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PivotX is an open source blog application. PivotX forked from Pivotlog in 2007.

1 click installation PivotX

1 click installation

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Easy update

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Content Management
Current version
Last update
23 June 2015
English + 11 others

System Requirements

Installation size
14 MB
open source
What's new


(security release)
23 June 2015 - 14MBSecurity:
  • Bug- / security-fix in getPivotxURL().
  • No longer restore PHP session via session-id passing in url as it is insecure. (Partly reverting rev 3179.)
  • Properly escape user-controlled variables in the file explorer.
  • Escaping some user controlled variables.
  • Escape usage of PHP_SELF in form action.

Other bug fixes:
  • Now calling htmlspecialchars with ENT_QUOTES.
  • Using absolute paths everywhere in the head.
  • Bug fix in check of allowed file extensions.
  • Fixing some warnings / notices, for newer PHP versions.
  • Moblog fixes - debugging and handling of mails with images from the default iphone mail app.

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25 August 2014 - 14MBSecurity:
  • Properly escape user-controlled variables in the file explorer. (XSS)

Other bug fixes:
  • Moblog fixes - debugging and handling of mails with images from the default iphone mail app.
  • Updated TinyMCE to 3.5.11
  • Strip HTML tags the the request variable "px_message". Thx, Waledac Oxana!
  • Wrong domain for session cookie if the web server is running on a non-standard port.

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(security release)
3 March 2014 - 14MBSecurity issues:
  • A file upload vulnerability and various XSS issues on the admin pages. Mitigated by the fact that an attacker must have an PivotX account. All issues require that the attacker has a PivotX account/user, so for sites with multiple users, you will want these patched.

Other bug fixes:
  • For flatfile databases: Adding excerpts to the output from getLatestPages so page excerpts are displayed on the dashboard.
  • For flatfile databases: 'read_entries' should not change the current entry (since read_entries is used for other things than creating subweblogs).
  • Bug fix in session cookie domain - any subdomain named "wwwX" (where X is any character) resulted in an invalid domain for the cookie.
  • Set UTF-8 for debug window (and also give it a title).

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23 January 2014 - 14MB
  • Fixed bug that archive_list used more than once with a different type outputted the wrong number of links
  • New params for archive_list: amount (to limit the amount of output), start and end (specify range so you can combine different types of output), year (to specify what year should only be used)
  • Mobile theme updated
  • Added PivotX icon for not-found images.
  • Added PHP 5.5 compatibility fix.
  • Added Smarty security fix.
  • Minor update to mobile dashboard.
  • Fixed problem with more than 1 uploader in the editor.
  • Added delHook function.
  • Added file existence check before creating thumbnail to circumvent lots of unrelated warnings.
  • Introducing hidden setting 'email_start_text' to replace default text in notification mails.

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13 August 2013 - 14MB
  • Improved handling of multipart messages. (Avoiding calling parse_body multiple times on the same message)
  • Fixed: Disabling minifying of JavaScript to fix the problems with Minify in combination with jQuery
  • Faking the Magpie user agent so _getTagFeedHelper is able to get feeds from and
  • Added: Completing support for tags on pages, MySQL only. (Thanks Coen Jeukens)
  • Bugfix: The query key for templates is "te", not "t" (which is used for tags).
  • Added: date option orddaysuffix_en that sets the ordinal day suffix. Only in English.
  • Bugfix: Don't use the server name when setting the cookie domain since we might be on an alias domain.
  • Added: new recovery option to keep PivotX from stopping working. (in case config gets broken for some reason)
  • Added: example web.config for Microsoft IIS (thanks Gishan)
  • Fixed: No longer output a canonical link when browsing a weblog, viewing a category, an archive or a search/tag/special page.
  • Added: Introducing setting email_morelink_position to position the more link either on top or on the bottom of the constructed mail text.

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16 November 2012 - 14MB


13 November 2012 - 14MB


14 May 2012 - 14MB


8 March 2012 - 14MB


16 August 2011 - 14MB


(major version)
20 June 2011 - 14MB

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