Become a reseller

A good partnership must be based on a good foundation. If we offer our future partners many benefits, they must meet certain guarantees.


Discounts on our products
Web hosting 20%
Video Streaming 10%
Housing 15%
Radio streaming live Tera 10%
Radio streaming live Stream 10%
E-mail hosting 35%
Cloud Server 20%
Synology 10%
  • Receiving bids made on our site
  • A centralized administration tool available
  • Referencing (optional) on the list of our partners
  • Freedom to chargeback customers
  • VOD space free
    (including 1 GB of disk space and 100 GB of monthly traffic)

    Of course, Infomaniak agrees to never directly contact its partners' customers.


  • To be a company registered with the Swiss Trade Registry (or equivalent organization for foreign companies)
  • To be billed directly by Infomaniak Network S.A. and as such, be responsible for the bills
  • Providing customer support for contracts entered into under a partnership
  • All the products managed under the partnership must represent an amount greater than or equal to EUR 1800.
See the "Partners" general terms and conditions