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SugarCRM es un cliente de código abierto aplicación de gestión de las relaciones. Las versiones comerciales están disponibles en el sitio web.

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26 July 2017
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26 Julio 2017 - 115MB
  • OAuth 2 support for Google connector: OAuth 2 authentication is now supported for Google connector.

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5 Agosto 2015 - 115MB
  • OAuth 2 support for Google connector: OAuth 2 authentication is now supported for Google connector.

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6.5.21 (versión de seguridad)
22 Junio 2015 - 115MBThis is a security update released to address certain security vulnerabilities identified during our routine QA checks.
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6.5.20 (versión de seguridad)
15 Diciembre 2014 - 115MBThis is a security update released to address certain security vulnerabilities identified during our routine QA checks.

We strongly recommend that you install this update at the earliest opportunity. While we have not experienced any reported incidents relating to these vulnerabilities to date, failure to install this update could leave you exposed to the following types of malicious third party attacks:
  • Unauthenticated users may retrieve contents from system-generated files.
  • Authenticated users may cause arbitrary code to be executed.
  • Authenticated users may initiate a cross-site scripting attack.
  • Authenticated admin users may install a package that overwrites restricted files.
  • Instances with SAML authentication enabled were vulnerable to XML External Entity (XXE) attacks.

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6.5.18 (versión de seguridad)
25 Septiembre 2014 - 115MBThis is a security update released to address certain security vulnerabilities identified during our routine QA checks.

We strongly recommend that you install this update at the earliest opportunity. While we have not experienced any reported incidents relating to these vulnerabilities to date, failure to install this update could leave you exposed to the following types of malicious third party attacks:
  • Authenticated admin users may cause arbitrary code to be executed.
  • Authenticated admin users may initiate a cross-site scripting attack.

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6.5.17 (versión de seguridad)
24 Junio 2014 - 115MBFixed Issues
  • 6.5.17 introduces an important security patch. It is strongly recommended that you upgrade to this version.

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23 Octubre 2013 - 115MBFeature Enhancements
  • Ordering of users names in Assigned to field: The Assigned to field in advanced search now lists users names in order for non-English languages.
  • Spellcheck for emails in Firefox : Browser-based spellcheck is now available in the TinyMCE editor when using Firefox based on a new config setting.
  • Verification of current password when changing password : The current password must now be entered and verified when updating passwords in user preferences.

Fixed Issues
  • 29766 : The Run Nightly Mass Email Campaigns scheduler generates a PHP error when the hours interval is set using high to low numbers (e.g. 11-6).
  • 41454 : Custom relationships with long names in module builder causes an error and prevents the package from deploying properly.
  • 44138 : When a contact is related to a note via the Related to field, the note is not related to the contact as expected.
  • 49723 : Workflow is not set to trigger on the correct date if the time condition is not the first condition created for time elapse workflow.
  • 52419 : Popup list view does not respect the Disable Format option for Integer type fields.
  • 53873 : Importing to the Any Email field does not map the value to records as expected or save to the database.
  • 54423 : Clicking the Save button multiple times during a save improperly generates multiple duplicate records.
  • 56973 : The SetPanelVisibility function does not hide the entire panel as expected.
  • 57322 : Trial or individual GoToMeeting accounts do not integrate successfully when attempting to connect via the External Accounts tab of the user’s profile.
  • 58210 : Deleting email drafts with attachments does not delete the corresponding Note record created with the attachment.
  • 58818 : Sorting a custom multi-select field on a list view results in a database error.
  • 59797 : LDAP group membership responses are not correctly evaluated by Sugar, resulting in failed authentication.
  • 60141 : Float and Integer type fields incorrectly display a value (0 or 0.000000) when the default value is left blank in Studio.
  • 60483 : Using the get_modified_relationships on MSSQL Stacks results in a FATAL error.
  • 60758 : Attempting to view completed tasks via the project’s Gantt chart fails to load the chart properly to display all completed tasks.
  • 60936 : Adding a custom field to the Users list view then creating a custom field in a separate module causes the Users list view to no longer display any users.
  • 61343 : Documents with large attachments do not download the file as expected.
  • 61608 : System log files have the potential to be named with incorrect sequence numbers.
  • 61818 : Cron job stalls due to high CPU usage (100%) and causes inbound emails to not import properly.
  • 61966 : Turning off the Elastic search server causes Full Text Search to break and cannot be re-enabled.
  • 62294 : Billing street value disappears upon save in edit view when user is assigned a role with Billing Street field set to "Read Only".
  • 63403 : Meetings scheduled longer than one week only displays the meeting for the first week when viewing the calendar in Week view.
  • 63651 : Emails deleted from the Emails module does not get flagged as deleted in the database as expected.
  • 63710 : Creating and editing multiple activities via a module record results in large memory usage for IE9 and causes browser to hang.
  • 63831 : Attempting to add a dropdown option via the Dropdown Editor results in an error.
  • 63990 : Changing the label for custom module relationships and subpanels does not save as expected.
  • 64124 : Group inboxes are queried for unread email count twice upon loading of the Emails module which negatively affects performance.
  • 64150 : The settings (1000s separator and Decimal Symbol) in user preferences are not properly respected causing currency field values to import incorrectly.
  • 64229 : Setting the Meetings edit view layout to tabs causes the Add Invitees search to not work as expected when scheduling a meeting.
  • 64415 : Accessing the Sugar News dashlet triggers mixed content warning in browser.
  • 64627 : Editing stock fields causes SQL errors when deploying custom modules.
  • 64734 : Time elapse workflow with custom Date type fields cause PHP error when saving a record after upgrading.
  • 64753 : The Edit View layout does not respect the Max Size limit set for address fields (e.g. billing street, billing state) in Studio.
  • 64814, 65264 : Time-elapse workflows incorrectly store records for later triggering when the workflow’s conditions are not met.
  • 64822 : LinkedIn connector does not work as expected due to an incomplete removal of the connector from Sugar.
  • 64959 : Sorting by Team field in list view does not sort as expected.
  • 65023 : Merging records in Sugar incorrectly changes the Created by field for the primary record.
  • 65271 : SMTP email password gets cleared in Admin > Email Settings when accessed by a non-default admin user causing "Send Test Email" to fail.

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29 Agosto 2013 - 115MBEnhancements
  • Contact emails rollup now optional : Administrators may now specify whether or not all emails related to contacts should appear in the history subpanels of the account records associated to the contacts. For more information, please refer to the Developer Tools documentation in the administration guide.
  • Removal of orphaned files : A new scheduler process removes files from the uploads directory which are associated with Sugar records which have been hard deleted from the database.
  • Stack requirements during installation : The installation package now checks for a PHP version of 5.2.2 or greater and that PCRE is present and active.

Fixed Issues
  • 34785 : Custom relate field values appear as blanks in email templates.
  • 41662 : A user's default teams beyond the first default team are unexpectedly added to advanced search criteria when any team is selected as part of the search.
  • 48652 : When a dropdown or multiselect field contains a blank option, the blank option is not available for selection when editing a dashlet's filters.
  • 52331 : Dashlets set to "Do not auto-refresh" automatically refresh at intervals defined by the system's minimum refresh rate.
  • 55869 : During email configuration testing, self-signed certificates fail without correct error message when the SSL option is unchecked and IMAP is using STARTTLS.
  • 56228 : Relationship files are not removed from the file system after a custom relationship is deleted in Studio.
  • 56283 : Testing the SMTP settings in Admin > Email Settings may require the password to be entered each time without any notification.
  • 56423 : After creating custom relate fields on the opportunities and accounts module, auto-complete does not work when typing an account name in the Account field on an opportunity record.
  • 56573 : Custom scheduled jobs with classes defined will now properly update job status upon completion.
  • 56719 : Admin users are unable to change their default team to any team except "Global".
  • 57382 : Custom radio button fields do not enforce single option selection when included on the convert lead layout.
  • 57555 : The first day of the week as specified on a user's profile is saved incorrectly as one day prior.
  • 58055 : Cases created automatically from an inbound email and attached to a contact based on matching email address are not also automatically related to the contact's account.
  • 60403 : Clicking 'Clear' before running a search on a module's basic search does not return the list view to the default sort order.
  • 60675 : Custom flex relate fields do not display data on list views.
  • 60838 : Users with a role defined at the module level as "Access Type" set to "Amin" and Edit set to "None" are able edit and relate records on the relevant module.
  • 61172 : Saved import mappings do not map correctly when importing directly after a failed import using the "Import Again" button.
  • 61386 : The parameter "$language" is misspelled making it impossible to specify a language in the function loadModuleTitles.
  • 61491 : Importing a contact via a vCard incorrectly places the string "Imported" in the Title field.
  • 61859 : Creating a custom relate field to the Contacts module on the Leads module causes lead layouts to fail with an error when the field is named contact_c.
  • 62049 : Custom date fields on a custom sale-type module do not allow date selection from the calendar icon in quick create.
  • 62358 : A tag is not closed out properly in the DetailView.html file withing the InboundEmail module's files.
  • 62421 : Address blocks may not be added to quick create views.
  • 62451 : Attempting to test a connection to the Hoovers connector fails.
  • 62467 : Using a period as the thousands separator and a comma as the decimal separator causes currency fields to not be displayed correctly after saving.
  • 62763 : Multibyte character strings causes search to result in a blank page on a PHP version prior to 5.4.
  • 62971 : Tracker URLs included in a campaign's email template have the hyperlink incorrectly removed when the displayed text includes a colon.
  • 63301 : Searching using the "Between" operator on a date field does not require 2 dates to be populated.
  • 63398 : Time-elapse workflows may incorrectly be rescheduled when a second workflow is executed.
  • 63586 : Elasticsearch field mappings may be incorrect causing full text search to fail.
  • 63648 : Creating a workflow condition based on a field when there are many fields in the relevant module causes an error when deployed using the default value for max_input_vars with PHP 5.3.9+.
  • 63762 : Attempting to merge all case records from the Cases list view fails with an error.
  • 63887 : Accessing the Project Templates list view results in a blank page and PHP error.
  • 64066 : The URL field is incorrectly displayed when creating an external account connecting to GoTo Meeting from a user's profile.
  • 64417 : Full text search only indexes 15,000 records per module.

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26 Junio 2013 - 115MBEnhancements:
  • Salutation field included in module-specific search results : Search can now be performed for the Relate to field using salutation when searching for records (e.g. Mr. Adam Moore) within a specific module.
  • Due date added to History subpanel : Due date field has been added to the History subpanel to reflect the actual start date and time of the activity.

Known Issues:
  • 63703 : Orphaned document files remain in file system : Orphaned files associated to deleted documents from the past continue to remain in the file system.

Fixed Issues:
  • 25736 : Exporting records with multiple email addresses will result in only the primary email address being included on the exported file.
  • 46152 : Custom Relate to field does not import as expected.
  • 56573 : Job queue does not work as expected with custom classes.
  • 57145 : Custom package labels not respected when the label has been previously modified in Studio.
  • 58955 : Deleting a document from the Sugar database leaves the associated file orphaned in the file system.
  • 59823 : Company type modules ( e.g. Accounts ) do not return bean id from save method.
  • 62662 : Accounts and contacts with the same record ID results in duplicate campaign information being displayed improperly within the related Campaigns subpanel.
  • 62838 : Save button in the quick edit form of Users list view displays in English when logged in with non-English language.
  • 62928 : Search queries including multiple subselects result in performance issues.
  • 62936 : Scheduler configuration variables are not correctly set.
  • 62937 : Changing the default starting module causes inaccurate session expiration message to appear.

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16 Mayo 2013 - 115MBFixed Issues
  • 52331 : Dashlets set to "Do not auto-refresh" on the user's Home page inherits the system's minimum auto-refresh interval improperly.
  • 54203 : Custom iFrame field does not display properly in detail view when the email field is inserted to the generated URL.
  • 54405 : Undoing the import for new contacts does not remove the relationship between the contact and account.
  • 56965 : The email address is case sensitive when requesting a password reset via the Forgot Password feature.
  • 59106 : Clicking the merge button twice when performing a merge causes all records where parent_id is blank to be automatically related to the resulting merged record.
  • 60732 : Module loader fails to install layouts from a package containing Studio export customizations.
  • 61537 : Performing quicksearch using a leading wildcard character (%) does not return results.
  • 61973 : Accessing campaign from Leads list view results in an error.
  • 62040 : Dashlets for custom modules do not properly display filters and fields pertaining to custom relationships on the Users module.
  • 62249 : The Reply All function on emails does not include all recipients properly on the email's CC field.
  • 62329 : Attempting to use pagination in a subpanel results in an error in MSSQL.
  • 62683 : Custom sort order is not maintained when using pagination in the pop-up window.

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8 Abril 2013 - 115MBFeature Enhancements
  • Email marketing sort order : Email marketing records are now listed in reverse chronological order on the Send Test and Send Emails page.
  • Module specific report search criteria : Viewing reports via module tabs' "View {Module Name} Reports" option correctly updates the report search criteria.
  • View tasks in iCal : Option to display tasks in iCal when subscribing to the Sugar calendar.
  • Google calendar integration : iCal integration now works on Google calendar to sync and view Sugar's calendar.
  • Call and meeting popup reminder : Additional information has been added to the call and meeting pop-up reminders.

Known Issues
  • Shipping not updating due to Sugar Logic : Shipping field in the Grand Total and Line Items section of quotes does not update as expected when the Shipping field is calculated via Sugar Logic.
  • Bug associated with this issue: 62064
  • Double quotes display incorrectly upon edit : Group Name fields with quotation marks display incorrectly when editing a quote after initial save.
  • Bug associated with this issue: 61817

Fixed Issues
  • 40429 : Lead conversion overwrites assigned user and team values for newly created record(s) based on original lead record values.
  • 49232 : Individuals on suppression target list receives email when campaign is sent.
  • 49989 : Attempting to use pagination after configuring the Meetings and Calls dashlet results in a MSSQL error.
  • 50136 : Search will incorrectly select a filter option after pagination when the "Blank" value is moved from the first position.
  • 50896 : Using the {::past::Contracts::type::} variable in the Workflow alert email template returns the unique Sugar ID associated to the contract type instead of the actual contract type value in the email.
  • 52173 : Adding Relate type fields to Sugar dashlet filters causes an error on the Home page.
  • 52879 : Renaming stock and custom modules with a relationship displays incorrect names in the Related Modules list of the Report Wizard.
  • 53488 : Calls and Meetings dashlet disregards team membership and displays all records when "Only My Items" filter is unchecked.
  • 54929 : Search fails to return results when item names are set as numbers for the Sales Stage dropdown field in Dropdown editor.
  • 56425 : Duplicate modules appear in the report's Related Modules list when a one-to-many relationship between a stock or custom module to Activities is created.
  • 56729 : Reassigning records in the Users module results in a database error.
  • 57298 : Reports incorrectly respect owner-only view role after the affected user's type is changed to system administrator.
  • 58494 : Opportunities created via the Quotes module do not respect the default value for the Opportunities Type field set in Studio.
  • 59163 : Currency field on mail merge template displays the output value with 6 decimal places instead of 2.
  • 60505 : Quotation marks in the line items Group Name and Product fields display incorrectly in Quotes detail view and PDF file.
  • 60579 : Sorting a Summation-type and Summation with Details-type report by a dropdown field column results in a database error in MSSQL.
  • 60590 : Autocomplete fails to pull up matches when including a space in the name.
  • 60887 : The From name on received email campaign is not readable when multibyte language is used.
  • 60973 : Calculated values from related module record does not populate as expected for the first record where the Sugar Logic formula is triggered.
  • 61126 : Search fields display outside of Basic and Advanced search panel when the browser window size is set too small.
  • 61149 : Editing the Elastic_boost_options dropdown field in Dropdown editor causes Full Text Search to fail.
  • 61158 : Applications utilizing OAuth fail to activate successfully when using an SSL Load Balancer with requests passing over http.
  • 61341 : User DN is ignored when checking if a LDAP user is a member of a group.
  • 61797 : Shipping field in the Grand Total section of Quotes detail view does not update as expected when the Shipping field is calculated via Sugar Logic.
  • 61862 : Populating a target list using report results from a module (i.e. Accounts, Contacts, Leads, etc.) containing Sugar Logic dependency formula causes the application to time out.

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1 Febrero 2013 - 115MBEnhancements to existing features for Release 6.5.10 are listed below:
  • Email reply-all — The option to reply to all recipients is now available when viewing an email.
  • Converting leads to existing contacts : Studio now allows the option for Admins to configure lead conversion such that an existing contact record may be found and selected rather than requiring a new contact record to be created.
  • REST JSONP callback — JSONP callback support now included when accessing Sugar's REST API from external JavaScript.
  • XHProf logging — XHProf logging is now supported given that the library is installed. More information can be found in the 6.5 Developer Guide.
  • Call and meeting attendance — When a call or meeting is created, the creator's status is now automatically set to "Accepted".
  • Attendee status for iCal — Viewing calls and meetings in iCal now includes the participation status of all attendees when using the iCal integration.

The following is a known issue with Sugar 6.5.10:
  • Supported embedded image file types in Email Templates — Only .jpg and .png image files can be embedded in Email Templates. Image files such as .gif, .bmp, .png, .jpg, .jpeg can be added as attachments. Bug associated with this issue: 53146

Due to the high volume of bugs fixed in Release 6.5.10, only bugs with escalations and High/Urgent Priorities have been listed below:
  • 55641 — Export to CSV may not complete for multibyte languages.
  • 57850 — Creation of a target list from campaign results does not respect filtering by an email marketing record.
  • 56908 — Studio changes to module panels may prevent correct display of some panels or fields.
  • 57454 — Query string requires encoding for SAML login.
  • 60152 — Email variables inserted via the TinyMCE editor are corrupted upon save.
  • 60245 — Calls and meetings created from the contacts detail view are not automatically related to the contact.
  • 59441 — Reports grouping by a calculated field using MSSQL result in an error.
  • 59250 — Call and meeting pop-up alerts are not displaying with consistency.
  • 59126 — Activities dashlets allow filtering by last name of related contact rather than full name.
  • 58841 — Project tasks not able to be selected, mass updated, or exported from the Project Task list view.
  • 27097 — Opportunities are not filtered correctly when drilling into an Opportunities dashlet chart.

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20 Diciembre 2012 - 115MBEnhancements to existing features for Release 6.5.9 are listed below::
  • Ability for admins to hide Logger subpanel in System Settings — Logger subpanel in System Settings can be hidden by admins to prevent end users from modifying logger format and settings

The following is a known issue with Sugar 6.5.9:
  • Supported embedded image file types in Email Templates — Only .jpg and .png image files can be embedded in Email Templates. Image files such as .gif, .bmp, .png, .jpg, .jpeg can be added as attachments. Bug associated with this issue: 53146

Due to the high volume of bugs fixed in Release 6.5.9, only bugs with escalations and High/Urgent Priorities have been listed below:
  • 50736 — License validation using proxy settings fails and displays an error message for instances with permission to access internet using authenticated proxy servers only
  • 56763 — Maximum execution time of 300 seconds exceeded when opening long Email records
  • 56908 — Collapsed module panels created in Studio display incorrectly
  • 57299 — Meetings with Held Status are not displayed in Calendar
  • 58138 — Web Service get_relationships does not work with related_module_query parameter in custom fields
  • 58669 — Module-loadable packages set logging levels without being flagged by package scanner
  • 58685 — Upload error displays in Internet Explorer 8 and 9

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24 Noviembre 2012 - 115MB
27 Octubre 2012 - 115MB
19 Octubre 2012 - 115MB
20 Septiembre 2012 - 115MB
25 Agosto 2012 - 115MB
24 Agosto 2012 - 115MB
21 Julio 2012 - 115MB
19 Julio 2012 - 115MB
7 Junio 2012 - 115MB
19 Julio 2012 - 115MB
3 Mayo 2012 - 115MB
23 Abril 2012 - 115MB
13 Marzo 2012 - 115MB
1 Marzo 2012 - 110MB
7 Febrero 2012 - 110MB
19 Diciembre 2011 - 110MB
10 Noviembre 2011 - 110MB
23 Octubre 2011 - 110MB
21 Septiembre 2011 - 110MB
25 Agosto 2011 - 110MB
15 Julio 2011 - 90MB
1 Junio 2011 - 90MB
28 Mayo 2011 - 90MB
12 Mayo 2011 - 90MB
29 Marzo 2011 - 90MB
11 Marzo 2011 - 90MB
11 Febrero 2011 - 90MB
18 Enero 2011 - 90MB
30 Octubre 2010 - 90MB
22 Septiembre 2010 - 90MB
19 Agosto 2010 - 90MB
6.0.0 (versión principal)
1 Agosto 2010 - 90MB
10 Mayo 2010 - 90MB
29 Marzo 2010 - 90MB
10 Marzo 2010 - 90MB
26 Febrero 2010 - 90MB
1 Noviembre 2009 - 37MB
19 Septiembre 2009 - 37MB
19 Agosto 2009 - 37MB
30 Julio 2009 - 37MB
12 Junio 2009 - 37MB
8 Mayo 2009 - 37MB
25 Abril 2009 - 37MB
19 Marzo 2009 - 37MB
2 Febrero 2009 - 37MB
21 Diciembre 2008 - 37MB
15 Diciembre 2008 - 37MB
3 Noviembre 2008 - 37MB
4 Octubre 2008 - 37MB
31 Agosto 2008 - 37MB
3 Agosto 2008 - 37MB
24 Junio 2008 - 37MB
24 Mayo 2008 - 37MB
29 Abril 2008 - 37MB
17 Abril 2008 - 37MB
19 Febrero 2008 - 37MB
7 Febrero 2008 - 37MB
7 Septiembre 2005 - 37MB
7 Septiembre 2005 - 37MB
13 Agosto 2007 - 37MB
7 Septiembre 2005 - 37MB
7 Septiembre 2005 - 37MB
7 Septiembre 2005 - 37MB
7 Septiembre 2005 - 37MB
7 Septiembre 2005 - 37MB
7 Septiembre 2005 - 37MB
7 Septiembre 2005 - 37MB
7 Septiembre 2005 - 37MB
7 Septiembre 2005 - 37MB
7 Septiembre 2005 - 37MB
7 Septiembre 2005 - 37MB
7 Septiembre 2005 - 37MB
7 Septiembre 2005 - 37MB
7 Septiembre 2005 - 37MB
7 Septiembre 2005 - 37MB
7 Septiembre 2005 - 37MB
7 Septiembre 2005 - 32MB
7 Septiembre 2005 - 32MB
7 Septiembre 2005 - 26MB
7 Septiembre 2005 - 26MB
7 Septiembre 2005 - 25MB

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