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Security for your devices

Computers, mobile devices, servers, virtual machines, or NAS – Swiss Backup makes all your devices secure. And we mean all.

Secure your data in Switzerland

Secure your data in Switzerland

Your data is backed up and encrypted in our own datacenters, which are Tier 3+ and located in Switzerland.

Votre tranquillite est notre priorite

Your peace of mind is our priority

We back up your data on a permanent basis at three different physical locations. This guarantees no information at all will ever be lost.

Accessible dans le monde entier

Accessible anywhere in the world

You can access, back up or restore your data wherever you may be in the world. All it takes is a few clicks.

Dedicated data centres

Located in Switzerland and managed by us, they are the property of Infomaniak. They are more energy-efficient and benefit from "low voltage" technology.

One single interface

Our administration interface is both simple and intuitive to use. The Acronis interface will allow you to back up computers, mobile devices, servers and virtual machines.

Encrypted data

Your data is permanently protected by an AES-256 encryption algorithm, an one-all-in solution which does not slow down your computer. Through Acronis, you have the option of additional protection thanks to a password.

Bespoke storage

Whether you have 200 GB or 500 TB that need saving, Swiss Backup offers you storage space suited to your needs so you can back up all your devices.

Ultra-fast connection

Thanks to our infrastructure, your data is backed up and restored instantaneously.

Unlimited traffic

However much data you have, be it 200 GB or 500 TB, we do not impose any limits in terms of traffic or monthly speed.

Guaranteed/professional protection

Infomaniak uses infrastructure belonging to Arbor Networks, a world leader in network security. All our services benefit from unlimited protection against DDoS attacks.

Human support available every day of the week

Available every day of the week, we answer all your questions and make it our mission to find the solution to your problem. In five languages (English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish).

A climate-neutral hosting provider

We believe that businesses can adopt an environmentally and socially responsible attitude and still enjoy healthy growth. Discover our 20 commitments.

Absolute confidentiality

Swiss data protection law ensures complete confidentiality for both businesses and individuals. This means no administration may access personal information without explicit permission from a judge.

An indispensable service

Swiss Backup is designed to meet the needs of professionals and businesses from all sectors and of all sizes. It can be trialled for free and without obligation for 90 days.

You can rest easy.

Free trial for 90 dayscan be cancelled at any time