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Group Office is an open source customer relations and project management application. Group Office was initially released in 2003.

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Comercio electr贸nico y negocios
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2 October 2020
Espa帽ol (Spanish) + 27 otros

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2 Octubre - 150MB6.4.173

Changes and Bug Fixes
  • Core: Fixed shifting in date fields
  • Core: Speed up 6.3 to 6.4 upgrade
  • Core: allowed modules can work with packages now. eg. $config['allowed_modules'] = ['legacy/', 'community/', 'business/newsletters'];
  • Core: Toggle notifications when icon is clicked
  • Core: Optimized (custom field) filter loading
  • Address book: New setting to restrict export to administrators
  • ActiveSync: Set USE_FULLEMAIL_FOR_LOGIN back to the default value (true)
  • Core: Test script checks whether modules subdirectory is writable if Professional License available
  • Studio: return user friendly feedback if module directory not writable;
  • Address book: Unlinking organization updates search cache
  • Email: When links were removed they were no longer removed when there are no links left
  • Studio: Replace permissions panel with share panel
  • Studio: Unlock a studio module upon opening the wizard after confirm
  • E-mail: Always process calendar invites. (not just when message is unread)


Changes and Bug Fixes
  • Timeregistration: When changing the start time, the end time will change instead of the duration
  • ActiveSync: Upgraded z-push to 2.5.2 and fixed e-mail sending problem on iOS 14.0. You might need to correct the email address in your iOS account too!
  • ActiveSync: Fixed no results when searching All folders. It will search inbox only in that case for performance reasons. We'll fix this later.
  • Core: Restore correct height of windows when closing in collapsed state


  • Release in GitHub


Changes and Bug Fixes
  • Time registration: use start time of same weekday in previous week as start time for first entry of the day
  • DAV: Fixed case sensitive login
  • Email: Worked around error if status could not be fetched from IMAP
  • Core: Updated PT-BR Translations thanks to Everson Guimar茫es!
  • Core: Disable username field if using external authentication
  • Core: Fixed shifting custom field date column in some timezones
  • Files: Fixed upload to files module where files with identical content wouldn't upload more than once
  • Core: Fixed not found error on compressing folders.
  • Custom Fields: Fixed render bug in field dialog.
  • Newsletters: Bugfix, make SMTP accounts sortable and scrollable in System settings;
  • Newsletters: add text filter to SMTP combobbox, sort SMTP combobox items by name.

15-09-2020 6.4.169

Changes and Bug Fixes
  • Core: Bugfix in language export
  • Projects: Revert search for projects to old method
  • Notes: Fixed e-mail -> save as note
  • Core: Improved upload notifications. (Fixes safari 14 crash)
  • Core: Toolbars in a side panel next to a grid crashed Safari 14.0 (100% cpu usage)


Changes and Bug Fixes
  • Core: custom fields don't return id in data
  • Tickets: tickets where searchable for all users allowed to create tickets. The same thing happened to mail linked to those tickets
  • Calendar: Optimized loading performance
  • Custom fields: Fixed error when using encrypted text field


Changes and Bug Fixes
  • Core: if Activity Log enabled, show successful login and logout attempts
  • Leavedays / calendar: Fix for holidays blocking calendar entry


Changes and Bug Fixes
  • Core: allow login if there are no restrictive rules at all for you instead of no rules at all for the whole system
  • Notes: added simple CSV import and export;
  • Timeregstration: set default status upon copying registration;
  • ldapauth: fixed bug in server creation dialog.
  • Calendar: When checking for conflicts, leave days are taken into account.
  • Calendar: Month by date recurrence will turn into Month by day when re-opened.
  • Timeregistration shows html tags when editing an entry with newline characters
  • Customfields: Multiselect customfield had a very small list width
  • Newsletter: Separated User list and Contact list in the Person select dialog for the Email composer.
  • Core: Support --debug flag for cli.php
  • ldapauth: group member sync for ActiveDirectory broken
  • projects: fixed error when you didn't have access to the contacts linked to projects
  • Core: New feature to "Archive" users.
  • Projects: Sometimes PDF report didn't render if page break occurred on table header.
  • CustomFields: fixed refresh bug on conditionally hidden field.
  • Address book: dialog failed to open without manage permisions for tickets module (if installed)
  • Calendar: Bug changing "this and future events" #202021084 (was broken in 6.4)

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(versi贸n principal)
27 Agosto - 150MBGroup-Office 6.4 is a new major version.

  • Address book - The address book was completely redesigned with a modern look and feel. It's easier to use and integrates in other modules.
  • Custom filters - The address book is the first module to use the new custom filters feature.
  • Advanced query syntax - With the new advanced query syntax you can target very specific contacts in your searches.
  • Newsletters - The newsletters module is an easy tool to manage address lists and send out newsletters.
  • Global search - The global search has a better look and usability improvements.
  • Custom fields - Custom fields have been redesigned to use the new framework.
  • Profile - A feature that was widely missed in 6.3 was the user profile in the address book. This is now back.
  • Comments - Comments have a shiny new look.
  • LDAP Sync - Users and groups can be synchronised now.
  • Module permissions - A widely missed feature in 6.3 was managing module permissions per user group. This is now back.
  • Default permissions - You can now manage the default permissions new items like calendars, address books, task lists etc. get when they are created.
  • Bookmarks - The bookmarks module backend has been refactored to work with the new framework.

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