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Do you have any questions or doubts?

The most common questions we’re asked may be found below. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you can’t find your answer: we’re there for you.

  • A Synology NAS is a fully customisable private home server, while Swiss Backup is a backup solution for your servers and workstations. However, it’s possible to configure an automatic backup of your Synology NAS on Swiss Backup.

  • In Switzerland, inside our Tier III+ data centre with strictly controlled access. No one from Infomaniak has access to the contents of your hard disks.

  • Infomaniak undertakes to replace the defective equipment within 24 hours of your request.

  • A Synology High Availability NAS combines two Synology servers in a single high-availability cluster. One server assumes the role of active server, while the other one becomes a passive standby server. The active server handles all data requests and services, while everything is continuously replicated to the passive server.

    If the active server becomes unavailable, the passive server automatically takes over to ensure that application file services are resumed within minutes.

    This infrastructure guarantees perfect data redundancy in the event of unforeseen incidents.

  • Of course, we also offer native integration with our Swiss Backup product.

  • Yes. Much is possible from your Synology NAS. The Synology operating system provides you with a marketplace from which you can install Apache, OwnCloud, Plex, HyperBackup and many other applications.

  • Yes, since the hardware is physically allocated to each customer, it’s still necessary to subscribe to a second Synology NAS in order to transfer the data to another model.

  • The protection of your data is our core business. Access to our Tier III+ data centre is strictly restricted to a few rights holders via biometric and vein pattern authentication. You can rest easy.