TinyWebGallery ist ein Open Source-Galerie-Anwendung. TinyWebGallery wurde erstmal im Jahr 2005 veröffentlicht.

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17 June 2015


Grösse der Installation
30 MB
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17 Juni 2015 - 30MBLesen Sie mehr: http://tinywebgallery.com/blog/twg-2-3-3-is-available


15 Mai 2015 - 30MBLesen Sie mehr: http://tinywebgallery.com/blog/twg-2-3-2-is-available


28 April 2015 - 30MBTWG 2.3.1 adds a small number of improvements and does fix a bug at upload. So everyone should update to this version to fix the upload!

What's New
  • New: In mobile mode the login is now a seperate switch: $twg_mobile_show_login
  • New: $twg_mobile_paging_num and $twg_mobile_paging_steps are now available.
  • Fix: $generate_cache_at_upload was brocken because of a new function I added in the gallery but not in the upload. Now the upload works fine again.
  • Fix: A global private file is now centered on top.
  • Fix $enable_mobile_detection was not used for the new browser detection.

Lesen Sie mehr: http://tinywebgallery.com/blog/twg-2-3-1-is-available


5 Januar 2015 - 30MB
  • New: A couple new switches if a tablet is detected do exist now. See internal_confif.php $twg_tablet_*
  • New: background images that a cached in the cache folder are removed once a day or if you delete the session cache because changing a back.png was really hard as you need to delete all cache images that belongs to the image.
  • New: Comments can only be entered when the page is inside an iframe. So direct entries through e.g. a bot doe not work anymore.
  • Fix: removed the "magic quotes GPC" check in the info as it is depricated and was removed in PHP 5.4
  • Fix: Pagination was reworked in 2.2 but failed for the default way. You should update to this version to get the correct pagination back!
  • Fix: Error "_folder_top.tmp.png could not loaded properly." is now fixed. Was caused when image magic was used together with autocreation of folder.png files.
  • Fix: Undefined variable: twg_offset_
  • Fix: Undefined variable: my_offset_js
  • Fix: Removed folders caused an error messag in the log. This case is now detected.
  • Fix: html5 videos had some extra spaces which leads to a scrollbar on some systems.

Lesen Sie mehr: http://www.tinywebgallery.com/blog/twg-2-3-is-available


22 September 2014 - 30MBImportant new features:
  • TWG has a new responsive mode for registered users.
  • Support for HTML5 videos! See the updated howto 34.
  • Many optimizations for mobile devices. Go the the ajax demo and go to the responsive folder.
  • Some hoster do report that a virus is in TWG. This is a false alarm but the part war rewritten to avoid this message.

Other changes:
  • New: TWG goes responsive. Main, thumbnail and detail pages are responsive now. See the new howto 57 how to use this. This feature is available for registered users.
  • New: Support for HTML5 videos! See the updated howto 34.
  • New: Sorting mixed folders does now ignore v___. So sorting is not needed anymore only because of the video prefix.
  • New: New html mode selector images.
  • New: You can now set $use_manual_port if you are behind a proxy with a different port.
  • New: Additional media queries where added to improve support for mobile devices.
  • New: Optimization for ipad and iphone in horizontal mode.
  • New: Album and folder description use the dotdotdot jQuery plugin which cuts text with … if they cannot displayed anymore because of the screen size. See the first page of the ajax demo and reduce the browser size until you see the … ;).
  • New: Updated jQuery to 1.11.1
  • New: On smart phones the autodetect of thumbnails is disbled if the responsive mode is enabled on the thumb page because this can cause exteme big paginations.
  • New: On browser resize the new size is sent right away. So at the next request the size works fine right away.
  • New: TFU 3.2 included.
  • Fix: Swipe was not working on elements with links. This means on the detail page swiping was not working over an image. Now a are excluded in the plugin and swiping should work now everywhere.
  • Fix: Some virus scanner where reporting a file of TWG which included some encoded code as virus. This is a false alarm but the code was changed to avoid that TWG is blocked by your hoster.
  • Fix: The pagination on the thumbnail page was wrong if you mix folders and thumbnails
  • Fix: Sorting for dates before 2000 (Length of the timestamp of 9)
  • Fix: Disabling the captions was disabling the edit of folder.txt and foldername.txt in the menu. Now this feature still works when captions are not shown.
  • Fix: iframe youtube and using a sorting prefix was not playing the first video.
  • Fix: Direct folder.png was not shown in php include mode.
  • Fix: Folder image was not shown when basedir was not default and SEO was enabled.

Lesen Sie mehr: http://www.tinywebgallery.com/blog/?p=1945


12 Mai 2014 - 30MB
  • Fix: Important: Now Full IE11/IE10 support. The browser detection was not catching IE11/10 properly. Now IE11/10 are not running in compability mode anymore. You need php > 5.1.1 because the browser detection is used here.
  • Fix: Slideshow does now work with multiline captions
  • Fix: iframes of slideshow were increased slightliy to show the border on all browsers.
  • Fix: Button up is now centered always on the thumbnail page.
  • Fix: Iframe of slideshow is hidden until the iframe is loaded to avoid

Lesen Sie mehr: http://www.tinywebgallery.com/history.htm

Zeige mehr Versionen


27 April 2014 - 30MBLesen Sie mehr: http://www.tinywebgallery.com/history.htm


24 Februar 2014 - 30MB
  • New: Swipe support is now available for all smarthpones AND tablets! A real mobile detection is now included and a jquery plugin for swipes is used!
  • Fix: Lightbox images where broken inside an iframe on some browsers. Now all tested browsers work fine.
  • Fix: Private login links with seo enabled in the album tree are fixed.
  • Fix: Vertical images on top x are now centered.

Lesen Sie mehr: http://www.tinywebgallery.com/history.htm


11 Februar 2014 - 30MB
  • New: Enable/disable the whole mobile detection: $enable_mobile_detection
  • Fix: Speedtest fixed. Was broken because of the 404 crawling "+ loc +" fix.

Lesen Sie mehr: http://www.tinywebgallery.com/history.htm


9 Februar 2014 - 30MB
  • SEO: 404 crawling errors for subdirectories fixed. Not ~ is used in the url because encoded / are depending on the apache configuration blocked. See $album_sub_url_seo_character and the updated SEO howto
  • SEO: 404 crawling "+ loc +" error fixed. Caused that bot do not execute JS but only extract code.
  • SEO: Added nofollow at the twg_reset_bandwidth link to avoid that boots reset the cache!
  • Fix: License file was not read by the flash in the administration. Now this works fine again.
  • Fix: Enable basic seo in the administration had the default of the field above. Now the saved setting is preselected.
  • Fix: Seo .htaccess file was changed slighly to support the new seo urls better.

Lesen Sie mehr: http://www.tinywebgallery.com/history.htm


3 Januar 2014 - 30MB
  • New: Edit support on the thumbnail page. Folder name (foldername.txt) and folder description (folder.txt) can be edited on the thumbnailpage now.
  • Fix: Changing of FLV/mp4 videos in dhtml/Ajax mode is now working again.

Lesen Sie mehr: http://www.tinywebgallery.com/history.htm


23 Dezember 2013 - 30MB
  • New: Support for search friendly urls. Please read the howto 44 for this. This feature is available for users of a professional liense.
  • New: jQuery was updated to version 1.10.2.
  • New: TFU 3.1 included.
  • New: Swiping does now work on all mobile devices. Not only in fullscreen anymore.
  • New: Added some media queries for mobile devices. So folder text and the powered by are shown differently when you make the browser smaller.
  • SEO: Optimized duplicate meta description
  • SEO: Optimized canonical tag
  • Fix: Flash upload was logged out after an upload when $generate_cache_at_upload = false; Now it works again like excpected.
  • Fix: Workaround added for flv players when no image but sound is played.
  • Fix: Rendering preview images with ffmpeg was brocken.
  • Fix: $enable_smily_support=false; caused a rendering problem in comments and captions. Both pages look now how they should.
  • Fix: Error message when thumbnails where created on the thumbnailpage was fixed.
  • Fix: Slideup/down was removed because on small screens you need to scroll which was imposible with this function!
  • Fix: back.png is now also rendered on the content div! This enables round corners with and also a background image!
  • Fix: Colorpicker was fixed to work with css3 round corners.
  • Fix: Many minor fixes

Lesen Sie mehr: http://www.tinywebgallery.com/history.htm


9 Mai 2013 - 30MB
  • New: Fully compatible with php 5.4!
  • New: TFU 3.0.3 included.
  • New: All important do have an id now. So you can easily e.g. float or text-align them.
  • Security fix: Multiple Full Path Disclosure Vulnerabilities closed. This vulnerability has been discovered by Manuel Garcia Cardenas (mgarcia (at) isecauditors (dot) com). Thanks for finding this!
  • New: $autocreate_folder_id is now true by default. folder.id is used to identify a folder even when you rename it. The warning in the administration has been improved!
  • New: jQuery was updated to version 1.9.1.
  • Fix: Perfect popup optimized. Does now work for Chrome as well.
  • Fix: image.txt files with the size 0 caused a loop! Now this is checked before reading!
  • Fix: when $sort_album_by_date was set to true and $sort_album was set to false the sorting prefix was added but not removed. Now $sort_album_by_date and $sort_album are checked both.

Lesen Sie mehr: http://www.tinywebgallery.com/history.htm

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