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Specially adapted solutions in response to Covid-19

Discover the features that have been developed specifically in response to the requirements resulting from the health crisis.

Manage contact tracing

Save time by collecting tracing data at the time of ordering and give your customers the assurance that their personal data will be stored and deleted in accordance with of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) ordinance.

Social distancing guaranteed

Manage your seating plan by automatically blocking off certain seats based on orders.

Crowd management

Organise time slots to prevent an influx of lots visitors at once.

Two-step ticket checks

Thanks to the pre-check, you can check that tickets are valid and ensure that members of the public have filled in the tracing form correctly when placing an order online.

Get tailor-made developments

Don’t let official restrictions stop you from holding your event. We will adapt the tool and the options it offers for you in line with the rules that apply in your canton.

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