Full and evolutive hosting

Web+Mail hosting is a complete solution for hosting your websites and professional email addresses in Switzerland.

Full and evolutive hosting
Optimised hosting for WordPress

Optimised hosting for WordPress

Create a professional website by choosing one of the 80 premium themes that we provide you free of charge. WordPress enables you to create and modify a website with no knowledge of programming required.

  • 80 professional themes offered (249$)
  • Easy WordPress installation
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Joomla, Drupal and over 100 CMS

Easily create a forum, an eCommerce site, a showcase site, or even your own file storage service with ownCloud.

  • Easy installation of Magento*, Prestashop, Piwik, etc.
  • Backup and restoring enabled
  • Automatic security updates
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Joomla, Drupal, and over 120 CMS
Professional Newsletter tool

Professional Newsletter tool

Send newsletters for free using the simplest and most attractive email marketing tool on the market.

  • Create email campaigns which are optimised for smartphones and tablets
  • Measure the impact of your newsletters with detailed statistics
  • Import and manage your contact lists easily
  • Benefit from 1,500 free shipments every month
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Professional VOD/AOD platform

Store, transmit and protect your audio and video content by using the same tools as professional radio and TV stations.

  • 100 GB included with your first hosting package
  • Token based media protection
  • Generating revenue from the content
  • Restriction by geolocation
  • Audience monitoring and statistics
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Professional VOD/AOD platform
WorkSpace, the secure Swiss Webmail

WorkSpace, the secure Swiss Webmail

Our messaging service respects your private life and is the result of over 20 years of expertise.

  • Unlimited emailstorage
  • Attachment size up to 200 MB
  • Syncing and sharing calendars and contacts
  • Email service hosted and developed in Switzerland
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Simplified management of advanced functions

The Infomaniak admin console is continuously evolving and allows you to manage your products simply.

  • Multisite management (up to 100 sites with just one hosting)
  • SSH access
  • Configurablevhost
  • Choice of PHP versions
  • SSL certificate management
  • Cron management
Simplified management of advanced functions
Hosted in Switzerland, in the heart of Europe

Hosted in Switzerland, in the heart of Europe

Infomaniak is a Swiss hosting provider which is active all over Europe. Over 40% of our revenue comes from our European and international client group.

  • Neutral and independent Business
  • Datacenters located in Switzerland
  • Products developed and maintained in Switzerland

Green hosting

Infomaniak is an environmentally and socially responsible hosting provider. Our actions are framed by strict regulations and an ecological charter which we comply with on a daily basis.

  • Hosting provider certified ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001
  • The most environmentally friendly Datacenter in Switzerland
  • 100% of our energy is renewable
  • Our CO2 emissions are offset by 200%
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Green hosting

Unlimited databases

Manage your MySQL/MariaDB databases with PHPMyAdmin.

Unlimited traffic

Infomaniak makes your success easier, by not setting a monthly traffic limit on your website.

Top-end equipment

Your sites are powered by latest-generation servers, using only latest-generation SSD storage.

Anti-DDoS protection

In the event of DDoS attacks, your sites are secure and will continue to function normally. Our DDoS mitigation solution is distributed over four continents and can absorb attacks of over 4.5 TB/s.

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Ready for the Cloud

Your hosting must be able to grow with the success and development of your projects. A soon as you need to, you can easily move your hosting to a Cloud Server.

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Use our VOD/AOD platform for free to host, monetise and broadcast videos and podcasts without restrictions: load balancing, media protection, statistics, WordPress plugin, etc.

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Configuring and ordering


The complete offering

Web disk space

250 GB

E-mail addresses


Web sites


MySQL and MariaDB databases


Email Disk Space


Data backup


Disk space (GB)


E-mail addresses


Web sites


Total number of Web hostings Discount *
1 0%
2 a 4 20%
5 a 9 22%
10 a 49 25%
50 a 99 27%
100 et plus 30%

* The discount applies to all active Web hostings.

Prices in CHF

Technical sheet

My WordPress Site
Optimised hosting for WordPress

Install WordPress in a few clicks and enjoy Elegant Themes for free. To find out more

FTP Accounts

These accounts allow you to delegate the management of certain parts of your website to other users while keeping full control over the main site.

SSH Access
Specialized access for your file operations

An SSH account allows you to login to your hosting space and manipulate the files even more flexible than a conventional FTP account.

CMS compatibility
Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, Magento*, ownCloud, Koken, etc.

Install, back up and restore over 120 CMS and Web applications in a few clicks. To find out more

Disk Space
From 100 GB to 500 GB of SSD disk space

Adjust your Web hosting disk space to suit your needs. MySQL/MariaDB databases and journals are recorded separately. All our hostings operate with SSD disks (storage space and databases).

PHP support
Choose between PHP 8 / 7.3 - 7.4

The latest PHP versions are available as they come out. You can use the different PHP versions on the same hosting to suit your needs.

Server Type
64-bit processor

Dell DSS 1500 Family, Intel Xeon CPU with 8 cores and 96 GB of RAM at minimum.

MySQL / MariaDB
MySQL 5.7.x / MariaDB 10.4

Our servers use the latest versions of MySQL/MariaDB.

File Backup
Daily & geographically remote

A backup of all your data (files, databases, FTP accounts, etc.) is made on a daily basis, and made available to you from your FTP space.

Scheduled Tasks
Cronjob/Webcrons tool

Plan the execution of regular tasks by running the URL from our interface. For example, you can create an automatic report, send an email, clear a SQL table, etc.

RAM memory to run scripts
Memory limit up to 1.28 GB

The default memory dedicated to running scripts is 640 MB. Should you need to, you can increase this limit to 1280 MB, which should allow the greediest scripts to run perfectly.

Script runtime
Max runtime up to 60 minutes

The default runtime dedicated to running scripts is 60 seconds and you can increase this limit to 300 seconds. Should you need to, you can unfreeze this limit to 60 minutes 10x per year for 1 hour, which should allow the greediest scripts to run perfectly.

Adding an Alias
Multiple domain names for your site

Aliases let you point a different domain to the same directory as the main domain of ​​the site.

Traffic Statistics
Learn all about your visitors

Automatic, detailed statistics about your visitors on a daily basis.

Compatible scripts and languages
Git, CGI, PHP, Laravel, pdflib, ...

Most of the languages currently used in web development are supported and the exec() function is approved on our hostings.

Ultra-Fast Connection
Over 60 Gbps of total bandwidth

Our datacenters are connected by "dark" fibers of Services Industriels Genevois in particular. 20 Gbps peering with IP-Plus and Level3, 10 Gbps link with Cogent and SwissIX. Find out more

System of Permissions over your Files
Users and owners

Access your data securely using SSH. You can also set the number of FTP accesses required for the folders of your choice. No more problems with permissions for your scripts.

SSL/TLS certificate compatibility
https and fixed IP

Automatically install a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate or a Comodo/Sectigo EV or DV certificate. If necessary, you can even choose your certification authority (VeriSign, Symantec, etc.) via our console. Anything is possible.

Payment Terms
Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back within 30 days

Payment is made in advance for a minimum duration of one year, by credit card, bank transfer in Switzerland, or PayPal.

Multidomain management
Create several sites with just one hosting contract

Manage several websites on the same hosting and share resources between your different sites. To find out more

Unlimited tables and bases

Create as many databases as needed for your web project.

Monthly Traffic

The total amount of data that your site can send per month (pages, images, etc.) is proportional to the number of visits, but our hosting offering features unlimited traffic, so as to not penalize your site when it is more successful.

TIER III+ type designed and located in Switzerland

Infomaniak completely designs and manages its datacentres. All our datacentres are located in Switzerland, in the heart of Europe. To find out more

WordPress/Joomla Bruteforce Protection
Protect your CMS against intrusions

Connection attempts to CMS like WordPress lead to temporary banning of the intruder's IP address after a certain number of failed attempts

Storage space and attachment size
Keep as many e-mails as you need

The space allocated for e-mails is unlimited, and you can send attachments up to a maximum size of 200 MB. If you’re sending several attachments, their total size must not exceed this limit. You may exceed this limit and send up to 3 GB if you send your e-mails with WorkSpace. Your recipients will then be able to download the attachments directly from our servers.

WorkSpace, the 100% Swiss webmail service
Make it easy to manage your e-mails, contacts and calendars online

WorkSpace allows you to manage and share your e-mail service with other users via a simple web browser. This webmail service was developed entirely in Switzerland by our teams.

Shared calendars and contacts
Make it easy to share your calendars and address books

WorkSpace from Infomaniak makes it easy for you to share calendars and address books of your choice with other WorkSpace users. It’s possible to set different permission levels for each user.

Easy configuration
Synchronise your e-mails, contacts and calendars on all your devices

Thanks to our configuration wizard, it’s easy to synchronise your messages, contacts and events across all your devices (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android).

Personalised filters and blacklist
Create your own rules for automatic classification of e-mails

The advertising filter supports automatic classification of social media messages or advertising communications into specific folders. You can also create your own filters or block e-mail addresses or specific domains.

Email Marketing solution
Send newsletters for free

Our e-mail tool makes it easy to create attractive campaigns and integrate a newsletter into your website. 2300 credits a month are included for each mail hosting arrangement. Discover all the features.

Aliases and categories
Create as many aliases or categories as required

Enjoy the freedom to create variations of your e-mail address with free aliases. This means you can change what comes before the @ in your e-mail address. For example, messages sent to the alias jp@domain.com will reach the main address jeandupont@domain.com. To make your messages easy to sort, you also have the option to add categories after your name. For example, e-mails sent to jeandupont+training@domain.com and jeandupont+work@domain.com will all reach jeandupont@domain.com

Antispam and antivirus protection
Protect yourself against viruses and unwanted e-mails

Infomaniak automatically protects you against viruses received by e-mail and unwanted messages. Our filters are developing all the time, and DMARC, DKIM and SPF technologies are activated automatically for even greater security.

Automatic response feature
Leave a message for your contacts when you’re absent

Send an automatic response to any contacts who write to you while you’re on holiday or away somewhere. Your absence message will be deactivated automatically on your return, and you even have the option to activate it for certain days of the week only.

Redirection of e-mails
Redirect your messages to several e-mail addresses

It’s easy to redirect or copy your e-mails to one or more e-mail addresses of your choice.

Sending SMS messages
Send SMS messages directly from your computer

WorkSpace from Infomaniak allows you to send SMS messages to your contacts all over the world at very attractive rates.

SMS alert
Create rule-based SMS alerts

This service allows you to send an SMS message based on specific criteria, such as when important e-mails are received.

Backup and recovery
Recover your e-mails, contacts and calendars yourself

Do you need to recover an e-mail, a contact or an event deleted accidentally? WorkSpace makes it easy for you to recover the data you want (from the previous 6-7 days for e-mails and 1 month for contacts and calendars).

Personalise your IMAP folders as you wish

WorkSpace allows you to personalise the IMAP folders for your e-mail service so they replicate precisely the folders for your e-mail software (Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.).

Outgoing and incoming protocols

Our configuration wizard makes it easy for you to configure your e-mail addresses, contacts and calendars with popular e-mail software (Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc.). You also have the option to manage your e-mail service online via WorkSpace.

*Applications & CMS only compatible with a managed Cloud Server