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Revive Adserver est une application open source de gestion de publicités. Précédemment connu sous le nom de OpenX, OpenAds et phpAdsNew, Revive Adserver est dérivé des sources de OpenX en 2013.

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Installation en 1 clic

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Dernière mise à jour
16 May 2014
Français + 31 autres

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73.00 Mo
Base de données
open source
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(version de sécurité)
16 Mai 2014 - 73MBSecurity
  • CVE-2013-5954 - Fixed CSRF vulnerability a number of UI pages performing delete and unlink actions (www/admin/admin-user-unlink.php, www/admin/advertiser-delete.php, www/admin/advertiser-user-unlink.php, www/admin/affiliate-delete.php, www/admin/affiliate-user-unlink.php, www/admin/agency-delete.php, www/admin/agency-user-unlink.php, www/admin/banner-delete.php, www/admin/campaign-delete.php, www/admin/channel-delete.php, www/admin/tracker-delete.php, www/admin/userlog-delete.php and www/admin/zone-delete.php). For more information: http://www.revive-adserver.com/security/revive-sa-2014-001

New Features
  • An error message is now displayed when trying to install or upgrade Revive Adserver with unsupported PHP 5.4/5.5 versions (< 5.4.20 or < 5.5.2).
  • Updated the MaxMind GeoIP plugin to include the May 2014 MaxMind GeoCountry database.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed bad translation in the Russian language translation.
  • Fixed history statistics screens to prevent displaying future dates when showing "All statistics".
  • Fixed broken "DeliveryDataPrepare:dataPageInfo" and "DeliveryDataPrepare:dataUserAgent" components of the standard delivery logging plugin.
  • Added proper Content-Type header with charset to some scripts in order to override the webserver default.
  • Changed a few occurrences of the non-existing "Content-Size" header to "Content-Length".
  • Switched a few deprecated "ereg" calls to "preg" in PEAR libraries.


9 Avril 2014 - 73MBBug Fixes
  • Fixed problem with automatic maintenance not working in 3.0.3
  • Fixed mangled characters in the hebrew translation
  • Fixed query errors when a non-existing zone was requested
  • Removed references to previous product name from plugin translation files


14 Mars 2014 - 73MBNew Features
  • Preview of Flash banners now also shows the backup image, if set.
  • API now supports setting chainedZoneId.
  • Added support for WebM videos in the IAB Video plugin.
  • Increased the maximum delay in the midnight maintenance script (from 10 econds to 30 seconds) before calling the sync server for update information to improve load distribution on the server.
  • Updated the Revive Adserver application header to replace the "Report bug" link with a more useful "Support" link (which includes details on how to report a bug, in addition to how to get support).
  • Added support for hosting providers of Revive Adserver to configure a custom URL for the "Support" link in the application header.
  • Removed usage of PEAR libraries to detect non-routable IP addresses during delivery.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the detected product name on upgrade to correctly distinguish between older OpenX Source installations vs. newer Revive Adserver installations.
  • Fixed the date format for the Spanish language pack.
  • Fixed some instances of the old application name in robots.txt files.
  • Fixed API incompatibilities with PHP 5.4+.
  • Fixed an issue with the generation of a platform hash value which is used when connecting to the sync server to check for updates to Revive Adserver.
  • Fixed encoding issues and bad translations in the Chinese language translations.
  • Fixed encoding issues with some of the Czech language translations.
  • Fixed encoding issues with some of the Russian language translations.
  • Added (some) new Chinese translations for plugins.
  • Fixed SWF plugin version requirements for v18-22.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented successfully submitting the forms after a server side validation error.
  • Fixed a library bug that was causing invalid errors to be displayed in the statistics screens under certain conditions.
  • Added missing configuration options relating to the filenames for Single Page Call functionality to the admin user Configuration > Global Settings > Banner Delivery Settings tab.
  • Fixed incorrect detection of command-line based called to Revive Adserver, so that an error message is shown when the maintenance script is called without] the required host parameter, instead of displaying a PHP error.
  • Fixed branding on the website Single Page Call invocation code tag page.
  • Fixed the display of the license on the install/upgrade welcome screen when using a non-root based installation process.
  • Fixed bug causing the last advertiser being sometimes hidden in the advertiser index screen.
  • Fixed issue that allowed installing an already installed plugin, causing the plugin tables to be dropped without notice.
  • Fixed logging of direct selection impressions/requests not properly working on Postgres under some circumstances.
  • Fixed API XML-RPC output not properly dealing with NULL values.

Non-Backwards Compatible Changes
  • Email based campaign activation/deactivation reports are now disabled by default when creating new advertisers. This does not affect any existing advertiser account settings for this feature; but please be aware that the default for all new advertiser accounts has been changed.
  • 3rd party plugins developers should be aware: The unused Zend XML-RPC library has been removed; please make sure your 3rd party plugins bundle their own copy if they need it.
  • 3rd party plugins developers should be aware: The OA_Sync class has been moved to the RV_Sync class; please make sure your 3rd party plugins are updated accordingly.


(version majeure)
30 Janvier 2014 - 73MB


13 Août 2013 - 73MB


14 Septembre 2012 - 73MB


9 Mai 2012 - 73MB
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4 Novembre 2011 - 73MB


16 Septembre 2010 - 73MB


2 Mars 2010 - 73MB


26 Janvier 2010 - 32MB


4 Janvier 2010 - 32MB


5 Novembre 2009 - 32MB


29 Mai 2009 - 32MB


4 Avril 2009 - 32MB


29 Janvier 2009 - 32MB


10 Novembre 2008 - 32MB


7 Octobre 2008 - 32MB


29 Août 2008 - 32MB


24 Juillet 2008 - 32MB


24 Juin 2008 - 32MB


15 Mai 2008 - 32MB


17 Avril 2008 - 32MB


20 FĂ©vrier 2008 - 32MB


6 FĂ©vrier 2008 - 32MB


3 Avril 2004 - 32MB


3 Avril 2004 - 32MB


17 Septembre 2007 - 32MB


29 Avril 2007 - 7MB


10 FĂ©vrier 2007 - 7MB


17 Novembre 2006 - 9MB


2 Novembre 2006 - 9MB


9 Avril 2006 - 9MB


25 Novembre 2005 - 9MB


24 Août 2005 - 9MB


11 Juillet 2005 - 9MB


8 Mai 2005 - 3MB


21 FĂ©vrier 2005 - 3MB


3 Avril 2004 - 3MB

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