there is now an option to add exceptions to the log for the most frequent events.
  • error log is now divided into separate contexts.

  • the plugin's performance and stability is significantly improved.
  • increased the speed of search within conversations.
  • increased the speed of user search during the creation of a new message.
  • increased the display size of the conversation window.
  • added formatting buttons, including bold, italic, underline, and link.
  • added option to perform group actions with conversations.
  • icons "envelope" and "bubble" are no longer displayed in the conversations list, if either of the Chat or Mailbox modes are on.
  • the behavior of the "Back" button for a conversation in the list is now more clear: it now appears only when a user added a conversation response.
  • added an attachment indicator for a conversation in the list, if it includes at least one attachment inside.
  • the Console now loads more conversations during the first activation of the "Messages" button.
  • added plugin option "Allow to send messages once in" for admin to prevent receiving spam sent by bots.
  • fixed the error "Call to a member function getId()"

  • fixed a bug preventing a photo to resize correctly during the switch from "View full size" to regular mode.
  • fixed a bug affecting the display of photos in the album “Profile cover gallery”, when photos' privacy is set to "My friends only".
  • fixed the display of the photo description in the "Photo view" page title.view
  • added social sharing buttons on the "Photo view" page, if the Social Sharing plugin is installed.
  • added option to include hashtags for photos in any language.
  • fixed a bug preventing the editing of album covers if the Amazon Cloud mode is activated on the site.
  • fixed the display of the meta tag value "description" on the page "Most discussed photos"
  • reduced space size taken by photos after conversion. The reduction is achieved through lowering of the end quality ration during the conversion.

  • "Edit" button is no longer displayed to moderators, unless they are specifically assigned blog moderation rights.
  • fixed the display format of a newsfeed record about the creation of new blog posts.

  • added support of thumbnail grabbing for embed videos from Facebook.
  • fixed the display of embed videos, which had percentage values for width in their embed code.

  • fixed a bug allowing a user to delete another user's post after leaving a comment after it.

Contact us:
  • captcha field is now displayed on Contact form for suspended users.

Lire la suite: http://blog.oxwall.org/2014/11/oxwall-1-7-2-is-out


25 Août 2014 - 105MBMost notable changes:
  • New join form for mobile version (which didn't make it to the 1.7 release);
  • Messages plugin enhancements (based on feedback and real-life testing).

  • new join form for mobile version;
  • reorganized action buttons for profiles on the profile view page; new buttons 'more' and 'moderate' for grouped actions;
  • default avatar image vulnerability in the Admin Panel is fixed;
  • the bug preventing the save of changes in the admin panel > user settings >general due to the error 'The image is not valid' is fixed;
  • all comments longer than 150 symbols are now truncated, and "View more" link is added;
  • display of profile action buttons in mobile version is fixed;
  • new option to create links to external sites in mobile menu;
  • design improvements for account type administration interfaces;
  • embedded videos are now playable on-site, no need to leave for external destinations.

  • new form to create a message and select recipient;
  • various performance improvements;
  • new tooltip with user info on user avatar mouseover;
  • new invitation labels within text inputs for clarity;
  • new option to send messages to users who have no permission to 'read', 'write' and 'continue chat', in case the site has pre-installed Memberships and User Credits plugins;
  • 'Chat now' button now disappears when user is online and the mode 'Chat Only' is turned on;
  • new line formatting bug is fixed (sorry for this one).

  • both "post_max_size" and "upload_max_filesize" PHP settings are now recognized during the calculation of file's maximum limit for upload;
  • action buttons for albums are now displayed on album view page;
  • optimized display performance of 'User's albums' widget on profile view for users with a large number of photos;
  • the bug affecting 'Add photo' button for users with unavailable 'upload photos' service is fixed.

  • group description text on the group listing page is now truncated after 300 symbols;
  • now user automatically unfollows the group after leaving it;
  • the bug allowing unauthorized users to delete wall comments is fixed.

  • performance optimization for supporting large number of topics.

  • vimeo support now fixed.

  • design improvements for the widget and newsfeed listing.

  • display of private events in user dashboard is fixed.

Lire la suite: http://blog.oxwall.org/2014/08/oxwall-1-7-1-is-out


(version majeure)
8 Juillet 2014 - 65MBImportant changes:
  • New option to assign specific user roles for each account type;
  • New option to assign separate list of profile questions for each account type;
  • Modified user permission check (developers, you need to adapt your plugins!);
  • Attachments for all media (messages, forums, comments, etc) are redesigned (designers, you may need to adapt your themes!);
  • Comment box redesigned (designers, you may need to adapt your themes!);

Highlight: Complete photo redesign
  • New advanced bulk photo upload;
  • New photo list view;
  • New photo album view;
  • Optimized photo preview (info and comments in sidebar);
  • Search by keywords, users, hashtags;
  • Full-screen slideshow;
  • Photos posted to newsfeed are now collected in a photo album.

Highlight: Complete messages redesign and mobile version support
  • Chat only mode, mail only mode, or both;
  • Additional on-page interface for chat with saved history;
  • Now possible to send a message from mailbox to any recipient;
  • Revamped attachments for both chat and mail;
  • Inline images and video in chat;
  • Chat and mail is now also in Oxwall mobile browser version.

  • reduced base.css file size by moving admin panel css to separate file /admin/css/admin.css
  • redesigned installation process
  • updated Amazon S3 libraries
  • updated PHPMailer library
  • added optional error log file
  • redesigned files/photos/videos attachments used by comments, messages, forum, etc.
  • fixed attachments in mobile version on Amazon S3 to make them storable
  • updated user input filtering settings to prevent XSS and invalid html content
  • fixed join form to prevent it from resetting without a user joining
  • fixed the issue with failure to send notifications if a user hasn't changed notifications preferences
  • updated system 500 error page with error details for admin (!)
  • added option to update plugins by uploading them from admin panel via "add new" plugin form
  • fixed error appearing when a new plugin is added with duplicate folder name
  • dropped IE9 support
  • added IE11 support
  • extended the list of errors with FTP operations
  • improved account types support
  • added option to assign specific user roles for each account type
  • added option to assign separate list of profile questions for each account type
  • fixed the desktop version link in the mobile version for cases when content is not available in the mobile version
  • redesigned comment box
  • added proper user login redirect, sending users to the first page in the main menu, accessible only to logged-in users
  • fixed displaying columns for "single choice" profile questions on search form
  • fixed unsubscribe from site notifications option
  • added option to remove site theme from admin panel
  • made automatic removal of outgoing mails from ow_base_mail table if a user was deleted from the site
  • added option to disable site mobile version from the admin panel
  • made values removal automatically if a related question was deleted
  • fixed WYSIWYG editor in IE11
  • replaced WURFL library with Mobileesp
  • fixed invalid routing when site is installed into subfolder with "www" as part of domain name
  • fixed user redirect from mobile to desktop version for non-logged-in users with "guests can view the site" option disabled

Virtual gifts:
  • fixed category display on the page "Add new gift"

Facebook connect:
  • added additional step with required profile questions after the first sign-up

  • made invitations removal for passed events automatically
  • applied user permission "view event" to event lists
  • fixed displaying updated event title in newsfeed

  • complete redesign and merger with Instant Chat, becoming a new single plugin called Messages
  • added mobile version support
  • added indication for sender if a recipient profile is suspended

  • redesigned photos displaying format
  • added option to remove comments from other users on profile page for profile owner
  • fixed items sorting on my profile's newsfeed

  • updated embed code filtering to prevent non valid html
  • made all embed videos posted through newsfeed status update automatically saved to the profile's videos

  • redesigned plugin: new upload process, 2 modes of photo view (vertical, horizontal), 2 modes of photo list (classic, pinterest), search photos by username, hashtags, and tons of other improvements
  • added option to download photos for site users
  • fixed photos' links in notification in mobile version
  • made all photos posted through newsfeed status update automatically saved to the user's album
  • optimized photo processing to reduce disk space usage

  • removed moderation option from admin panel
  • fixed user follow logic: user A starts following user B's content if user B accepts a friend request
  • fixed warning message when friends plugin is deactivated

  • fixed displaying updated group title on the new group forum creation page, if the title has been changed previously
  • added an ability to customize group's page for site moderator

  • fixed search option in IE10/IE11

  • fixed center align option on add new image page

  • fixed "view all" link on index widget

Lire la suite: http://blog.oxwall.org/2014/07/oxwall-1-7-release


(version majeure)
8 Janvier 2014 - 65MBAdded mobile version platform supporting the following features:
  • navigation
  • system pages (splash screen, site maintenance, user not reviewed, passworded site access, etc.)
  • user profile (sign-in, view, list)
  • photos (upload, view)
  • newsfeed (base, photos)
  • real time activity notifications (base, comments, friends, groups, events)
  • moderation options (profile deletion, suspension)
  • mobile theme customization
  • facebook connect
  • reset password
  • RTL support
  • auto-login for returning visitors

  • updated jquery library to version 2.0.3
  • added PHP 5 support
  • added theme autoupdate support
  • fixed issue with sent letters not being deleted from the database during cron execution
  • added site user status recognition (not approved, suspended, etc.) when they are displayed in site listings
  • removed duplicated indexes in core database
  • fixed issue with non-recognition of changes made to the profile questions on the join form
  • removed duplicate meta tags, and added new meta tags to plugin and core pages
  • added proper support of remote user IP when the software operates via Nginx and/or Cloudflare
  • removed option "Column count" for profile questions, which lack multiple choice values
  • fixed regexp validation for form fields like email
  • fixed issue with profile registration when the site features several account types and is closed for password access
  • made join form to check username for uniqueness when site access is closed for not logged-in users
  • fixed issue with inability to add new menu items in the main section when it is empty
  • fixed issue with failure to display video thumbnails for YouTube videos uploaded through media panel
  • added check for removal of install folder after successful software installation (for security reasons)
  • fixed issue with failure to add lang key, when default language is not active
  • added check for module name when adding new plugin through admin area
  • introduced ajax for button actions on profile view: suspend, make featured/remove from featured, block/unblock
  • removed option to deactivate default language if no other languages are present on site
  • fixed paging on page with user list
  • fixed issue with failure to send users mail notifying them of profile approval, when approval is done from view profile page

  • new theme 'Munchen'

Social Sharing:
  • added new plugin to allow users share site content on popular social networks

  • defined output formats
  • fixed issue allowing one user to delete another user’s comment after liking it in newsfeed
  • fixed issue allowing blocked user to leave comments on the profile which initiated the block
  • fixed issue with displaying thumbnails for YouTube videos
  • added support for non-standard ports
  • fixed issue with inability to delete added video in status update

  • added option to search topic by username
  • made forum index display forum topic list if forum contains only one section with a single sub-forum
  • added separate page for forum section

  • fixed posts sorting in archive and during tag search
  • fixed fatal error on page displaying all posts of a specific user
  • fixed issue allowing any user to edit any post by accessing it through direct URL
  • fixed issue with displaying big photos in posts

  • added lang keys for accept and ignore buttons
  • fixed issue with failure to delete newsfeed entries for events removed from site
  • fixed typos in code
  • fixed issue with javascript processing non-latin symbols

  • fixed issue allowing any user to join private groups through direct URL
  • fixed issue with javascript processing non-latin symbols
  • fixed issue with failure to unsubscribe users from group newsfeed updates after leaving the group

  • added special hash to photo file names for improved security. (Fix is applied only to new photos).

  • added video thumbnail caching for improved site performance

Lire la suite: http://blog.oxwall.org/2014/01/oxwall-1-6-released


17 Avril 2013 - 65MB
  • Fix for cron job notification in Admin Area (even if a cron command is setup right).

Lire la suite: http://blog.oxwall.org/2013/04/oxwall-1-5-3-cron-fix


9 Avril 2013 - 65MBHighlights
  • "Showcase" theme added.
  • Cloudflare plugin now available for connecting your website to your Cloudflare account. It allows you to decrease your page load time by 20-30%, decrease hosting server load time, and maintain your website up for static content when it's actually down.
  • IE8 support drop. With this release we decided to pull the plug on IE8 support. It's an old, insecure, standards-be-damned, dead-on-arrival browser by Microsoft that clearly shouldn't be used at this point. Starting with 1.5.2, Oxwall no longer supports IE8, and this is good news for everybody: 1) if you are still using IE8, here's a nice little reason #598453739842035609 to drop it and download a better, newer, more secure browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox. 2) if you don't use it, you will enjoy faster development cycles from our team.

  • run the cron job on page refresh
  • redesigned tag input
  • direct permissions management for index/dashboard/my profile widgets.
  • fixed minor issues with the default Origin theme
  • fixed glitch with single choice/drop down profile questions
  • installation script now overwrites config.php if permissions are allowed
  • fixed markup issue on Privacy&Permissions page in admin area
  • fixed markup issue on Pages&Menus page when too many menu items are added to the main menu area
  • rss widget: links now open in new window
  • added default delimiters in toolbar for IPC decorator
  • redesigned “Choose theme” page in admin area
  • fixed an ability to remove account type if any profile questions are assigned to it
  • fixed a glitch with too long titiles for widgets on site index/dashboard/profile view pages

Activity Notifications
  • added an option for users to receive notifications immediately
  • added notification when someone posts a status on user’s profile page

Import contacts
  • added invitation by email
  • fixed facebook invitation page
  • added HTTPS support for facebook import configuration (Secure Canvas URL)

  • added "Upload photos" button on "view photo album" page
  • redesigned comment box – redesigned "Add photo" page

Other plugins
  • Mailbox: fixed markup issues
  • Blogs: added My Drafts button
  • Events: redesigned attendance buttons
  • Newsfeed: fixed a link to profile in birthdate entry
  • Forum: changed the way attachments are named

Lire la suite: http://blog.oxwall.org/2013/04/oxwall-1-5-2-released


16 Janvier 2013 - 65MB


(version majeure)
20 DĂ©cembre 2012 - 50MB


11 Octobre 2012 - 50MB


(version majeure)
22 Juin 2012 - 50MB


2 Avril 2012 - 50MB


14 FĂ©vrier 2012 - 50MB


(version majeure)
9 FĂ©vrier 2012 - 50MB


9 DĂ©cembre 2011 - 43MB

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